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Goodbye 2010 - Welcome 2011

I'll be glad to see 2010 off.  It wasn't a particularly great year for me.  Some good things happened and few not so good.  It just wasn't a banner year and I could use some really great things to happen.  So I'm looking forward to 2011.  Did you know the date of tomorrow is going to be 1/1/11?  Pretty fun hey?  I figure that's a beginning number if I ever saw one.

So the daughter is off to her birthday party sleep over.  A friend of hers has her birthday today so her mom and Aunt are having a sleep over with a bunch of 12/13 year old girls.  They'll have fun.  That means the hubby and son are home.  Those two guys won't want to do anything but eat junk and sit in front of the tv or computer screen.  Me I'd love to have done something that got me out of the house tonight.

I'm still working on my list and I think I'll leave it at 50 things because I can't think of 50 more.  LOL!  I feel old and worn out today. 

Here's hoping that wonderfu…

Unmoored - Floating Adrift

That's the word that best describes how I'm feeling lately, like I'm a boat unmoored and floating adrift.  I don't have a destination or a captain to guide me.  I'm just floating along.  It's unsettling.  I need to have something to work towards or a destination.  I need to have someone tie my little boat back up or set her on a destination please.

I'm having my usual New Years fumble.  One more year down and a bunch more left to go but what the heck do I do with them?  I'm not sure what I should be doing anymore.  Sure I'm a mom but my kids are teens now and don't need me for every little thing.  I don't have any recent job skills and there are very few jobs here in this small town. 

I'll try to get the kids to sit down with me and do our "Year in Review."  It's fascinating to remember what we did in the past year and I pretty much forget half of what has happened but the kids remember it all so it helps me to see it thro…

Finally Some Snow

It's coming down in big fluffy flakes out there tonight.  Looks to be a couple of inches already.  My daughter said she felt 100% better tonight after coming down with her stomach bug just before Christmas.  The husband and I have a cold now, we got it from the son who gave it to all of us.  The husband seems the worst though.  He says his chest is really sore.  Most likely from all those years of heavy smoking.  He hasn't smoked for 20 years but when he did smoke he was a 3 pack a day guy.  Smoked so much his fingers were stained yellow.  Nasty habit that.

The tree is still up.  I used to like to take it down on New Years Day so that we had decorations up for New Years Eve.  Ever since we had kids we haven't had people over or gone out on New Years Eve so not really any reason to keep the tree up.  In the last couple of years the husband took the tree down himself a day or two after Christmas.  That was fine with me but his packing away of delicate keepsakes left a lot to…

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

I just wanted to send my Holiday blessings to all the wonderful people who's blogs I read and who read mine.  I get so much joy from reading about your lives and am blessed to know you.  I hope each of you are wrapped up warm and safe today with your loved ones. 

 I hope Santa brought you lots of wonderful things that bring you great pleasure all year and more!
I hope that you have family and friends to share a meal with today.

Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays which ever you celebrate, I hope it's a wonderful one!

Christmas is cancelled

My daughter is now sick with the stomach bug because she just had to have a sleep over at her friends house.  They just got over having this bug run through their entire family this past weekend.  Plus they aren't the cleanest people so most likely haven't even cleaned their bathrooms or washed their sheets yet.  sigh

The husband and son haven't had this yet so I'm sure being stuck in this shoe box of a house with only one bathroom will mean that everyone else will get it now.  We really can't afford DH not to go to work.

I really don't think we will celebrate Christmas anymore cause about half the time some is sick and it stresses me out.  Plus this house is too small for all of us to be stuck here together.  I'm already stressed out from having the kids home for a week.  There is no where for them to go and nothing to do in this house.  It's too dang small!!!  We have no money to move!!  I'm losing my mind!!!

Sorry, I'll try to hang onto my s…

Sleep Overs Cancelled

Both my kids had sleep overs planned for tonight.  Unfortunately that stomach bug that's been going around got their friends too.  So my daughter didn't get to go over to her friends house and my son didn't get to have his friend over here.  Do I sound sad about it?  Nope, not even a little bit.  I hate having other kids sleep over here.  We don't have enough room for the four of us that live here never mind adding a few more kids.  That means more people in the line up for the bathroom and more noise that I have to put up with all night through our paper thin walls.  So I'm sad my kids are sad but happy for myself, yippee!

