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What is That Bright Yellow Thing?

Oh ya it's the sun!!!!  Haven't seen that for a couple weeks now.  Everyone is outside today madly trying to play catch up on their outside chores.  The forecast is back to cloudy with rain for the rest of the week.  Bah!  I want my garden to grow not rot.  What a crap year to have started to grow more vegetables.  The only seeds that are up are the peas and that's up for debate as it could be something else.  The chickweed is outpacing the peas so it's hard to tell if it's peas or a mass of chickweed.  Hurry up peas so I can kill that chickweed!

No sign of the carrots yet.  I planted them in a plot instead of a line.  The soil has been kept damp although I can't control the rain.  The top of the soil is cracked so I'm thinking that something is coming soon.  Everything else except for the stupid basil is doing well.  I put the basil outside in a pot and he seemed happy for a few days and then started to droop.  I put him in the garage by the window thinkin…


After two days of not being able to log into Blogger I am finally back.  I bet you think I have wonderful exciting things to tell you about.  Sorry, but it's just more of my boring life.

Tonight I heard a crow making a ruckus outside.  We don't usually have crows around the house.  They usually fly over and sit in the big trees far away from us, so we see them just not very close.  This crow sounded close.  I looked outside and there he is sitting on the power lines cawing his head off.  I thought this was kind of weird.  Crows are pretty smart birds and he must have been making a fuss over something.  I knew there weren't any nests nearby so was curious to what his problem was.  I stepped outside to take a closer look and as I was watching the crow and trying to see what he was cawing at I notice a cat on the neighbour's garage roof.  Not just any cat, he was my daughters kitten (not so much a kitten anymore, he's a year old now). 

I'm not sure how he got up t…

One of Those Days

It's one of those days for me.  You know the kind of day when you wake up and wish you were still asleep.  The kind of day when every bone in your body aches and advil isn't cutting it.  My legs feel like lead weights today.  I worked in my mom's garden yesterday and today I'm feeling the result of being so out of shape.  My shoulders and arms even hurt for goodness sakes!!

In desperation I took some migraine medication that has a small bit of codeine in it.  Hopefully that will kill that achy pains.  If that doesn't work I'm going to whack myself on the head in hopes of staying unconscious long enough for this pain to go away.

I was going to go hang the sheets on the clothes line but I just can't bear that thought of all that bending.  Plus I have a headache to go along with these aches.  I'm calling this day a total write off in the getting things done department.  Hopefully tomorrow will be a more productive day.

Oh and I forgot to say I won a contes…

Productive Weekend

The husband finally helped make a couple of raised beds for our veges.  Unfortunately we didn't have enough soil to fill them both so we just filled up the larger one.  The larger one is 6' x 3'  which I thought was a bit too wide so I told the husband to make the second one 6' x 2'.  I didn't get anything planted yet.  It's supposed to be rainy tomorrow but nice the rest of the week so I'll plant seeds as soon as the weather cooperates.  We are a bit behind but that's just the way things go here.  I'm amazed the husband actually got off his rear and built them.  It took him all day!  LOL!

I made bread and cleaned mostly.  Laundry of course and some spots in the house that accumulate junk got cleaned up.  We don't have many closets (old house) so things can get overwhelming pretty fast as there is no where to hide all the usual stuff a family of four needs.

So there you have most of my weekend and pictures to prove it too!

Evening Entertainment

There is a huge difference between being frugal and not being able to afford things.  I am both.  I do all the usual things to save money because I think it's important for the environment.  I'd do those things even if I had tons of money.

But there are days when beings poor really blows, like today.  We used to have a basic cable package.  It wasn't really expensive but we decided to cut it because it wasn't worth the money.  Instead we decided to invest in Netflix.  For only $8 a month you can watch a bunch of older movies.  For those of you in the US you get many more movies than we do in Canada.  Actually the service kinda sucks in Canada but they just started to offer their service in Canada so I'm hoping things will improve.  I'm getting rather sick of all the crap movies they offer, but in comparison we didn't get anything better on cable.

Tonight I was looking forward to watching a British Comedy I'd found.  I sit down all comfy with my blanket …

Happy Mother's Day

Being a mother is hard work.  It means rarely taking care of your needs first anymore.  It means sleepless nights and long days.  But it also means love, laughter, sticky kisses and hugs. 

The only thing I ever ask for on Mother's Day is a chance to sleep in.  Unfortunately this weekend I'm not going to get my wish.  It was our towns festival this weekend so we wanted to get up early Sat to watch the parade.  Today I got up early to watch the husband and daughter run their Mother's Day 5k race.  They both finished in record time.  I'm not sure of the official times yet.

Tomorrow I have to be up early because my Mother-in-law is dropping by.  The kids are also off on Monday for another teachers development day.  So my Mother's Day weekend has pretty much been a bust for getting anything I'd like.  My older sister and me are taking my mom and dad out for lunch in a bit.  But I've just realized I don't have any proper clothing to wear anymore.  I don't…