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There Aren't Enough Tissues in the World

I am so sad to say that my friend, who was like a little brother to me, has passed away from throat cancer yesterday.  He was only 46 years old.  My heart breaks for his family, son and wife.  I can't imagine how much pain they are in.  And to think his mom now has her own fight with cancer to deal with.  Can you imagine?

I'm not sure if there will be a funeral.  I don't think he wanted one but the funeral isn't really for the person who has passed but for all the people who loved him.  It's a healing and a coming to terms thing for them.  I hope there is some kind of ceremony.  My older sister and I are going to drop off some flowers at his mom's house.  They live across the street from my parents and we grew up with them.  They are our second family.  I'll have to bring some more tissues because I know I am going to cry a lot.

I turned 50 this past Monday.  I wanted to go out and do something but my husband decided to invite people over to our house.  He …

A Light and Then Wham, Back to the Dark

I still can't believe what's happened today.  The day started off pretty good.  The husband was off work but the weather was rainy so he couldn't work on the dang garage roof.  We've had months of sunshine and as soon as my husband starts to do the roof we get rain, rain and more rain.  All the plywood he put down is going to be ruined.  Of course he didn't bother to buy a new tarp to cover the roof and I'm sure the old one has tons of holes in it. 

The good news is the husband finally got a full-time permanent job!  He's been working part-time jobs and casual on call jobs for 18 years.  It's taken him this long to finally get a full-time permanent job.  Small towns are like this because no one quits and no one leaves a good job.  There are women who have worked where my husband does for 30 or more years.  It's hard when you are part of a Union to get work when you can't move up the seniority list because no one ever leaves or changes jobs.  But…

Oh My Heart

So my results from the Dr. are back and I have low thyroid and something going on with my heart.  I have to see a cardiac specialist about the heart and my Dr. gave my thyroid pills to start.  She says it will take awhile to get the right amount and I will have to keep going back to be checked every month till we find it.  Now that is good news, the heart stuff not so much.

I'm hopeful that this heart thing is just a blip or some sort of mistake.  My Dr. says it is possible that it's nothing and she said not to get too worried until I've seen the cardiac Dr.  Inside I'm freaking out big time though which I'm sure isn't doing my heart any good at all. 

So if I'm not posting much it's because I'm too worried to write a coherent sentence.  But the garage roof is half done.  The husband would have finished it today if it wasn't raining.  I'm not sure if the weather is going to cooperate on the days the husband has off but he has to get this done…

The News

No I'm not talking about Syria I'm talking about my health.  Seems things are not as they should be.  I have to go back for more testing.  I'm not prepared to say much more than that until I have answers.

So if I'm quiet for a bit it's cause I'm on pins and needles waiting for test results or going to get tests or seeing a Dr. or doing whatever.  I'm a little scared but until they know for sure there is no point going on and on about.  I'm just going to pretend like it's not happening for now.