I went out with my sister and we did a bit more shopping.  Does it ever really end?  As soon as I think I'm done I remember someone I forgot about like my parents!  So I ordered them a nice gift basket full of all sorts of goodies.  I'll add some of my own baking and goodies to it making it an even more awesome basket from the inexpensiv…

Explain This One

I've got a 14 year old, almost 15 year old son.  Well at that age they think about stuff, stuff I never bother with.  Then they bothers you with it.  sigh

So yesterday there was a commercial on tv about starving kids in Africa and how they won't have a Christmas so donate, you know the kind of commercial.  Anyway, he watches the commercial closely and then asks me if those Africans are Christians.  "No, I don't think so." says I, not really paying attention. 

"So why do they need Christmas then?" he asks.  "Like, if they aren't Christian then they don't celebrate Christmas so they aren't missing anything, right?"

Now I'm listening and thinking.  "Yes, that's probably right." says his dumbfounded mother. 

Now he's got me thinking about it and I'm thinking what if some other religious group started to give me stuff on their special holiday just because that's what they do?  They think everyone has to cel…

Sick, sick, sick!

It started off with my parents returning from their trip to Mexico.  A few days later my dad comes down with a stomach virus.  It's only 2 days before we are having a family 50th wedding anniversary supper for them.  I suggest to my mom that we postpone it because even if dad is feeling better he'll still be infectious and he doesn't really want to give everyone a stomach bug.  No, my mom insists it will be fine.  She insists it's probably not even a stomach bug but food poisoning or he took too many meds for his leg injury.  He fell down a bank while in Mexico and hurt his leg.  Silly old people.

Thursday the dinner was wonderful and a good time was had by all.

Saturday 5 people including me were hit with the stomach bug.  Thanks Dad and Mom.  I told her to change the date.  I'm sure the other people who got sick didn't appreciate it either.  There were only 14 people at the dinner and 1 was my dad so 13 people and of that 5 got sick.  I'd say that's a…

Finding Your Christmas Spirit

I know as I've gotten to be an adult it's become harder and harder each year to find my Christmas spirit.  Add kids into that and even though when they are little it's easy to see their Christmas wonder and enjoy it's still hard to find my own.  Now that my kids are teens and don't believe in Santa anymore a bit of the magic has been lost.

Usually I find that one night when everyone is in bed and I'm sitting out by the tv either reading or doing a craft I look up at the Christmas tree and  there it is, that feeling of joy and wonder.  And if it's snowing like mad outside and I put the fake fire dvd on the tv with the crackling sound on (that's as close to a real fire I can get), well WOW!  That feeling is like something out of a story.  It's hard to explain but it feels like what Christmas should feel like, all cozy, warm and loving.  Like that feeling you have when you are so happy and comfortable just before you fall asleep and know that life is g…

I'm Behind!

I can't seem to get going.  I start and then get distracted by something and by the end of the day have accomplished nothing.  I do have most of my Christmas shopping done.  I would have gone out and done more today but our car got plowed in and there is no way I could shovel it out with my weak back.  I made the kid go out and take a wack at it and they moved enough snow away from the front of the car for me to be able to get the car out of the snowbank. 

We still haven't got our Christmas tree because the husband was too lazy to go on Saturday.  I think I'll take the kids myself and he'll miss out entirely.  It's something we love to do as a family but since he's left it so late I'm leaving him at the curb.

We'll put the tree up tonight and see how the kitten reacts before we decorate it.  We'll use some fishing line to tether the tree to the ceiling so the cat won't be able to knock the tree over.  Something we learned a long time ago and wor…

Annual Christmas Vent

You knew this was coming didn't you?  You knew I was not going to stay quiet this year about it or maybe you just hoped I would.  I have tried but it's got to come out somewhere so here it is.  It's those Christmas trees.  Yup, those trees, the ones that aren't real trees.  It's like putting fake flowers in your home or worse fake plants.  You wouldn't do that would you?  I thought not.

And don't even try to say it's environmentally friendly cause I'm not buying that line.  That fake tree is made of metal and plastic that is mined and drilled for (remember BP and the Gulf coast?).  It doesn't go back to the earth when you throw it away because it starts to look tattty in a few years.

