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Under the Dome

I swear we live in a dome that repels clouds.  Today we had a chance of thunderstorms, we've had a chance of them for ages but never a storm here.  A few miles to the West and a few miles to the East all got a good dump of rain.  We got a sprinkle, not even enough to totally wet the sidewalks.

I've been watching the clouds on satellite maps.  You can see them coming in our direction and then they part and go around us.  Places real close by get hit be we don't.  I'm beginning to suspect that the early Italian settlers wanted this area to be as hot and sunny as Italy so put a spell over it so clouds and storms were repelled.   It's really the only explanation I can think of because I've even asked a few weather people online if they could see any geological feature that would make this area split a storm.  They don't see anything.

One day when it was really hot here we were the 5th hottest spot in the world, THE WORLD!!!  And that's in Canada folks.  I&#…


Enough with the extreme heat!  I'm done, I'm over done actually.  If it doesn't cool down I'm going to move to the Antarctic where it's always cold.  We had another 40C day, do I need to say anymore?

The son had a couple of his wisdom teeth out and he's fine.  Actually you would never know he's had anything done so hopefully that continues.  He has an interview for a full-time job that he is certain he is going to get because he says only him and another guy applied for it and the other guy is red flagged.  No idea what he means by red flagged but hopefully if he gets the job he won't find it too overwhelming because it will be a steep learning curve for him and will involve him having to handle customers.  The other job he has was perfect for him because it was just moving stuff and washing chairs and tables and counting and loading the trucks.  No customers to give him a hard time.  So if you have any extra prayers send them for the son that this job …

Morning Light

Four am is beautiful.  It's actually light out here at that time.  The birds are chirping and it's cool out.  Tonight it was too hot to sleep so after lying in bed sweating for hours I got up and opened the front and back door.  We have screen doors so they let in the cool morning air.  I'm sitting here typing watching the sun come up on my security camera.  I'd go sit in my yard but I'm in my sleep shirt and I don't go outside in my pj's unless the house is on fire.

It's Canada's 148th birthday today so Happy Canada Day to all my fellow Canadians.  As usual we have nothing planned.   There are events planned by the city but it's going to be very hot again and I can't tolerate the heat that well yet.  I need to slowly inch my way into the heat of summer and by the time I've adjusted my body it will be Sept and cool temps will be back.

Last night we watched a storm roll in and then we saw it miss us entirely.  We could watch the lightning…

Severe Thunderstorm Risk

There were warnings up for our area.  We knew it was coming and we were welcoming some rain even if it would make things muggy.  The temperature today was down to 35C instead of the 44C it's been that last few days.  We watched the storm roll into our valley and split.  One part went on one side of us and the other went on the other side.

We got a bit of a wind storm which took some area trees down but this happens when people plant trees all on their own.  Trees need the security of a forest to stand up to high winds.  The gusts of wind ripped our sunshade/gazebo fabric cover a bit.  The flap at the top to let the air out ripped on one side.  The metal was almost blown away and to my amazement I found out the stupid husband had not tied or staked it down.  We usually tie it on one side to the garage and the other two legs get secured with spikes and rope.  This has kept it secure because we don't often get much wind.

Today was the exception and we got some pretty good gusts. …