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Peach Cobbler

We were given a big bucket of peaches that were very ripe.  Had to do something with them right away so we took off the skin and took out the pits and froze a bunch in bags.  We left a few out to eat in the next couple of days and the husband baked a peach cobbler.  Well I'm not sure if it's a true cobbler because he put oats in it.  He found a recipe on the internet as a guide and then just threw it together without bothering about measurements.  That's just the kind of cook he is.

The finished product didn't look very pretty but I can tell you warm peach cobbler with a scoop of ice cream is to die for!

The color is off in this picture a bit because I had to use my phone to take the picture.  When I went to use my camera I found that someone had left it on and the battery was dead so I couldn't use the good camera.  So it doesn't look nearly as yummy as it tasted and I'm  not a big fan of peach cobbler so it must of been good.

Dang Internet!

Lately my internet connection has been spotty at best.  We've been told by our provider to turn the router on and off again or unplug it.  This makes me feel like I'm in an episode of  The IT Crowd and I'm waiting for them to ask me if I've checked to see if it's plugged in.  LOL!   It does seem to work but only for a short period of time then we have to do it all over again.  We don't need to do this all the time just sometimes and it's real annoying.  I usually give up in disgust after a few times and just go do something else.  I'm thinking it's time to phone the internet provider and do a bit of talking.  I'm just hoping I get someone who speaks English as a first language on the phone because I have difficulty understanding when a person's accent is so thick you can cut it with a knife.

My cold is feeling better today so I've turned the corner.  I was starting to think that someone should just bury me already.  Now that makes me sou…

First Cold of the Fall

Well our little typhoid Mary brought home the first cold of the Fall.  That girl catches everything going and then is so nice to pass it on to her family.  Sometimes I get sick and other times not.  This is one of those times I got sick.  This cold is killing me.  I had chills earlier and now I am sweating hot.  My sinuses are plugged, my chest is tight and I'm coughing.  So far the nose isn't running too much but I know when the tap turns on I'll be blowing and coughing.  That is always the most exhausting part of a cold for me.  All the coughing hurts my back and then I tense up even more which makes more pain, well you get the idea.

The daughter is feeling better but the son has it too now.  So far the husband hasn't succumbed and we hope he doesn't get sick because if he does he has to stay home.  He can't infect the elderly people he works with.

Tonight we stocked up on orange juice, tissues, yogurt, and some soup.  I'd make soup but I'm too sick a…


Remember the neighbour I told you all about who we figured was a drug dealer?  Well today there was an article in the paper that said he was caught with cocaine and has been found guilty of trafficking.  He will spend 15 months in jail!!!!!!  Is it wrong to be excited that this guy is off the streets?  Other than being a drug dealer he seemed to be a nice guy. 

Now we just need to get rid of the people who live next door to us.  They were friends with this guy and I think they are also doing a bit of dealing on the side now.  Both the man and his wife don't have jobs.  The man has MS and his wife has who knows what.  They may actually be ill and not able to work but they sure can smoke pot and make a huge mess of their yard.  They also have people popping by all the time who don't get out of their cars and they are forever driving somewhere that only takes a few minutes.  They do this lots at night.  Who makes 10 or more trips of less than 10 minutes in their car at night unl…

Sunny Fall, Yet Out of Sorts

The weather has been amazing this Sept.  We have had mostly sunny beautiful days with cool evenings.  We even took our a/c unit out of our kitchen window early because even if it does get hot during the day it cools down at night plus we have fans that we can use.  As long as I know any heat won't last I'm good.

I've been feeling kinda lost and out of sorts these past few weeks.  I'm not sure what goals I should set for myself.  My energy has been so low lately I'm not sure what I can accomplish.  I love the weather and everything is good, I just can't seem to settle within myself.  I need a goal to strive for, something I think is important.  Problem is I don't think anything is that important right now.  Clean the house, naw it just gets dirty again.  Declutter, why bother no matter how hard I try this small place is always full.  I could get rid of everything and it would still seem cluttered.  The sad truth is the house is too small and poorly designed …

Score One For Intuition

I just heard something tonight that made me thankful I listen to my intuition.  If you remember me talking about being on the board of the club my daughter was in.  The main coach used to own this club but was getting on in years and wanted to just do coaching so he had parents set up a non-profit board and this board bought the club from him through grants and donations.  They continued to employ him as a coach though.

Lets just say this guy is a total nut job.  He's good with the kids most of the time and can really charm people when he wants to.  We got to see what he's really like and it wasn't pretty.  I'd always suspected he was most likely stealing from the club.  Since he owned it for so long everyone still thought he owned it and no matter how many times I suggested they put an ad in the paper telling people he was no longer the owner the board never would.

I haven't heard the details yet but sounds like several board members are resigning.  I'm not su…

Wild Weather

The thing about living in the mountains is you can't really see the weather coming until it's almost on top of you.  Yesterday it was sunny all morning and then I noticed it was getting dark outside.  I looked out the window to the East and the sky was clear but look to the West and this is what you saw.

The other thing about living in the mountains is that no matter how bad it looks it never lasts that long.  I think it took only 15-30mins for this storm to blow itself out.  We had a few flashes of lightening and it rained so hard I thought it was hailing.  It didn't last long though and after 30mins the sun was back out.

It did the same thing today.  There are some white fluffy clouds in the sky but the sun is out again.  The cats don't like the thunder and they are both still hiding so I'll have to entice them out with some cat treats.  I hope this helps the fires in the US and Peachland that has been sending smoke this way.

The weather has been totally unpredic…

Neighbours From Hell

Yup, we are lucky enough to have neighbours from hell.  This past Thursday when the kids came home from school the people a couple of houses down from us were having a screaming match.  Every second word was a curse.  I don't know how people can yell at each other that long and that loud without going hoarse.  Finally the screaming stopped but it started up again around 9pm.  They were outside, of course, because that's where you should always have your yelling fights so the neighbours can hear and judge you.

From what I could make out a guy was yelling at a girl over something or other.  She of course was yelling right back.  There were other people there too shouting and trying to get the two apart.  They were out on the street near my car walking around.  It was when the beer bottle was smashed in front of my car that I'd had enough and phoned the police.  Of course by the time the police came they had left or gone inside.

Now I don't care if people want to scream a…

Last Weekend of Summer Holidays

My kids go back to school on Tuesday.  I am thrilled!  No more mean mom having to make them do chores or get off the computer and go outside (which they never do by the way).  No more feeling guilty because I can't take them on a real holiday or even little mini ones cause we are too broke to do anything.  And no, there isn't much to do when you live in a small town.  We've done all the fun things many times when they were younger and there is no way in heck that they will be entertained doing the mine tour for the seventh time now that they are teens.

The daughter seems more able to entertain herself and keep busy.  She's been teaching herself piano and going out with her friends.  The son has been playing video games, and playing video games and playing more video games.   I'm glad to get him back to school so he can socialize and get out of the house.

Tonight is the Blue Moon which is the second full moon in a month.  I love it when the moon is full and it's…