Ya, I hear you, you don't like those needles that real trees drop all over.  Fake ones do the same thing.  And don't you have a vacuum cleaner that you use?  Most people have hardwood floors now making it very easy to sweep up those offending needles and to…

Are You Shopping?

Black Friday is a US thing but I see that many Canadian stores are picking it up now.  I personally avoid shopping in crowds in winter.  Not only is it annoying but it's a germ factory just at a time of year when there are all sorts of nasty bugs going around.  There's always those people out who will not stay home no matter how sick and contagious they are.  They feel it's a sign of weakness to stay home when they're sick but really it's an act of kindness to the rest of us not to pass on their nasty germs.

I don't do much shopping because I don't have money to spend.  Why torture myself shopping for entertainment?  So I stay home and bargain hunt online.  Most of the time I find a better deal online anyway.  Living in a very small town means shopping is limited so being able to shop online is wonderful.  I've already got my kids their Christmas presents.  I have to pick up a few stocking stuffers and I'll do that on a week day early in the morning…

I Live There

If you look really closely you can see the town I live in.  This picture was taken from our ski hill last March.

It's another frosty day here and this picture looks just like I feel, cold and frosty.

If you look closely you'll notice that down in the valley there is no snow.  By March it's pretty much all gone but still plenty on the ski hill.

It looks to be a great ski season this year.

Is it Just Me Or...

Is Oprah's show "Favorite Things" where Oprah gives away expensive things she likes to audience members too much?  It's not the giving of these things that makes me sick it's how the audience members react to them that makes me feel horribly sick.  That pure unbridled greed when they find out what they are getting and the frenzy that ensues over the mention of an expensive bauble that just seems wrong somehow. 

I've tried to convince myself that these people are just excited about receiving a bunch of pretty things but I'm not sure I'd be jumping up and down and screaming about it like that.  Or maybe they are all told to act like that?  There is just something not right about the over the top reaction to a bunch of junk.  I know the first thing I'd do with a 3Dtv or a diamond watch would be to try to sell it to make some money for something important like saving for my retirement or paying off bills.  Or I'd use some of the money to donate t…

First Snow

We had our first true snow today.  Big fat flakes were falling early this morning.  It started to stick to the ground but by the afternoon turned to rain.  No snow on the ground yet.  I'm longing to see everything covered in white soon.

I don't know what it is about snow but it feels magical to me.  It transforms the landscape from dull and dirty to white and pristine.  I especially love when it snows in the evening and I can look out the window at the mounting snow drifts and feel all snug and warm reading a book and drinking some tea. 

So come on weather and give me some snow cause I need a transformation!


I'm in a stall.  No, not a horses stall but an engine stall.  I can't get going.  I'm not sleeping well.  Stress will do that.  The husband and I have been fighting.  He's so stubborn it's like talking to a rock.

After 20 years of marriage I wonder what I was thinking when I married him.  He's not loving, kind or generous.  He's pretty much a loner.  He hasn't changed a thing about himself in the entire time I've known him but I have changed.  I've given in to every one of his wants.  If he can't sleep with the sheets tucked in guess who has to struggle all night with a sheet wrapped around her neck or legs?  He wants the lights off to watch tv so I have to sit in the dark.  He never does laundry and won't make the bed.  I could go on but I'm too tired.

So I sit here wondering where to go and what to do.   I wish I had a punching bag because today I feel like I need to punch someone or something.  Sometimes your life just doesn't…

Knitting and Garden Pictures

Here is the wool and pattern I've been attempting to knit.  I finally gave up on this pattern not because it was too difficult just that I couldn't get it to work for me. 
 It looks so simple!  Maybe the next hat I'll do this one cause I've sure learned a ton pulling this one out about 5 times.
 Here's what I've got so far.  The ribbing should be all the way to the bottom but it got messed up some how and I kind liked how it looked so I didn't pull it out.  I then went on to figure out how to do the ribbing properly. 
 So you can see the bottom where the ribbing is messed up but it looks pretty.  Then I got the ribbing to work finally and will go on to straight knitting and then start to reduce stitches.  I just need to get some markers, or different colored yarn to make markers.
 And this is one of our messy gardens.  You can see the big lavender bush that I should trim and there are a few rose bushes and the rest if small plants and weeds.  You can see how…

By George I think I've Got It!

