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Are You Shopping?

Black Friday is a US thing but I see that many Canadian stores are picking it up now.  I personally avoid shopping in crowds in winter.  Not only is it annoying but it's a germ factory just at a time of year when there are all sorts of nasty bugs going around.  There's always those people out who will not stay home no matter how sick and contagious they are.  They feel it's a sign of weakness to stay home when they're sick but really it's an act of kindness to the rest of us not to pass on their nasty germs.

I don't do much shopping because I don't have money to spend.  Why torture myself shopping for entertainment?  So I stay home and bargain hunt online.  Most of the time I find a better deal online anyway.  Living in a very small town means shopping is limited so being able to shop online is wonderful.  I've already got my kids their Christmas presents.  I have to pick up a few stocking stuffers and I'll do that on a week day early in the morning…

I Live There

If you look really closely you can see the town I live in.  This picture was taken from our ski hill last March.

It's another frosty day here and this picture looks just like I feel, cold and frosty.

If you look closely you'll notice that down in the valley there is no snow.  By March it's pretty much all gone but still plenty on the ski hill.

It looks to be a great ski season this year.

Is it Just Me Or...

Is Oprah's show "Favorite Things" where Oprah gives away expensive things she likes to audience members too much?  It's not the giving of these things that makes me sick it's how the audience members react to them that makes me feel horribly sick.  That pure unbridled greed when they find out what they are getting and the frenzy that ensues over the mention of an expensive bauble that just seems wrong somehow. 

I've tried to convince myself that these people are just excited about receiving a bunch of pretty things but I'm not sure I'd be jumping up and down and screaming about it like that.  Or maybe they are all told to act like that?  There is just something not right about the over the top reaction to a bunch of junk.  I know the first thing I'd do with a 3Dtv or a diamond watch would be to try to sell it to make some money for something important like saving for my retirement or paying off bills.  Or I'd use some of the money to donate t…

First Snow

We had our first true snow today.  Big fat flakes were falling early this morning.  It started to stick to the ground but by the afternoon turned to rain.  No snow on the ground yet.  I'm longing to see everything covered in white soon.

I don't know what it is about snow but it feels magical to me.  It transforms the landscape from dull and dirty to white and pristine.  I especially love when it snows in the evening and I can look out the window at the mounting snow drifts and feel all snug and warm reading a book and drinking some tea. 

So come on weather and give me some snow cause I need a transformation!


I'm in a stall.  No, not a horses stall but an engine stall.  I can't get going.  I'm not sleeping well.  Stress will do that.  The husband and I have been fighting.  He's so stubborn it's like talking to a rock.

After 20 years of marriage I wonder what I was thinking when I married him.  He's not loving, kind or generous.  He's pretty much a loner.  He hasn't changed a thing about himself in the entire time I've known him but I have changed.  I've given in to every one of his wants.  If he can't sleep with the sheets tucked in guess who has to struggle all night with a sheet wrapped around her neck or legs?  He wants the lights off to watch tv so I have to sit in the dark.  He never does laundry and won't make the bed.  I could go on but I'm too tired.

So I sit here wondering where to go and what to do.   I wish I had a punching bag because today I feel like I need to punch someone or something.  Sometimes your life just doesn't…

Knitting and Garden Pictures

Here is the wool and pattern I've been attempting to knit.  I finally gave up on this pattern not because it was too difficult just that I couldn't get it to work for me. 
 It looks so simple!  Maybe the next hat I'll do this one cause I've sure learned a ton pulling this one out about 5 times.
 Here's what I've got so far.  The ribbing should be all the way to the bottom but it got messed up some how and I kind liked how it looked so I didn't pull it out.  I then went on to figure out how to do the ribbing properly. 
 So you can see the bottom where the ribbing is messed up but it looks pretty.  Then I got the ribbing to work finally and will go on to straight knitting and then start to reduce stitches.  I just need to get some markers, or different colored yarn to make markers.
 And this is one of our messy gardens.  You can see the big lavender bush that I should trim and there are a few rose bushes and the rest if small plants and weeds.  You can see how…

By George I think I've Got It!

I've finally got that hang of knitting this dang hat I've been working on forever.  I've pulled it out so many times that I refuse to pull it out again even though I saw a mistake and I think I've got an uneven number of stitches and am doing ribbing so it's twisting the ribbing funny.  But it looks kind of neat so I'm leaving it in!  My sister was the one who finally got it through to me how to do it so it would work on circular needles.

