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Sad and Happy News

We have a black bear that I've seen on the security camera about 4 times.  Each time he's just walking down the middle of the road or on the sidewalk without a care in the world.  I ran outside trying to get a picture of him one time but he had ambled too far down the sidewalk and it was too dark.  I watch for him every night.  I really hope he gets up into the mountains before someone complains about him and they the authorities shoot him.  No funding from our crappy government to relocate bears anymore they just shoot them.  He looks to be a young black bear and I really enjoy seeing him so I hope he makes it.

Tonight I saw two big raccoons cross the road and it looked like they were going to go under our fence and into our yard until they spied me looking out the widow at them.  They thought better of it and went farther down the street where I couldn't see them.  Stupid cat wants to go outside so I hope he stays away from those raccoons.  The cat was sitting on the win…

Dare I?

I just gave my expensive Canon Rebel camera to my daughter to use for her photography class.  I have my fingers crossed that she won't break it or it be stolen.  There were cameras in the class that the kids could borrow but she kept telling me there wasn't very many and you had to share one camera with five people.  She also said that several of the kids brought cameras to use so I figured why not.  It's not like I'm using the thing much.  It's better someone get some use out of it before it's totally obsolete.

I did have to buy her a smaller bag to carry the camera in because the one I use is quite large.   My daughter is a bit of a klutz and that worries me.  I know she will feel horrible if she breaks the camera or it is stolen from her locker.  I just hope we don't have to go down that path.

The weather has been fantastic here.  I couldn't ask for better fall weather.  It's been mostly sunny and warm.  I really should get out and take some pict…