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Oh My Goodness!

I know I post a lot of whining and bad things on my blog but sheesh that's what my life is full of so it's what I have to talk about.  I could use some good news though so please send some my way and I promise to post a huge blog all about it.

For now lets just say our car is having issues.  Not only is the a/c dead and would cost $1400 to fix, which we can't afford plus the car isn't even worth that much, but (wow run on sentence warning!) now it's overheating and the brakes are not working properly.  I had to borrow my dad's car today to go pick up the husband and kids because the car was making all sorts of weird noises and was overheating.

When we got back we drove out to where I had to leave the car, at the mall parking lot, to find that the radiator was empty.  My idiot husband doesn't know enough to check that every so often.  He hadn't checked the radiator fluid for a couple of years.  So now we don't know if there is a slow leak or a fast l…

Garden Pictures

Here's my garden  pictures for July especially for Erin and Mama Pea.

I'm Testing My Mettle

Or is it "metal?"  I have no idea and I'm not going to look it up.  My daughter has had a slight cough for weeks now.  She's been fine otherwise so I haven't worried.  Some viruses just like to hang around.  But I decided to take a look at her throat and could see some small white spots on her tonsils.  I've been watching them for about 4 days now and they aren't getting better so I'm going to let a Dr. decide if it's an infection or something else.  She doesn't have a fever or feel bad just a slight cough now and again.

The mettle testing comes in because all week I don't have a car.  The husband and son are off to a violin camp.  That means I have to walk her down to the appointment.  I almost wish it were too far to walk to because then I'd have to borrow a car or get a ride.  It is totally within walking distance but it's so hot and my back has been bothering me lots.  So if I don't die of heat or pain from my back I should…

My Heart Breaks

My heart breaks for my daughter.  She's 13 and having a hard time with her friends.  She isn't being picked on or anything nasty she's just kind of being left behind.  He best friend doesn't hang out with her very much anymore and is hanging out with other girls.  So not only does my daughter have to struggle through the teen years and all the friendship crap but she's dirt poor too.  She just can't keep up with what all the other girls are doing and that means no one really wants to hang out with her.

No one wants to come over here for a sleep over because my daughter's room is so small and the ceiling so steep that it's not particularly comfortable to hang out in her room.  There is no where else to be in this house other than the small living room but that's where I am and sometimes her dad too.  What teen wants to hang out with parents?

And all the other girls are doing fun things this summer but my daughter isn't.  She's been sitting ar…


I love a good storm with thunder and lightening.  We don't get many of them but when we do I love to be outside or watching them.  Today the forecast was for thunder showers.  It's been in the upper 90'sF all week so it's been hot enough to generate a good thunder shower. 

I see the clouds, they tantalize me but never manage to actually get here.  We live in a valley that gets very hot and seems to make all the clouds go off to the sides of the valley so most of the summer we don't get much rain.  It's hot here, hotter than any other part of Canada but no one knows about that because we are too small a town to have a weather center where they could actually verify our amazingly hot weather for a place this far North.

The wind picked up and I was sure that the wind would be able to drive those clouds our way and we'd get a shower at least.  We don't usually have high winds either so I did get to enjoy the wind tonight but no storm.  You could see the clo…


I found this blog post today and it says exactly what I've known for a very long time but have never been able to articulate as well.  Poverty is isolating, draining and depressing.

I have no idea how to make a link to the blog but here is the addy:

It sure gives you something to think about when you find yourself blaming or wondering why poor people can't get off their butts and get a job or help themselves.