Now I just need to remember to keep it hidden from the dang kitten so it doesn't get ripped out.   I may actually get it finished sometime next week.  I'll take some pictures this weekend and post them to prove I'm actually doing it cause I've talked about it enough but haven't had a thing to show until now.

Snow is coming really near now.  You can see it on all the mountain tops but nothing down here in the valley yet.  And we found a piano teacher for my daughter.  Since she's not in her sport anymore…

Season of Mold and Mildew

It's the time of year when it's damp everywhere.  Our windows run with water even the brand new one.  Pretty soon the furnace will be on lots and then it will be the season of dry.  These old houses aren't insulated properly and when it's damp outside it's damp in your house.  Of course doing laundry and running the dishwasher didn't help much or boiling the big pot of water to cook the pasta either.

One day I'll live in a house where I won't know what the weather is like outside until I look out the window.  I won't know it's raining because it feels cold and damp inside.  I won't be able to tell it's really freezing out cause the furnace is on constantly and drying out my nostrils.  I won't have a clue it's a roasting hot day or night because the sweat is pouring off my almost naked body.  It will be nice never to have to put plastic on my windows in the winter and constantly scream at the kids to close the door cause their eit…

Season of Cold

Not only is it cold but the cold and flu bugs are starting to go around now.  I've got a sinus cold thing going on right now.  I guess it's better than chest congestion and coughing your head off but my head feels like it's gonna explode and my nose is plugged so I have to breath out of my mouth and now I have chapped lips.  Ick!

The mountains around us have already had snow.  You can see the light dusting of the snow and I know all the skiers are raring to get at that ski hill.  We have the snow tires on the car and are ready any time Mother Nature wants to bless us with some of her pretty white stuff.

I'm still trying to work out if I should show up at the next board meeting to formally hand in my resignation.  I've heard that's how it should be done but no one knows squat.  I do have a box of stuff I need to drop off and a key so I may do that then.

So far my daughter seems fine with not going to her sport but she has said she feels lazy not doing anything a…


I feel lighter today.  I told the daughter that we just couldn't afford her sport right now.  She seems fine with it.  She said it felt weird not to be going to this sport anymore because she's been going since she was 6.  I think she even thought we wouldn't let her quit if she wanted to.  She thought that because we made the son do a sport too for a few years and then finally gave up on him every doing any kind of sport or physical activity.  We wanted the kids to each try a physical sport and another type of activity like music.  They could pick the sport and the other things they wanted to be in but they had to be in a physical activity.  It's important for kids to keep active for their good health.
Anyway because we made the son go to a sport for a few years and wouldn't let him quit I think she got the idea that she wouldn't be allowed to quit either.  That's far from the case though.  She's plenty active and does all sorts of other sports and act…


Since I and two other board members have sent in our resignations not a single person has said anything to me.  Not a board member or even the Head Coach.  My daughter had attended this sport club for almost 7 years and I've been on this stupid board for 4 years and the Head Coach doesn't even say a simple, so long to me.  What a total jerk.  I was going to leave my daughter in this sport group but don't feel I can in good conscience do that now.  Not only will I be supporting this jerk of a coach but I'll be contributing to this whole dysfunctional group.  I can't do that anymore.

So tomorrow when my daughter is supposed to be going to her sport she won't be.  The good thing is we will save $150 a month now and we could really use that money for Christmas.  And now I don't even have to go into that place at all!  I feel guilty for taking her out of something she enjoys but this coach isn't above being passive aggressive towards her like giving her less…

Well Look at That!

I am the 2000 visitor to my blog!  I know 2000 isn't that many page views but I didn't even have the counter until last year.

I'm still struggling trying to knit my hat.  There is something I'm missing, some important instruction cause I keep doing it and it keeps not turning out properly.  So I pull it out and try again.  I'll be in class Monday so hopefully the instructor will have some time to point out what I'm doing wrong.  I'm getting sick of starting again.

My daughter had a great Halloween trick'or treating with three of her friends.  We let her go out alone with her friends.  I gave her my cell phone and we kept in contact with her.  We live in a very small town so there is not much danger that anything would happen.  Even so I was worried and phoned her several times to find out where she was and what she was doing.  She was a very tired happy girl when she came home so it's all good.

My son on the other hand is going through a phase.  He …