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Health Care

I don't why Americans are so afraid of having proper health care. They are all up in arms because Obama wants everyone in his country to have proper medical care. The people opposing this must either be insane or just totally nuts. Don't they know their country has one of the highest infant mortality rates for a developed country? Don't they know that their medical system is the most expensive and that large groups of their population have no health care?

Now one of the ways they are justifying their views is to take a few cases from Canada where our medical system didn't do a very good job or a person wasn't happy with how they were cared for. They hold these cases up as the norm here. How stupid can you be! If they really want to know what the medical system is like up here why don't they talk to the average person instead of some disgruntled one? And by the way that woman who you've been seeing all over the US telling you how bad the Canadian heal…

Wild Weather Summer

Well it's summer. Ya I don't like summer much and I think I've written about it before. We have an old house with not enough insulation so it's like living outside in a tent all summer except it doesn't cool off as much at night. We have window a/c units that run continuously and make a huge amount of noise. Any day that is cool enough for me to turn those noisy things off is a day I'd mark on the calender!

This spring was pretty mild and we didn't get the high temps that we had last year, thank goodness. The weather people say that we got less rain this spring than is normal but I've lost track of what normal is now and just hope for cool days. July has been okay up till now. We are almost hitting 40C every day now and for the last week we've had incredible thunder and lightening storms just about every night. Too bad it doesn't rain much with these storms but I know other areas are getting rain, just not here. We live in a valley that …