Well, What Can You Do?

The a/c on our car isn't working at all anymore.  The fan was barely working so they just filled up the stuff inside it but it looks like there is a large leak.  UG!  I had to drive for almost an hour today in 38C heat.  I hate driving with the windows open because my hair flies around my face and gets in my eyes.  I wear contact lenses so this can be a huge problem even when I'm wearing sunglasses.  And then there is the noise of driving with your windows open.  You can barely hear yourself think.  So I arrive looking like  I've just been in a tornado, my eyes are blood shot and I'm partially deaf.  It's not a pretty sight and that's not even mentioning the pungent aroma of sweat and the way my shirt sticks to my wet back.

I am totally avoiding driving anywhere.  That means I'm pretty much in the house all day.  I hope to be the old lady they say has beautiful skin because I won't have much sun damage  because I'm like a vampire and never go out in the sun anymore.

The husband just had his holiday, 10 days off in a row.  We did nothing.  He did his own thing and the rest of us did ours.  It's like he lives in a world all by himself.  It never occurs to him to interact with his own family and if he does it's always on his terms.  We have to watch a movie with him of his choosing or some other thing we don't really want to do but he doesn't understand not everyone likes the same things he does.  Men are truly clueless.

The daughter found a part time job working at a lottery ticket booth at our mall.  She will be able to keep working there through school so that's good.  She works 3 five hour shifts one week and then only 2 the next.  Not too many hours and on holidays she'll get more work.  I'm hoping she does okay because she is not one of those people who is good at working on their own.  She always is asking for help and validation but she's not dumb so if she can learn the job she'll be okay at it.  I just hope her nerves don't get the better of her.  Naw, she'll be fine, I just worry too much for my kids because they are both so shy and unsocial it's painful to watch them struggle.

I have been doing nothing or as close to it as you can get and still be alive.  I just can't seem to get any energy up to do anything.  It had cooled down for a a week or so and I was just starting to feel better and now we are back in the extreme heat again.  I'm just hanging on through August hoping I don't dissolve into a puddle of goo before September comes.

It's a long weekend this weekend as it's BC Day.  Not like it will make any difference to me, the husband is working and I'm stuck driving the kids all over.  The daughter actually starts her job on Monday which is the holiday so I'll have to drive her there.  Plus, she can't wear jeans to her job so we need to find her some pants because she says she's not going to wear a skirt or dress.  At least we don't have to find many pairs of pants because she doesn't work that often.

You'll find me at the mall this weekend looking for inexpensive pants that the daughter will wear or at least fit her.  I hate shopping on Saturday at the mall especially on long weekends when it will be extra crowded.  So my weekend will be all about driving around town in a sweaty car trying to find a couple pairs of pants that either I won't be able to find or I won't be able to afford.  We only have one second hand place in town and I've already done a check of them and they don't have anything.  It's mostly baby stuff or younger kids clothing, not much for teens.

Have a great long weekend to all my Canadian friends and for the rest of you, have a great weekend even if you don't get Monday off work. 


Birdie said…
I don't have air conditioning in my car. Most of the time I don't mind but I would be bloody well freaking out if it was 38. Gah!

Sorry you husband is a twit.

Good for your daughter finding a job. I swear we live parallel lives. My daughter (17) just started at McDonald's and she needed pants because at the time they didn't have ones to fit her short and skinny body. Anyway, she is also (as both our son's are) anti-social. Being at the front at McDonald's is really hard for her because she doesn't like people. I have taught her well! Is you son working yet?

Happy BC day to you! I think you are the only person I know from BC that blogs. I wonder if it is just the two of us in the whole province?
Sparkless said…
Birdie, my son is working at the party supply place that he was working at last fall. He works when they have work though so it's not full-time all the time and he won't get much work after August. But at least he has some kind of a job and he completed and passed his First Aid, WHMIS (Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System), and Food Safe courses. So he has those qualifications now. He is still looking for work and did go to an interview at Safeway but didn't get the job there. Hopefully he'll find something full-time in the Fall that he likes.

Oh and tonight he came out and let me know that he was out of toothpaste. Which I then reminded him that he could easily walk to the store and buy for himself considering that he has more money in the bank than his dad and I do. We will charge him rent when he gets a permanent job but for now we aren't charging him money to live at home. He doesn't waste much money because he only gets a video game now and then, not often. The only other thing he spends a bit of money on is when he goes out to eat with his friends which is rarely too. We had to make him go buy some new jeans for himself because he only had two pairs and was asking me to wash his jeans because he had to work.

I don't know many other bloggers in BC or Canada. There are a few but mostly farming ones and one lady who is a British transplant who writes about Canada mainly for her British friends. There used to be another blogger I followed but she moved and doesn't blog anymore. The other one from BC is a farming blogger and her site is kind of commercial now so I don't read it often anymore. If you find any good ones from BC let me know I'd love to find more to read.

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