I've finally got that hang of knitting this dang hat I've been working on forever.  I've pulled it out so many times that I refuse to pull it out again even though I saw a mistake and I think I've got an uneven number of stitches and am doing ribbing so it's twisting the ribbing funny.  But it looks kind of neat so I'm leaving it in!  My sister was the one who finally got it through to me how to do it so it would work on circular needles.

Now I just need to remember to keep it hidden from the dang kitten so it doesn't get ripped out.   I may actually get it finished sometime next week.  I'll take some pictures this weekend and post them to prove I'm actually doing it cause I've talked about it enough but haven't had a thing to show until now.

Snow is coming really near now.  You can see it on all the mountain tops but nothing down here in the valley yet.  And we found a piano teacher for my daughter.  Since she's not in her sport anymore…

Season of Mold and Mildew

It's the time of year when it's damp everywhere.  Our windows run with water even the brand new one.  Pretty soon the furnace will be on lots and then it will be the season of dry.  These old houses aren't insulated properly and when it's damp outside it's damp in your house.  Of course doing laundry and running the dishwasher didn't help much or boiling the big pot of water to cook the pasta either.

One day I'll live in a house where I won't know what the weather is like outside until I look out the window.  I won't know it's raining because it feels cold and damp inside.  I won't be able to tell it's really freezing out cause the furnace is on constantly and drying out my nostrils.  I won't have a clue it's a roasting hot day or night because the sweat is pouring off my almost naked body.  It will be nice never to have to put plastic on my windows in the winter and constantly scream at the kids to close the door cause their eit…

Season of Cold

Not only is it cold but the cold and flu bugs are starting to go around now.  I've got a sinus cold thing going on right now.  I guess it's better than chest congestion and coughing your head off but my head feels like it's gonna explode and my nose is plugged so I have to breath out of my mouth and now I have chapped lips.  Ick!

The mountains around us have already had snow.  You can see the light dusting of the snow and I know all the skiers are raring to get at that ski hill.  We have the snow tires on the car and are ready any time Mother Nature wants to bless us with some of her pretty white stuff.

I'm still trying to work out if I should show up at the next board meeting to formally hand in my resignation.  I've heard that's how it should be done but no one knows squat.  I do have a box of stuff I need to drop off and a key so I may do that then.

So far my daughter seems fine with not going to her sport but she has said she feels lazy not doing anything a…


I feel lighter today.  I told the daughter that we just couldn't afford her sport right now.  She seems fine with it.  She said it felt weird not to be going to this sport anymore because she's been going since she was 6.  I think she even thought we wouldn't let her quit if she wanted to.  She thought that because we made the son do a sport too for a few years and then finally gave up on him every doing any kind of sport or physical activity.  We wanted the kids to each try a physical sport and another type of activity like music.  They could pick the sport and the other things they wanted to be in but they had to be in a physical activity.  It's important for kids to keep active for their good health.
Anyway because we made the son go to a sport for a few years and wouldn't let him quit I think she got the idea that she wouldn't be allowed to quit either.  That's far from the case though.  She's plenty active and does all sorts of other sports and act…


Since I and two other board members have sent in our resignations not a single person has said anything to me.  Not a board member or even the Head Coach.  My daughter had attended this sport club for almost 7 years and I've been on this stupid board for 4 years and the Head Coach doesn't even say a simple, so long to me.  What a total jerk.  I was going to leave my daughter in this sport group but don't feel I can in good conscience do that now.  Not only will I be supporting this jerk of a coach but I'll be contributing to this whole dysfunctional group.  I can't do that anymore.

So tomorrow when my daughter is supposed to be going to her sport she won't be.  The good thing is we will save $150 a month now and we could really use that money for Christmas.  And now I don't even have to go into that place at all!  I feel guilty for taking her out of something she enjoys but this coach isn't above being passive aggressive towards her like giving her less…

Well Look at That!

I am the 2000 visitor to my blog!  I know 2000 isn't that many page views but I didn't even have the counter until last year.

I'm still struggling trying to knit my hat.  There is something I'm missing, some important instruction cause I keep doing it and it keeps not turning out properly.  So I pull it out and try again.  I'll be in class Monday so hopefully the instructor will have some time to point out what I'm doing wrong.  I'm getting sick of starting again.

