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Blogger Dashboard Bugs

Seems Blogger dashboard isn't working properly.  It's only showing me one blog at a time on my dashboard.  It doesn't show all the new posts at once like it used to.  I read it's a bug they are working on but it's been a few days and I'm having withdrawal from all my wonderful blogs. 

I've started to manually scroll through all the blogs to see if they have a new post up.  I follow over a hundred blogs so this is kind of slow going.  Many of the blogs I follow haven't have a post up for a very long time.  If there is worthwhile info on that blog that I want to keep access to I'll keep them on my list if not then after a year of no posts I delete that blog no matter how much I used to enjoy them. 

When the blogs I follow start to get thin with new posts I'll start searching out new and exciting blogs to follow.  It seems that bloggers wear themselves out after a year or two and stop posting.  At least that's what I find or if their life chang…

The Heat is On

And when I say the heat is on I mean it's summer now and the thermometer is rising rapidly.  I won't complain about our relatively cool spring though.  It's been a pleasure to sleep well and not to have those noisy window a/c units running until I can't hear myself think.  Good bye cool weather that I love and hello horrifying heat.

The son graduated last week.  He didn't attend all the events and I didn't get to dance with him but at least he picked up his diploma.  He wrote his last exam this past Friday.  In a few weeks we'll see his report card.  The daughter has one exam to write on Monday then she is done too.

I wish these kids would get out there and look for jobs.  The son thinks he can sit around all day playing video games so we took his stuff away and told him he needs to find a job before he gets it back.  He was pretty much forced to drop a resume at a place his dad picked.  Now he thinks he gets his stuff back.  Ya, that's not going to hap…

If I Had Known Then What I Know Now

I'd of had way more fun when I was younger.  I'd have taken more risks and done more things if I had known that when I got older I would feel like death all the time. Let me tell you what it feels like to be 50.

1.  Everything aches all the time, well pretty much all the time and especially when you get up in the morning and after sitting for awhile.  So when you hear an 50 year old groan when they get up you'll totally understand it's because their bones hurt.

2. You no longer can sleep all night long.  You are wakened  by pains in your body or you have to go pee.  Those long nights of blissful sleep you thought you'd get again when you babies grow up and your teenagers move out don't happen!  I know, it's such a rip off, isn't it?

3. Your eyesight is failing and you have difficulty reading really small print and difficulty reading in dim light and pretty much everything about your eyesight starts to suck.  You need bifocal glasses (or graduated lenses…