I think after over $366 and two vet visits the kitty is feeling better.  I don't think he will ever be 100% but he's feeling frisky and wants to go outside and play.  We've been letting him outside for a little bit in the afternoon when we can go out and kind of be there for him.  He gets to stay out there for about 30 minutes or so and then we make him come back in.  There haven't been any problems doing this so far.

We are giving him one steroid pill a day and are down to one Ventolin breathing treatment a day.  So far he's been okay so hopefully we can take him off the breathing treatment and he will just need the one pill a day.  He's a pain to give a pill to but I dissolved it in a bit of warm water and squirted it into his mouth while the husband held him firmly wrapped in a towel.  Then I quickly did his breathing treatment so he only has one stress a day.  He did get pretty upset and had a brief gagging.coughing episode after but was fine.  Stress can bring on asthma so we want to keep his stress to a minimum.

I just wish I could sneak his pill into some food but I've wasted too many of them trying to get him to eat it.  The pills are cut in half and very small.  They dissolve very fast when they get wet so once they are in wet cat food you can't very well take the pill out and put it in something else.

He also holds a grudge against me all day long and won't let me pat him or come near him.  He looks at me like I am going to kick or hit him so it's pretty sad for me.  Tonight I finally did get him to forgive me by giving him some cat nip.  Too bad we'll have to do it all again tomorrow. 

When the daughter and I checked online for tips about giving medication and breathing treatments to cats it was so frustrating to see some cats be so easy and just sit quietly while their owners put the mask over their noses and held it there for 10 seconds.  Our kitty fights like you are killing him.  He's not cuddly at all and has always struck me as being a bit wild.  I'm just glad he's feeling better. 

I think I've got my stress under better control too.  I made sure to eat properly, get extra sleep and to get outside for a nice long walk.  I think doing these things helped a bit.  I'm not going to bed with a knot in my stomach waiting for the next bad thing to happen. 

My dad had his surgery to remove his melanoma.  Hopefully they'll know more in a few weeks.  The surgeon thought it may be a stage 1 and not a stage 2 cancer so that was good to hear but he really isn't an oncologist.  He's actually a plastic surgeon who did the surgery but he does lots of this type of thing so hopefully he's right and the cancer hasn't spread.  Not sure if they will be doing any more testing.  We'll wait to hear.

Now I just have to figure out how to stretch our meager income to cover Christmas extras.  I've actually cut down on the food I eat hoping to save some money that way.   It's not a lot but every bit helps.  We make our own bread and most of our meals from scratch and rarely eat out.  I guess we won't die if we can't make a bunch of our usual Christmas treats but that's part of the fun of Christmas, baking the treats and decorating cookies.

We don't have any snow and our temps are above freezing in the day and down to about -3C at night.  We had a bit of a deep freeze last week but that's eased off and it's been mostly sunny out.  It's supposed to start raining or snowing tonight but I don't see any sign of snow out there and the sky is clear.

I'm off to bed cause it's already 12:30am!  How does it get so late so fast?


Mama Pea said…
So glad to hear the "wild cat" :o] is feeling better! Let's hope that will be end of the kitty problems.

Also good to hear you're not so stressed. Yepper, our emotions sure do influence our physical being, too. We all know we're better off if we keep that good, ol' attitude and outlook, but oh my, we all also know that just ain't so easy sometimes!
Penny said…
I'm so glad you and the kitty are better. I've been worried about you.
Leigh said…
It is so hard having a sick animal! I pill our cats with strained meat baby food. I dip the pill in it and use the "taco" wrap with a towel. The cats are insulted for the treatment but really like the baby food and usually beg for more. Sounds like you're doing a really good job of taking care of him. Hang in there.
Sparkless said…
Thanks Mama Pea, Penny and Leigh. We used your suggestion Leigh and it worked so far. We dissolved the pill in a bit of water and then mixed it into his wet cat food. He has eaten it two days in a row now so we are optimistic.
We've been able to take him off his breathing treatment and he's been fine. So he just has a steroid pill now. He's been really wanting to go outside and since it's warmed up we've let him out only in the day and he comes when he's called back in. Thanks everyone for all your good wishes, kitty (his name is Frodo, daughter named him or I would have called him Oliver)thanks you also.

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