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Summer Fun, Not!

Well of course it has to happen this way. The kids were off to the grandparents for a few days. My husband planned to move bedrooms around and put our daughter upstairs. This involved moving everything out of our storage room to make it into her bedroom. Then there was the flooring to deal with and new lights. We even managed to find a storage locker close and cheap for all those things we have that our house is too small to store. I even told my husband things went too well and I was waiting for the other shoe to drop. And sure enough it did.

Friday my husband was to go out to his parents house and spend a few days enjoying the lake with the kids and then bring them back on Sunday or Monday. Friday I started to feel real bad, nauseous and just not right. He left me at home and went anyway. I was supposed to be finishing up some of the little details to the big room makeover but never really managed it. My husband usually works weekends and had taken this one off so he coul…