Morning Light

Four am is beautiful.  It's actually light out here at that time.  The birds are chirping and it's cool out.  Tonight it was too hot to sleep so after lying in bed sweating for hours I got up and opened the front and back door.  We have screen doors so they let in the cool morning air.  I'm sitting here typing watching the sun come up on my security camera.  I'd go sit in my yard but I'm in my sleep shirt and I don't go outside in my pj's unless the house is on fire.

It's Canada's 148th birthday today so Happy Canada Day to all my fellow Canadians.  As usual we have nothing planned.   There are events planned by the city but it's going to be very hot again and I can't tolerate the heat that well yet.  I need to slowly inch my way into the heat of summer and by the time I've adjusted my body it will be Sept and cool temps will be back.

Last night we watched a storm roll in and then we saw it miss us entirely.  We could watch the lightning and got a few drops of rain.  Once again our town repelled a storm.  It's hot, we need the rain.  Most of the small towns around us got tons of rain, some even had a bit of flooding.  We had barely enough to wet a sidewalk.  So that's the second day in a row we've been teased with a storm and only got the dry end of the stick.

Thursday the son is having two of his wisdom teeth removed.  We picked up the prescriptions for him.  I was surprised to see they gave him not only prescription strength ibuprofen but an antibiotic and a steroid.  When I had mine out they only gave me a prescription for a pain medication which I never even bothered to fill.  It seems like a bit of overkill to give him all that unless he actually needs it.  I guess they do this to avoid any problems.  Plus they love to put people under anesthesia to take out wisdom teeth now which I think is harder on people than simply freezing the area and giving a light relaxation medication.  That's how the Dentist did mine and I was fine.

Geez I sound like an old foggy.  I used to walk 10 miles to school in a blizzard in my day.  LOL!  I guess they've changed lots of things in the 20 years since I had my wisdom teeth out either that or the Dental surgeons here have figured a way to make more money from fewer patients.  The good thing is it's all covered under our dental plan and I think we end up having to pay $11.  And no, that isn't a typo that's how much the woman told me we would have to pay out of our pocket because the rest was covered under our dental plan.

Thirty minutes ago it was full dark out there and now at 4:37am it's light.  The sun hasn't come over the top of the mountain yet so no scorching heat yet.  I can feel a cool breeze on my feet coming in through the screen door.  I wish I could sleep and get up at 4am because it would be a perfect time of day to be outside.  It's cool and no sun yet so you don't need sunscreen.  The bugs aren't bad here and the extreme heat with little rain lately has killed off lots of bugs.

Well I really should get to bed and maybe I can catch a few hours before the sun heats up the inside of the house.   


Birdie said…
Both my kids have had their wisdom teeth out and I thanked baby jebus that my dental plan paid 100%. You are right. I think these dentists are just finding ways to make money. A LOT of money. It shouldn't cost over $1000.00 for a 20 minute procedure.
Sparkless said…
Now they drug you up so much they have to have a trained anesthesiologist there so they can justify their high prices.

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