My daughter had a great Halloween trick'or treating with three of her friends.  We let her go out alone with her friends.  I gave her my cell phone and we kept in contact with her.  We live in a very small town so there is not much danger that anything would happen.  Even so I was worried and phoned her several times to find out where she was and what she was doing.  She was a very tired happy girl when she came home so it's all good.

My son on the other hand is going through a phase.  He …

Interesting Developments

So this one woman on the board who is the Fundraising Director is resigning, I'm the Secretary and I'm resigning and now Little Hittler who is the Treasurer/Bookkeeper is resigning too.  All three of us are supposed to go meet with the President tomorrow evening to hand him our resignations.  I'm wondering if Little Hittler will back out though.  She's resigned a few times before but really I don't care anymore.  I'll be done by tomorrow night then I can go back to being just a parent and I like that role the best.


Sometimes a day can change your perspective.  One of the new people I'm on the board with has decided to quit at the end of Dec.  She can't believe the level of disrespect shown from staff to board members.  She is so disgusted that she is done and has drafted her letter of resignation.  Just hearing her say everything that I have been feeling is enough for me to follow suit.  I am also writing up my letter of resignation and will bring it to the next meeting.

I should have done this last year or the year before but I felt guilty about leaving because there was no one to take my place.  Now I don't care if there is anyone to take my place.  If there is fine if not I'm fine with that too.  My talents can be better used elsewhere and it's better for me and my family if I resign as it's taken it's toll.

Whew I feel like a weight has lifted off my shoulders.  Now I just need to clean up all the paperwork I haven't filed and make sure everything is ready for…

The Mail

Today was a bad day.  It's night right now but it was a very bad day and I'm glad it's over.  Started out with more stuff from the board I'm on.  Went on with a huge fight with the husband and ended with me getting the mail to find a interim school report from the son's school.  It seems he's not been handing in assignments in Social Studies and is failing French and not doing very well in English either. 

He was warned about not handing in assignments.   He was told that if we found he was not handing in assignments like he did last year all his video games would be taken away until the next report card.  So that's what we had to do.  This is a boy who lives for his video games still at 14 years old.  He'd rather stay home and play games than do just about anything else.  We do limit the amount of time he's allowed to play these games so we aren't total crap parents.  But now we are going to have to deal with a 6'1" tall 14 year old bo…

Think Positive

That's my new motto "think positive."  Cause there sure hasn't been anything positive going on lately to think about.  The board I'm on had a meeting and it was another disaster with the head coach trying to tell the board what it can and cannot do.  Well excuse me buddy but you are our employee and if you make one more rude comment to a board member we just might fire your butt!  That's what I thought in my head but it didn't come out my lips.  This guy is a total jerk and that's enough said about him and that whole situation.

Because of that situation I find myself eating Halloween candy.  There is a pile of candy wrappers sitting right next to me.  I know, I should put the box back and step away from the candy but I eat when I'm upset, a very bad habit.  I should know by now not to buy the Halloween candy too early and to buy candy I don't like.

The husband's job isn't going very well.  He has one part time job and one casual on cal…

Too Good to Be True

Yes, it was all a fake out as usual.  Little Hittler is not resigning.  I should have known cause she's done this before.  Every time things get a bit much for her or something goes wrong and it just might possibly be her fault she gets all whiny and says she's going to resign.  We don't really want her to resign we want her to do her job and stop trying to control everything.  She does stuff without telling anyone and makes deals that she doesn't tell anyone about with the coach.  Stuff goes on and the rest of the board never hears about it.  I wouldn't even put it past her and the coach to be stealing money.  It would be very easy for them to do this.

Anyway it's raining today and I'm stuck inside with the kids.  The husband is at work all weekend.  I'm making my son help me do some chores cause he's big and strong and my back is not in good shape.  He can move boxes around for me.  Actually I like doing chores with my son better than my husband. …

Hold Your Breath!

