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There seems to be a party going on  just across the corner and down a couple of houses from us.  We can see their backyard and the alley from our backyard.  I get that it's a party but why do men have to pee all over the place?  I'm sure the house has a bathroom and if they wait their turn they'd have no trouble using the toilet.  It's not a pretty sight to go out your back door to view some young man peeing in the alley in full daylight.  ICK!

It doesn't look like we are going to get any quiet tonight.  I turned the police scanner on my phone on to see if I can hear when the police make a visit to this party.  All these kids are outside in a very small yard and they are making a ton of noise.  Usually I don't mind when people have parties outside but when the boys start peeing in public I'm over it.

Our weather has been cool and mostly rainy with a bit of sun now and again.  I keep thinking big thunder storm is coming but it never makes it here.  Too bad c…

The Weather

Has anyone talked about anything other than the weather lately?  I know for most people it's been a cold wet spring and for some it's heated up so hot so fast they are roasting.  We are the receiving end of a cool wet spring.  This means that my garden isn't growing as well as it could be.  It's still growing but not as quickly and if this wet weather keeps up rot will sure to set in and kill some of the plants.

As if the weather isn't bad enough I've caught a nasty cold from my daughter.  It used to be that the kids got sick and I nursed them through their illness and never got sick.  Now not only do I nurse them through their illnesses but I get sick too and usually much sicker than they got.  I'm not sure if this is a normal part of aging or I need to rethink my lifestyle and health options.  I just wish someone would go out and buy me some chicken noodle soup.  I'd even be happy with the dried packaged stuff.  The husband is at work and the kids won…