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I think after over $366 and two vet visits the kitty is feeling better.  I don't think he will ever be 100% but he's feeling frisky and wants to go outside and play.  We've been letting him outside for a little bit in the afternoon when we can go out and kind of be there for him.  He gets to stay out there for about 30 minutes or so and then we make him come back in.  There haven't been any problems doing this so far.

We are giving him one steroid pill a day and are down to one Ventolin breathing treatment a day.  So far he's been okay so hopefully we can take him off the breathing treatment and he will just need the one pill a day.  He's a pain to give a pill to but I dissolved it in a bit of warm water and squirted it into his mouth while the husband held him firmly wrapped in a towel.  Then I quickly did his breathing treatment so he only has one stress a day.  He did get pretty upset and had a brief gagging.coughing episode after but was fine.  Stress can b…

Sick Kitty

The daughter's cat has been retching without actually vomiting anything up for awhile.  He only does it once in awhile so we just thought he was throwing up fur balls or was just retching on them.  Then the other night I found him sitting in an odd place and he didn't look right.  You know how you can just look at your kids or pets and you know something isn't right?

The daughter and I managed to coax him out of his spot and have him lay down on his favorite blanket.  We could see he was having trouble breathing.  He wasn't panting just his sides were moving too much and his diaphragm was moving up and down too much.  Of course this happens at night when there are no Vet clinics open.

So I pretty much stayed up all night keeping an eye on him until we could get him to a vet on Thursday.  The vet we go to isn't open on Thursday but I called it anyway and the vet answered.  He said it sounded like the cat would need an ex-ray and his machine wasn't working so I w…

I Think I Made My Point

My husband is our family's cook.  He does most of the cooking and for the most part cooks from scratch.  He makes pizza from scratch, pancakes, muffins, cookies, spaghetti and pretty much everything.  Even with all that he's not a frugal cook.  He thinks that buying cheap ingredients saves money.  He also hasn't figured out that above the stove is not the best place to store your herbs especially since we have no fan. 

He's also very unorganized.  All the cupboards are a jumble of things put away with no reason or thought.  He loses things and has to go buy more because he doesn't want to spend hours looking for it.  I've left him do this for years because sometimes you hope that person will figure it out themselves eventually.  I'm losing hope for that ever happening.

A couple of weeks ago we pulled an organic chicken out of the freezer to eat.  It was delicious and I asked that we make some soup with the leftovers.  I asked that we keep the bones so I cou…

Go Away Cancer!!!!!!!!!

I want a cure for cancer, right now!  So many people are getting cancer now I'm beginning to wonder if the cancer rate isn't more like 50%.  I have some not so good news.  My dad was just diagnosed with stage 2 skin cancer.  He had a spot on his back for a few years and my mom and sister had been telling him to see a Dr. about it but my dad is a bit of a fool when it comes to Dr's.  He doesn't want to see a Dr. for anything.

He left that spot on his back, which by the way was a bit bigger than the size of a quarter, for well over a year.  So now they know it's stage 2 cancer.  They have to do scans, and some more surgery.  My mom did not go to the Dr with my dad so isn't too sure about what they are going to do.  On a young healthy person this may not be too serious but on a 76 year old man who has CPOD from allergies and working at a smelter breathing in all sorts of crap over the years treatment and healing is more difficult.

My sister and I have told my mom …


I have 8 unfinished posts in my saved files.  Yup, 8 times I started to write a post and then abandoned it.  I usually come back later to read what I was on about and don't like how it was written or can't quite pick up the thread of thought so I start a whole new post.  I'm attempting it again right now.  I wonder if I'll make it to the end of this post and actually hit the publish button.  Only time will tell.

I do have a picture for you of our bear.  I've seen him about 10 times on our security camera but by the time I grab the camera and run to the door he's off down the street and it's too dark outside to catch a picture of him.  The best I can do is take a picture of him from the security camera display.  He's not a very big bear and it always surprises me and takes a few minutes to figure out it's a bear I'm seeing.  He's just strolling down the street in front of our car.  I haven't seen him for the last two nights so I hope he&#…