Little Hittler may be resigning!  Is it wrong to be happy about it?  She got caught out lying about something and is all up in arms trying to deflect it.  Now she wants everyone to beg her to stay.  A few might but mostly not.  The shit is gonna hit the fan again and it's all because of her.  She's done this before, threatened to quit, but never has.  So I wonder if she'll really do it this time or wait until the AGM which is the regular time to resign, not in the middle of the season leaving everyone in the lurch.  That's just bad manners.

Not Again! Dumb!

This stupid board I'm on is going nuts again.  This one woman I refer to as Little Hittler (yes I know I've spelled it wrong but I don't want anyone at my blog who is searching out that name) and our Head Coach are at it again.  They are both control freaks and are constantly going at each other or at someone else.  They both have serious personality disorders and they are wearing me down.  My resignation is written and may be handed in if this doesn't stop soon.  It's been nothing but fighting and bickering since the beginning of Sept. Dumb!

Add to that my husband who can't do anything on his own.  We set up a new account at the bank and they called to ask a question.  Instead of him answering it he made me call the woman back.  Well sheesh he could have answered that himself!!  His excuse was that I would have gotten mad if he answered the question wrong.  Ummm so you are making decisions based on something that hasn't happened?  Dumb!

Then I slipped and …

Breaking the Law

I'm usually the one who always drives the speed limit and never breaks the law, but yesterday I found out I'd been breaking the law for almost a month!!  I had forgotten to get my drivers license renewed!  So I'd been driving around with an expired license since my birthday in mid Sept. 

The good news is I did manage to get in and get it renewed today.  I even had my husband drive me there cause I didn't want to break the law anymore.  After having my picture taken and paying $75 I am good for another 5 years.

But that wasn't good enough.  I had to go to the police office and get a criminal record check too.  This was for the board I'm on and is a new thing that we are all having to do.  Not like I have anything to hide but of course you need picture ID which I do not have, not even a passport.  I'll bring my new license in when it comes in a couple of weeks and they will have my criminal record check for me then and take a photocopy of it.  Sheesh I'm …


Do you ever get so tired you can't keep your eyes open and fall asleep sitting up?  We laugh at all the elderly folks who fall asleep like this.  They are unable to stay awake and fall asleep right in the middle of a social visit or gathering.   I'm starting to feel this way too though.  I find myself starting to nod off at family gatherings and while watching tv in the evening.  Sometimes in the middle of the afternoon I feel like this.  I feel like the only thing I can do is to fall asleep no matter how much I want to do something else.

I find this very puzzling and frustrating.  I'm getting enough sleep but maybe it's something with my diet or the weather?  I feel like a fat cat dozing off and on all day long but never feeling totally awake and alive. 

There's so much to do and I don't want to miss any of October because September disappeared in the blink of an eye and I want to savour October.  I've been meaning to get out to take some Autumn shots wit…

You Are Green With Envy

Yup, you are green with envy cause I have the entire week to myself!  The kids are at school and the husband has shifts booked at work.  And you know what the really good part is?  The husband gets off at 2:30pm so he's home in time to help with supper, homework, and kid activities.  I'm not all on my own this week yet I get just enough alone time for it to be perfect.

So you just have to be green with envy or even a little jealous maybe?  I know I'd be green with envy if someone told me what I just told you.  Now I just have to figure out how to balance my relax time with all the things I'd like to get done and my week will be absolutely perfect.

I don't want to waste one minute of all this alone time.  I should do something else and get off this computer.  I could read a book, do the laundry, shave my legs (I've let them go entirely too long and I'm starting to feel like a gorilla!), or maybe I'll just do the laundry.  It doesn't matter cause I ca…

I Smiled

I've just realized that I have been blogging since 2006.  That makes it 4 years!  I can't believe it.  So I decided to look back and see what the heck I wrote about.

Several thoughts came to mind as I read some of my old posts.

1.  What a big old whiner I am.  Sheesh!

2.  That sometimes I actually make sense.

4.  And a couple of my posts made me smile.  I actually enjoyed them all over again.  Wow!

5.  That I write more about my son than my daughter.

6.  That you might get the impression that I actually hate and despise my husband.  Well some days I might but most of the time I'm just annoyed with him and would like him to grow a brain.  Oops did that sound whiney or did it make you smile?  Either way I win cause they are both on my list!

7.  That if I keep blogging I may actually get a couple more people to follow me if I can stop whining about my husband long enough to write something interesting.

