Evening Entertainment

There is a huge difference between being frugal and not being able to afford things.  I am both.  I do all the usual things to save money because I think it's important for the environment.  I'd do those things even if I had tons of money.

But there are days when beings poor really blows, like today.  We used to have a basic cable package.  It wasn't really expensive but we decided to cut it because it wasn't worth the money.  Instead we decided to invest in Netflix.  For only $8 a month you can watch a bunch of older movies.  For those of you in the US you get many more movies than we do in Canada.  Actually the service kinda sucks in Canada but they just started to offer their service in Canada so I'm hoping things will improve.  I'm getting rather sick of all the crap movies they offer, but in comparison we didn't get anything better on cable.

Tonight I was looking forward to watching a British Comedy I'd found.  I sit down all comfy with my blanket and cup of tea.  I attempt to connect to the service but no luck.  We reset everything and finally go to their website.  Website says we need to renew our membership.  I check when the last time we paid them and it hasn't even been a month.  Their customer service is closed at night so I'm out of luck.

Now I know some of you rarely watch tv and I'm with you there.  I don't watch a lot of tv either.  It's just that I planned my evening around watching this show that I knew I'd enjoy.  I could do a whole bunch of other things but unfortunately the kids and husband are in bed now.  Our house is so small and so poorly constructed that you really need to be quiet when people are sleeping or risk waking them up.  You can hear what anyone says from one end of the house to the other.  I can actually hear the husband breathing through the wall while I watch tv.  This has led to many aborted conversations between the husband and me.  You can't talk about the kids when they can hear you.

I'm left with the option of finding something quiet to do.  Pretty much that means read a book.  I could spend all my day reading books.  I love reading books, really I do, it's just that I planned to watch a show tonight and now I can't get over that.  UG!

I should just go to bed but I know if I go now I won't sleep.  The longer I can't get to sleep the less sleep I'll get.  If I wait until I'm tired to go to bed I'll fall asleep and actually get a good nights rest.  Going to bed early has never worked well for me.  So here I am writing a lame post just because I can't watch some dumb show.  Sorry, I'll take some pictures tomorrow to make up for this whining, babbling nonsense.  I promise, maybe....


Erin said…
The house think made me laugh, ours is the same way! I can see into every room of the house from the living room LOL. Cable tv is highway robbery, you will get used to it, I promise!
Mama Pea said…
I know what you mean. Sometimes it's having the very simplest of pleasures "taken away" that makes us feel the worst. Especially when you weren't asking for much in the first place. You weren't asking for a two week cruise in the Caribbean, for heaven's sake. You just WANTED TO WATCH A SIMPLE MOVIE! I'm there with ya, Kiddo.
Sparkless said…
Erin I don't usually watch tv at night so not having cable is no big deal. I can imagine you know all about living in a small house. :)

Mama Pea, you are so right. How dare someone take my one planned self indulgent pleasure for the evening! LOL!

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