The Very Bad, Horrible, Nasty, Glad it's Over, Week.

It started out on Monday with the daughter finding out the concert she was missing school for was rescheduled due to illness.  She and three of her friends had bought tickets in December and had been waiting for this concert.  They had to travel 3 1/2 hours and stay with a friends dad.  Because of the difficulty of getting the girls back and forth they had to leave on Saturday and miss three days of school.  The concert was supposed to be on Tuesday. 

I tried to cheer her up buy saying that at least she had a fun trip with her friends but she was still pretty disappointed and she said she was behind at school and had a ton of homework.  I was hoping they would reschedule the concert in the summer so we could drive her there and make a fun trip of it.

That same Monday night three boys that are in my son's grad class were in a car crash, not wearing seat belts so they were ejected from their car.  Very serious critical injuries due to the high rate of speed they were traveling.  We were told they were racing with friends, lost control and rolled.  The entire school was upset and they had counselors in case anyone needed them.  It's a very small school and most of the kids grew up together.  My son wasn't close friends with these boys but he did know them because he's been in school with them since Kindergarten.

Wed we found out one of the boys died.  I can't even imagine losing a child.  My son came home from school telling me that his classes were empty.  Lots of kids went home, some using the tragedy as an excuse to skip school no doubt.  The other two boys were still in critical condition.  We heard one had a serious brain injury and the other has a broken neck and facial injuries.

Then Thursday we heard the concert was cancelled because they couldn't get a reschedule date.  So the daughter was really upset.  It's not like she can just buy tickets to another concert because not only aren't there any concerts close buy but they are all sold out anyway.

She was crushed so I decided to cheer her up and order pizza for supper from her fave pizza place.  The son and I went to pick up the pizza and they said they didn't have an order from me and asked me if maybe I made a mistake and ordered from a different pizza place.  So we left and when we got home they phones and said they had made a mistake and did have my order.  Someone forgot to print out the order slip.  I was kind of ticked off but knew they were just kids and it was probably just a mistake so we went back down to get our pizza.  The good part was they gave us our pizza for half price!  That was the best part of the entire week.

Yesterday the husband started to get gout in his foot on Friday when he was at work.  He's had it before but about 7 months ago.  His Dr. had given him some pills to take during a gout attack.  He only had three pills left.  This means we have to find a pharmacy that's open on Saturday because the one he got the prescription at is closed on Saturday.  He finds one open but they won't fill his prescription because it is over a year old.  And of course he can't see a Dr. to get it renewed because it's the weekend and there are no clinics open on the weekend here.  UG!!!!

So the husband decides to just use up the pills he does have and hope for the best.  I think he had three pills left and you take them every 8 hours.  You have to keep taking them until your symptoms go away which is usually about 3 days.  This medication makes him feel woozy and a bit nauseous so it's not real fun to take. 

He takes the first pill and says he is having head rushes.  I think he meant he was feeling a bit dizzy.  So he went into the bedroom to lay down and play on his computer.  About a half hour later he is yelling at me to phone 911.  He's standing in the kitchen all hunched over gasping for air.  I'm trying to ask him if he thinks I can just drive him to the hospital.  He keeps saying he feels like he's dying.  We can see the hospital from where we live so we are only  a couple minutes away.  I had just heard sirens so I knew the ambulance crew was already out on a call. 

I convinced him I should drive him so away we went.  He got into the ER fast because he said he couldn't breath.  We thought it was a possible allergic reaction to the medication although he's taken it a few times before. They put him on ventolin and gave him benydril.  He said that didn't help.  He did improve gradually. 

We arrived at the ER around 3pm.  They also checked his oxygen which was fine and he was actually hyperventilating so he had to breath into a bag.  His bp was fine his blood sugar was fine.  They tested his heart and took a bunch of blood samples.  The Dr. said his symptoms were more like heart attack than allergic reaction.  I had thought he was having an anxiety attack over how weird the medication was making him feel.  But then I'm not a Dr.  They did find a very small heart blip which indicated heart stress of some kind so he had to stay and have another blood test 6 hours after the first one to make sure of something.  By this time it was 8pm.  We hadn't had any food and I was getting shaky from hunger.

He was feeling better so I went home for a bit to eat and clean up a bit.  The worst part was when some poor woman was wailing away because someone she loves had died.  Very sad to hear and very unsettling when you are sitting in the ER with your sick husband connected to a bunch of machines.

I went back up at around 10pm with some food in case the husband hadn't been fed.  They had brought him a sandwich and juice.  He was still really thirsty though so drank the juice I brought and ate the apple.  We figured it was a Saturday night and it would be busy in the ER but luckily it wasn't.  It took about a half hour for the blood test results which were good and we got to go home at 1am.  At that point there was no one else in the ER.  It must have been a quiet night.

So right now the husband can't take his gout medication, can't get a different prescription and has been advised to not take advil either because it is similar to the gout med.  So his foot is killing him and he can't take anything to help it other than a pain reliever like tylenol, which doesn't really help at all.  Hopefully he can see his Dr on Monday.  He also has to go in for a heart stress test which the ER Dr. ordered.

I'm sure people have had way worst weeks than the one we had but that really doesn't make me feel better.  I'm glad my family is all alive and relatively well.  I'm most glad that's it's Sunday which means a new week has begun and we can start all over.  This week is going to be a very good, fantastic, best week EVER!  We could sure use some good news.


You're right -- what a week! Let's hope next week is better and makes up for it.
Mama Pea said…
Yikes! Let's just both believe you got all the baddies done with last week and things will be much, much better this coming week. Keeping fingers crossed your hubby just had a bad reaction to the meds he took (sure sounds like it) and there are no heart problems involved.
Sparkless said…
Thanks Debra and Mama Pea. I'm glad the week is over too. I just reread my post and I have to apologize for all the errors in it. I thought I checked it carefully but I guess not. Drives me crazy to see all those errors especially after I checked it before posting. In my defense I was really tired and stressed when I wrote it.

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