8.  What happened in 2007?  There are only two posts.  Guess I didn't …


I've been so busy reading and commenting like a fiend on other people's blogs I've neglected to write in my own blog.  I think the more I read other people's blogs the less I feel like writing in mine.  I can't possibly be better than that person who has over 2000 followers or that person who can spin a story and make me laugh every time or even that person who's writing touches my spirit.  It makes me forget why I'm blogging in the first place.  It's not to be better than someone else and it's not to have a zillion followers it's cause I like to write.

When I was a kid I was sure I'd be a writer when I grew up.  I thought because I loved to read it meant I'd be a great writer.  Alas life had other plans and this will most likely be as close to being a writer as I'll ever get but I'm okay with that.  I don't have to live a dream out to have a great life.  I don't need adulation and kudos to have self worth, a little bit i…

Sad But True

I hate to tell you that there are still people out there who don't believe global warming is as bad as all that.  Tell that to a polar bear when the ice melts and he can't find any food because he can't hunt seals.  Tell that to farmers because the weather has gone wacko and their crops are failing. 

What puzzles me is that people use that idea to continue to sit on their rear ends and do nothing.  Even if global warming is not as dire as some scientists are saying there are still other huge problems going on.  I'm not saying the world is gonna end tomorrow but if you've heard the 59th minute analogy you'd be worried.  The earth is a closed system.  We can use a model to replicate population growth and the one some scientists have used is the test tube model.  We can estimate global population growth and use those numbers on our simulated test tube.  If we use bacteria as our human equivalent and population grows exponentially we'll see that the population …

David Suzuki Rocks!

This guy is 74 years old and still can enthrall an audience for an hour and a half.  He still has all the energy and spit he's always had.  I even managed to get one of his new books "The Legacy" signed by him.  I didn't do the uncool fan thing and get a picture with him cause I'm just not that uncool.  I tried to get a picture of him talking without using the flash cause taking flash pictures when someone is talking is just rude.  He actually had to tell people to stop taking flash photos until the end of his talk.  People are so stupid.

I especially loved the way he made sense of ideas, the way he made something boring interesting and relevant.  The message I heard from him was that we all have to change the way we view the world.  We have to stop putting the economy above the environment because we need the environment for our survival.  The economy is a man made thing and isn't alive with a mind of it's own that we have to worship.  We made the econom…

Conversations with my Teenage Son

Yesterday when I picked my son up from one of his friends houses.  Our conversation went something like this:

Me "Son you smell like BO. Did you put on deodorant today?"

Son "Yes, mom." eye rolls.

Me "Sniff your armpits cause you stink!"

Son lifts his arm, sniffs and says, "Smells like ass."

Me "Well you aren't supposed to stink like ass!"

Son "MOM! I said AXE, not ASS!!" He meant Axe deodorant that he uses.

Now I'm almost crying I'm laughing so hard and I actually have to pull the car over until I can stop laughing cause I really couldn't drive.  hee hee!

Two Police Cars and a Fire Truck

That's what was outside our house last night. I woke to a woman screaming like she was being killed last night around 2:30am. I got up to try to figure out where the noise was coming from. I ended up on the front porch where I saw a bunch of what looked like teenagers walking down the street. I figured it was just drunk teens making noise so I went back to bed. But they kept making noise, in particular a girl yelling and screaming.

I got up again and looked out the living room window and saw bunch of people standing around on the street in front of our house. There were three males walking away down an alley. I hoped that since some of them left the noise would stop so I went back to my room. The noise kept up and I got up to peek out my bedroom window to see if I could see anything. I saw that two police cars were out there now.

By this time the cat was up and wanted to go outside. She won't use the litter box now because of the kitten so I let her out …


I could write another vent but it would be entirely too long so I'll skip it and just say some people on this earth have no people skills and should be sent away to an island to enjoy people of their own kind.

The kids have started school and going on the second week.  They both seem happy with their teachers and classes.  So far no homework though and my son is known to procrastinate.  He's been warned and threatened by an  inch of his life so I hope this year will be better, at least a bit better.

The husband has been working lots the last week.  He is scheduled to work 5 days this week and 5 days next week so he's like a normal person!  He thinks he's so hard done by because he's working 40 hours a week instead of his usual 20-30.  I do feel a bit sorry for him though because he has to be at work at 6am which means he has to get up at 4:45am.  Yikes!

