Security Camera - The Giant Spider Who Chased People

Spiders and their webs are the bane of security cameras.  No matter how many times we climb up the ladder to wipe the webs off of the camera and hopefully abolish the nasty spider who is trying to make his or her home there they come right back.  You don't notice them little buggers in the daytime because the webs they are making are invisible but turn on the night vision and those little webs glow while blue and obscure your view.

One day I could actually watch a spider spin her web although I couldn't see the web because it was in the daytime.  This spider was microscopic, well really small at least, and it looked huge on the camera.  I took pictures of it because it looked like a giant spider was hanging out on our front fence chasing people.

I wasn't quick enough to get a picture of when this guy walked by and it looked like this giant spider was chasing him but here's the picture of the spider that I took from my camera.

Later that night when the night vision clic…

Security Camera Story - It's Weird Out There

There is this man maybe in his mid 30's who walks his dog, an ancient pug, several times a day.  They have a tabby cat who follows along on some of their walks.  The dog is never on a leash and the man seems to be very patient waiting for the dog to sniff stuff and wander around on his very short stubby legs.

I'm not sure where this man lives but it must be fairly close to us because I'm pretty sure his dog can't walk too far.  The dog is ancient and a pug.  I see this man walking across the street.  He then cuts towards our house and walks up our cement path towards our house but turns and goes back  in the direction he came from.  Some times he walks around our car just to walk on that cement path.  He could just walk on the grass but nope he scoots around our car to get to that path.  I guess he likes to stay on the cement.  He usually stops on the sidewalk in front of our house waiting for his dog who likes to sniff all the other dog pee spots on the grass out fron…

Weird Stories From My Security Cameras

I've seen so many strange things on my security camera.  We live in an urban area and it's pretty quiet with just houses.  But over the last 10 years it's gotten to be a worse area to live in.  One reason is the people who moved in a couple of houses down from us are drug dealers and the people that live beside them are too, or at least we think they are doing some kind of shady deals.  On the other side of us is a nicely kept house that no one actually lives in.  The people who used to lived there passed away years ago and their family members kept the house and visit once a month or so.  It's kind of weird but the house and yard is all well kept so I guess it's okay.

On the other side of us is a house that burned on Dec 23rd of last year.  it didn't burn to the ground but it's not habitable anymore.  The two people living there had to move out.  The house or what is left of it is very close to our house and the windows are not properly boarded up.  They h…

I Cry Silently

I Cry Silently

I cry at night

I let the tears slip down my face.
I can't let anyone hear
This pain.

These tears burn my cheeks
My sobs catch in my throat
It can't be changed.

I give my silent tears to the night
In the morning I go on
There is no other way.

The Oak and the Reeds

There is an old Aesop's Fable of The Oak and the Reeds.  An oak and a reed were arguing about their strength.  A strong wind came up, the reed avoided being uprooted by bending and moving with the gusts.  The oak stood firm and was torn up by the roots. 

But really there is only so much bending a person can take.  I've had enough wind gust for a life time and I'm tired of bending and moving to those gusts.  I need a break from the wind please.  Or I need to build a wind break.

Heart Hurt

Being a mom is hard work.  It's hard work physically when they are small and hard work emotionally when they are adults.  It's hard to see your child even if he or she is an adult have their heart hurt.  You can't really help and it reminds you of all the times you've suffered the same.  It just all round hurts.

I know that learning is sometimes about painful experiences and you can't and shouldn't take that away from anyone.  The hard times are sometimes what and when you learn the most from.  You learn resilience, patience and strength from difficult times.  Would you want your child never to learn those important lessons?  Every good parent wants their children to learn and grow and be happy in life.  You can't insulate them from every bump or pain or you take away their chance to grow.

So my heart hurts tonight for my adult child and it sucks.  I know what they will learn from this experience but I wonder what the heck I am learning from this?  I've…

Good Bye 2018

The last two years have been a real struggle.  I'll be glad when this one is over.  My hope is 2019 will be better than this year has been.  I've been feeling more and more like there is no hope for anything anymore.  I keep having pep talks with myself but then fall back down the black hole again. UG!

I want to hear happy good hopeful stories.  I want to hear funny things that make me laugh.  I want everyone else to be happy for a bit and not angry and bitter.  I don't expect to be happy all the time but it sure would be nice to feel some hope.

I used to eat my feelings but now I have chosen not to do that anymore because I want to improve my health and that become a problem.  I find I don't have anything to look forward to now.  This is a struggle if you can't reward yourself for getting through the day.  What does everyone else do?

I wish that things would get better but I have no hope for that right now.  The days feel endless and empty and dark.  So my hope is…