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Some More, Please

So it got windy today.  It rained a bit and the smoke started to clear.  I could see the mountains around us almost clearly.  But it wasn't to last long.  The rain wasn't even enough to make a puddle and it dried up almost as fast as it came down.  Then in the afternoon the smoke started to roll back in and once again we are blanketed in a thick smoke.

I know other areas around us got a decent amount of rain and it did help some of the fires that are burning but we need more please, much, much more.  We can do without the wind or lightning, just send rain and cool temps please Mother Nature.

I can't imagine what it's like to live in the areas in California that have experienced a 4 year drought.  I think I'd consider moving if that were the case here.  I am not a hot dry kind of person at all.  I like the change of seasons, with rain, snow, and a short sunny summer.

The daughter is doing much better at her job, thank goodness.  My heart can't take any more.  Th…

End of Summer

This summer has sucked from beginning to end.  We had record high temps that still haven't really got better.  We have had almost no rain so drought conditions everywhere.  Forest fires all over the place and now our air quality is as bad as living in Beijing, China due to smoke.  It does cool off nicely at night now but you can't open your windows because then you are choking on smoke from all the forest fires.  So the time of year when most families are doing a last hurrah to summer you can't even spend any time outside or you are risking your health. 

Many wild animals have been displaced from all these fires and we are seeing them all over.  The poor things are starving and thirsty.  I can't imagine having to survive outside in all that smoke.  It's so smokey out there you can't even see the mountains surrounding us.  It's so weird to look outside and just see white everywhere.  It kind of feels like we are living in a science fiction story.

There is su…

Can't I Just Get Some Dang Good New?!!

This summer has been one of the most frustrating summer's I've ever had.  I get some good news and then it gets taken away.  The daughter gets her first job so we are all proud and happy, but she can't seem to balance or count properly so the end of the night papers are always off.  I'm not sure how long she's going to last if they have to keep looking for her errors.  Can you imagine getting fired from your very first job?  It is going to crush her already delicate spirit and my heart is breaking for her.  I say a prayer every night for her.
Then there is the son who started the summer out working lots for this job he has.  Well it didn't last long and he hasn't worked for two weeks.  We were so excited and happy he had been called back to work there and it looked like he was going to be working lots but that didn't last long because they don't have enough work.  So we are back to nagging him to get out and find a job.
And like that's not enou…

Cough, Cough, Sputter, Sputter and Sweat

Like our extreme heat isn't enough for us we get to have drought and fires along with choking smoke.  You try explaining to your asthmatic cat why he can't go outside.  He will basically keep us awake all night scratching at stuff to get us to let him outside.

If it would just rain!!!!!  We don't need any lightning though, please no more fires.  First we had smoke coming up from the fires in the US.  We also have an extreme thunder storm risk for tonight.  I can hear some rumbling right now at 12:30am.  Just rain for goodness sakes!  It will help with all the fires and get some of that smoke out of the air.  We even have ash all over.  It's shocking when you figure out how far away the fires are yet we have ash all over everything outside.

Sleeping with window a/c units on is not an option so we are all sweating and choking on the smoke.  It's still really hot and with the cloud cover it's not going to get any cooler unless we get a good hard rain.  I am so don…

Not Feeling It

It is hot again, way too hot.  The only rain we get is a couple of drops which just makes things hot and muggy.  The other day my husband kept remarking how it was cloudy but still over 35C outside at 11am.  After tomorrow it is supposed to cool down a bit.  Hopefully we can go back to 30C and 16C at night. 

Enough of the weather forecasts, you all want to know what I'm doing, right?  If you were a fly on the wall you'd have died of boredom watching me.  I did manage to read a book but right now I can't even remember the name of the book.  Dementia is setting in.

The husband is taking the kids and going to his parents house tomorrow afternoon for supper.  They live about an hour and a half drive from us.  The husband's sister, husband and youngest daughter are visiting my in-laws from Regina, Sask.  They do this every year and every year we go visit them there.  I am staying home.  With no air condition in our car and having to stuff 4 people in it for 1 1/2 hours I ca…

Shut Out

Being poor means you get shut out of so many things.  For instance I'm a member of an online group of women who all got together when we were pregnant with our Jan 98 babies or shortly after they were born.  I've only ever met one of these women but I've know the rest for 17 years now.  They are a wonderful bunch of women but I always feel like an outsider in the group.  One reason is most of them are from the US and the Canadian ones are all from Toronto and Nova Scotia and PEI.  So not close to me at all geographically. 

What really makes me feel like an outsider is when they plan gatherings.  Yes, these women travel to places and get together every couple of years.  I have never been able to afford to go.  I can't invite them here either because our little town has nothing in the way of amenities or fun things to do.  Most of these women would not enjoy any type of outdoors activity like hiking or camping and that would be all my budget could allow.   We don't h…

Well, What Can You Do?

The a/c on our car isn't working at all anymore.  The fan was barely working so they just filled up the stuff inside it but it looks like there is a large leak.  UG!  I had to drive for almost an hour today in 38C heat.  I hate driving with the windows open because my hair flies around my face and gets in my eyes.  I wear contact lenses so this can be a huge problem even when I'm wearing sunglasses.  And then there is the noise of driving with your windows open.  You can barely hear yourself think.  So I arrive looking like  I've just been in a tornado, my eyes are blood shot and I'm partially deaf.  It's not a pretty sight and that's not even mentioning the pungent aroma of sweat and the way my shirt sticks to my wet back.

I am totally avoiding driving anywhere.  That means I'm pretty much in the house all day.  I hope to be the old lady they say has beautiful skin because I won't have much sun damage  because I'm like a vampire and never go out in…