The weather has turned to Fall and it's wonderful!  We even took our kitchen a/c unit out of the window.  Too…

Total Vent

If you aren't in the mood for a vent then stop reading now.  I am so frustrated today that I need to vent this somewhere or I'm gonna blow! 

Lets start with the husband.  He put some boards up on the porch to cover the old window opening that we enclosed.  The problem was he bought this bead board stuff that is really flimsy and is made to go flush against a wall or ceiling.  He didn't want to remove the stucco from the wall so instead he just put up these 1inch boards to attache the boards to.  This would make sense if this wasn't an outside wall.  We are going to have people leaning against or falling against that wall and those thin boards are not going to stand up to any force.  They will crack into the 1inch gap behind them.  Plus we have a coat hanger the needs to be attached to that wall.  I went out before the husband had finished putting up the boards and told him he needed to put another board behind them where he was going to put the coat hanger on because h…

The Simple Life?

I enjoy reading all sorts of blogs but my favorite ones are the ones where people are trying to grow their own food and become self sustaining or as self sustaining as they can.  Sometimes people call it "the simple life" but there really isn't anything simple about it.  Growing vegetables takes loads of energy and time to get right.  You can just pop seeds in the dirt and hope they grow but there are tricks and tips galore to growing food.  Only the very best gardeners manage to eek out enough food from a small plot of land.  Sure it's simple to grow food, drop a seed in some soil and water.  But there are other requirements like soil type, amount of sunshine, bugs, and the all important weather.  One cannot control the weather no matter how much we would like to.  Sometimes the seeds we buy aren't high quality and just don't grow or yield very much.  These are all things one learns over time and much effort, hardly simple.

Then there is livestock.  Nope not…

Where's My Cane?

I feel 100 years old today!  My hip started to do weird things yesterday afternoon.  I just turned a bit and pain shot up my body like fire!  And it felt like my hip was going to give way on me.  Sometimes it's okay but turn a bit and wow!  So sometimes I'm limping around in pain from my hip and sometimes it's fine.

Then today the top of my right hand is aching.  I have this weird little bump on it too.  It's not a bruise or anything.  When I move my index finger the bump moves too.  Very weird and painful.

I guess I'll need a cane or a wheelchair soon cause if this keeps up I'm gonna need one!

And kittens sure are funny when they chase flies in the house.  He's been stalking this poor fly for hours and I can't believe he hasn't caught him yet.  That fly doesn't stand a chance with our mighty hunter on the loose!

I added the cat picture after I posted this because she is just so darn cute.  Doesn't this picture make you want to pet her?

How Rude!

My In-Laws came for a visit today.  Lets just say they aren't my favorite people on the planet.  They only come for a visit when they have an appointment and never just come for a visit.  They seem to think we should visit them but my husband works every weekend so when exactly are we going to visit them?  We have kids who go to school and are in activities. 

FIL starts in about how cats are the worst pets and not companionable at all.  Ummm what?!!!  He seems to think insulting people who own cats and he is visiting is a good idea.  Then he goes off about how people are big whiners now and depend on air conditioning that they don't need.  We have air conditioning so WTF?!  He seems to think that global warming does not exist.  Stupid man!  We live in an area that is one of the hottest in BC although you'd never know it because there is no weather monitoring station.  He says he knows how hot it is where we live cause he grew up here.  Ya, that was over 65 years ago you st…

Do You Every Wonder

What the hell someone is thinking?  I wonder that all the time.  I wish I could read minds so I could stop wondering that.  It drives me nuts trying to figure out what other people have in their heads.  It's not like anything useful comes out most people's mouths.  Language seems to be a forgotten art form.  You sit down and try to have a conversation with someone and sooner or later you'll be wondering what they heck they really mean.

Wouldn't it be great if we all had a mind reading button.  This button could be turned on when we are interested in really knowing what a person means.  Like you have a conversation with a coworker and find out their mom is struggling through cancer and they are worried and that's why they said something mean to Mr. Sean.  Or you find out that neighbour next door has mental problems and that's why their yard looks like a dump. 

It would make life so much easier if we didn't have to rely only on what comes out someones mouth,…