By George I think I've Got It!

I've finally got that hang of knitting this dang hat I've been working on forever.  I've pulled it out so many times that I refuse to pull it out again even though I saw a mistake and I think I've got an uneven number of stitches and am doing ribbing so it's twisting the ribbing funny.  But it looks kind of neat so I'm leaving it in!  My sister was the one who finally got it through to me how to do it so it would work on circular needles.

Now I just need to remember to keep it hidden from the dang kitten so it doesn't get ripped out.   I may actually get it finished sometime next week.  I'll take some pictures this weekend and post them to prove I'm actually doing it cause I've talked about it enough but haven't had a thing to show until now.

Snow is coming really near now.  You can see it on all the mountain tops but nothing down here in the valley yet.  And we found a piano teacher for my daughter.  Since she's not in her sport anymore she said she wanted to learn how to play the piano so she's going to start this Monday night.  We don't actually have a piano but an electric one so the teacher had to be flexible.  I have no idea how we would fit an actual piano in this house!  The husband is already talking about getting a piano and unless he takes out the gas fireplace I don't see any where else to put a piano.  Plus there is that wee thing about piano's costing money which we have a short supply of so mostly it's all talk.  Now we have three acoustic guitars, one electric guitar, a violin, an electric piano, and the kid's school instruments of a trombone and clarinet.  We also have an odd assortment of shakers and small drums and even a thunder tube.  One would think we were actually a musical family or something.

I'm off to knit and since I can't do that and type on the computer I'm putting this post to bed.


Erin said…
Congrats on the piano lessons! We can't have a piano either, there is "less than nowhere" to put it LOL! We have a digital piano (basically a keyboard) on a stand. I think if we put a piano in here it would fall through the floor in to the crawlspace LOL! I would love to get a cheap drumset for my boys, but nowhere to put that either! Can't wait to see the knitting! I plan on starting a hat for hubby by Sunday night, I've never done one before so this should be interestiing!
Sparkless said…
Digital piano, yes that's what ours is too. Yamaha on a stand that makes all sorts of wonderful sounds other than just plain old piano ones.
Noooooo don't get drums!!! Your head will not thank you for that. My younger brother had a drum kit as a kid and we all learned to get out of the house while he practiced or suffer the headache afterwards. LOL!
Try getting those djembe drums, just as much fun and way easier for kids to play and have fun with.
TheBlakkDuchess said…
Yup... Cats + xmas trees... not a good, albeit hilarious, combo. ^-^

I grew up tying our tree every year to the ceiling & walls... It DID seem to work rather well.

If my kitten didn't walk around looking for random things to eat, I'd still be doing it. However, finding bits of fake tree in the litter box is NOT an experience I want to have...


Yay for getting the hang of knitting! I am in awe. I love to crochet, but I can't seem to get knitting to save my life. No matter how carefully I think I'm counting, I always add or drop stitches. Ack... Post a pic when it's finished! ^-^

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