I feel lighter today.  I told the daughter that we just couldn't afford her sport right now.  She seems fine with it.  She said it felt weird not to be going to this sport anymore because she's been going since she was 6.  I think she even thought we wouldn't let her quit if she wanted to.  She thought that because we made the son do a sport too for a few years and then finally gave up on him every doing any kind of sport or physical activity.  We wanted the kids to each try a physical sport and another type of activity like music.  They could pick the sport and the other things they wanted to be in but they had to be in a physical activity.  It's important for kids to keep active for their good health.
Anyway because we made the son go to a sport for a few years and wouldn't let him quit I think she got the idea that she wouldn't be allowed to quit either.  That's far from the case though.  She's plenty active and does all sorts of other sports and activities.  So I'm not sure whether she was happy or not about it.
I did tell her that if in the future we had more money coming in and she wanted to return to this sport she could.  Hopefully that won't be until the stupid Head Coach is gone and a new one is there.
I actually feel much lighter today, like a load has been lifted off my shoulders.  I don't have to worry about all the stupid crap that had been going on at that club anymore.  I don't have to worry about liability issues and risk management or anything like that.  Now my daughter and I can find her another sport or activity to enjoy.  We already have a few options that we'll be looking into.  Ahhhh change is good!


Erin said…
Yay! It is quite possible she didn't want to be there anyways, LOL... all that worry for nothing!
Sparkless said…
Then today she said she missed her sport. UG! The guilt is gonna get me.

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