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Why Do Holidays Make Me Tired?

We had supper at my parents house tonight.  My parents are not the most supportive parents in the world, in fact they are down right critical.  No matter what you say to them they always know better and try to make it seem like you are an idiot for believing anything else. 

It's hard to grow up with people who are always trying to tear you down in some way instead of build you up.  If there is one thing I hope I got right as a parent is not to have been like that with my kids.  I hope I helped them see that they can do anything they put their minds to and that the things that they say are not stupid just because it's them saying them.

My sisters were not able to make supper because they had both gone out of town so it was just us.  Can I just say I am exhausted from trying to be a good guest and not storm out or act indignant that I'm being called an idiot to my face in front of my kids.  I do try to stand up for myself because I'm not going to be a punching bag but th…


My gardens are officially full of weeds.  The weeds are growing at a pace I cannot hope to keep up with.  I am hoping at some point to recruit the strong backs of my two teens to help attack those weeds and maybe even plant a few flowers and veggies.  It's still a bit cold for veggies but some hardy flowers will do fine. 

I've also got to decide what to do with my rose bushes.  I thought they were killed off a year ago when we had some really cold temps and no snow early in the fall.  They seemed dead last spring but they all came back but didn't flower except for my oldest one but it only flowered with small flowers sort of like a wild rose bush.

I'm thinking that the roots stock is the only part that survived.  From what I read most roses are grafted onto a common root stock.  So if the top part of your rose bush dies you only end up with a not so nice rose bush growing from the root.  If anyone knows about roses please put me in the know.  I'm not real sure what…

The Very Bad, Horrible, Nasty, Glad it's Over, Week.

It started out on Monday with the daughter finding out the concert she was missing school for was rescheduled due to illness.  She and three of her friends had bought tickets in December and had been waiting for this concert.  They had to travel 3 1/2 hours and stay with a friends dad.  Because of the difficulty of getting the girls back and forth they had to leave on Saturday and miss three days of school.  The concert was supposed to be on Tuesday. 

I tried to cheer her up buy saying that at least she had a fun trip with her friends but she was still pretty disappointed and she said she was behind at school and had a ton of homework.  I was hoping they would reschedule the concert in the summer so we could drive her there and make a fun trip of it.

That same Monday night three boys that are in my son's grad class were in a car crash, not wearing seat belts so they were ejected from their car.  Very serious critical injuries due to the high rate of speed they were traveling.  We …

When I Grow Up

My son is graduating high school this June and the daughter will graduate in a couple of years.  So right now we are immersed in the "what to do when I grow up" phase.  I keep telling them that they can change and most likely will change what they do for a living many times.  That taking classes in one area of study doesn't doom you to only ever learning about that subject. 

They are wary of my answers, even suspicious like I'd actually lie to them about this.  They think I'm trying to force them to do something they don't want to.  I'm actually trying to force them to do something they do want to do.  But then I'll leave out the force and just encourage them to be open to learning and new experiences.

Then of course they have to ask me about my life.  So I tell them the sad tale.  When I was a kid I loved to read.  I also loved to write stories and during elementary school I wrote tons of stories.  I wanted to be a writer then.  The more I read thoug…

Oh NO!

Last night I had disaster dreams.  You know the kind where some kind of big disaster happens.  I dreamed about a train wreck and something else weird like huge amounts of snow falling from small clouds in the sky.  We thought it looked cool until we realized how dangerous it was and started running.  I woke up early and couldn't go back to sleep so got up.  The dreams kind of rattled me because they gave me a sense of foreboding.

I've been exhausted all day and was falling asleep sitting up tonight.  I wanted to stay up until a reasonable time or I'd just wake up too early and the cycle would keep going.  So I was watching a movie with my headphones on when I could hear that someone was up and moving around.  I figured someone was up to use the washroom.

Turns out the husband is up throwing up.  No idea if it's food poisoning or a virus.  I can feel my stress level go up to level 10 right away!  We have only one bathroom, ONLY ONE BATHROOM!  You can imagine what would …