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Spring Pictures

I don't think anyone believes me when I tell them we have no snow and our flowers are up and blooming.  So to prove this here are a bunch of pictures I took today.  Oh and we have our windows open because it's so nice and warm.  First time we've been able to open the windows this spring.

No More Snow

I like snow, no, I love snow.  I'm sad to see that's it's all melted.  Any snow we get from now on will likely melt within a day or two.  The ski hill is icy and will close soon.  I'm sad to say good bye to winter but I do like spring.  It's so nice to be outside again and enjoy the sunshine.  I could use some vitamin D.  And the nasty hot weather won't be here for a couple of months so I can actually enjoy being outside.

My kids are off school for two weeks for spring break.  I am trying to keep them busy doing things.  We forced the son to write his learners but unfortunately he failed it by a mere 3 percentage points.  That's okay because pretty much all the kids I've talked to fail the first time they write it.  I wonder if the gov't isn't failing kids on purpose to bring in more money?  Naw, they wouldn't do that, would they?  It cost $15 for him to write the test and if he had passed it would cost him another $10 to get his Learners pe…

Getting Old is Not for Sissies

The husband went to the Dr. finally about his foot problem.  Turns out he has gout.  Yup he got gout for his 50th birthday.  LOL!!  Sorry to laugh but it kind of seems funny to me.  He doesn't drink any alcohol or eat a lot of red meat so it's kind of unfair.  He does drink lots of coffee so he'll have to cut back on that.  He has some medication for when he has a flare-up.  The Dr. didn't really give him any information about foods to avoid.  I guess people have to look information up on the internet instead of relying on a Dr. to give it to them.  Either that or the husband is a total doofus and didn't bother to ask any questions or didn't listen to what the Dr. said. 

Our 13 year old cat needs to go to the vet but we don't have any money to pay for it so it's not going to happen.  She lost the fur on her belly and a bit on her right let.  That was in the summer sometime.  I thought it may be from some type of bug bite.  The fur never totally grew ba…


The birthdays are over.  Well kind of.  Because of the money situation we are delaying my husband's birthday.  I'll get him a present, make a cake and a meal for him in a month or two.  At least I get to pick when it will be.  Although I still have my daughter's sleep over at my parents house to supervise.  My parents have a much larger house (it pays to be an metallurgic Engineer) with a big basement.  The daughter is inviting 5 of her best friends for a sleep over on the floor in the basement.   These old people have a huge tv, satellite and an Xbox!  They are away in Hawaii for a month so we are borrowing their house.  All I have to do is clean up afterwards.  We are still working on the food we'll have to bring with us.  That will be this Sat.  Of course the husband is doing nothing at all for this, nor is he coming to help supervise.  It's always all me on my own.

Unfortunately for me I have some type of injury or something.  It felt like a gallbladder attack …