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The Trades

I've noticed that people complain about trades people a lot. Seems you can't find a repair person who will show up within a reasonable amount of time and then actually fix what is broken. They take forever to get to your house and waste hours of your time while you have to be home waiting for them and then they need to order parts which takes weeks. I wonder why they haven't heard of overnight delivery service.

Due to the overwhelming number of complaints I've heard about trades people I started to wonder why they were like this. Sure fixing things is a difficult job and time management isn't always an easy task when your jobs don't go as quickly as you hoped but come on there must be some jobs that get done quickly. Those should surely compensate for the ones that take much longer than planned.

Then it occurred to me that way back in high school only the lowest achievers where ever encouraged to take up a trade. If you had half a brain in your head you we…


I've run out of things to say. My brain is mush and I have no rants to go on at the moment.

I did get 5lbs of organic strawberries cleaned and in freezer bags to await either being used as jam or just getting eaten as is. The laundry was hung on the line and dried. We've turned off the a/c units cause it's cool today. If I could live with out a/c I'd be a happy woman. I don't like the noise or the cold air blowing on me. I like the cool but not when it comes from a machine making so much noise it sounds like a plane just about to take off. If we had more money we'd buy central air or a heat pump but we don't so we make do with what we have. Actually, some insulation would probably go a long way too but we can't afford that either. Did I tell you were are poor? Yup, we live just above the poverty line as defined by the gov't. Which means we are really, really poor. We are lucky to have a house over our heads, food on the table and clothes …

Where have I been?

I was just checking up on all my favorite blogs and noticed that each have several entries. What? I checked them yesterday and there was nothing and today they have more than one entry? Did I sleep through a day or something? What the heck?!!

I'm going to try to figure out how to put pictures on here to entertain all my imaginary readers. Pictures will make things so much better. All the really good blogs have pictures. Oh, I just had a thought. I'll need a new camera to take all those pictures cause ours is really crappy. Hmmmm how will I manage to afford a new camera to take my pictures? Well my birthday is coming up so maybe I can get someone to give me some money and then save some more to buy that really good camera that will take those pictures that everyone else loves to look at. Or maybe it's not my camera at all maybe we are just really bad at taking pictures. Or it could all be in the editing too. With all those programs out there to fix and edit pict…

Cutting it Close and The Cursed Bathroom

I finally found out if my son starts high school and when. The reason no one knew until now was that they were in the process of building a new high school right next to the old one. The poor kids last year had to put up with the construction on their playing field. They had no field for sports and parking anywhere was hit and miss because of construction crew needing the parking spaces. I believe they are still furiously doing finishing work inside the new school and the old school is still in the process of being torn down.

So at the end of the school year last year we had no idea if they would start on time or how they would manage if things got way behind. Looks like they are starting and just 2 days later than normal.

This kind of messes with my week cause I'm used to both kids starting school on the same day and time. Now I have to get used to kids going to two different schools and starting at different times. The high school is on the semester system too which the ele…

Trips in the Car

I've just been reading about how everyone else makes life livable on long car trips with their kids or even short ones. It seems that children can't go five minutes without having food or a drink. Parents feel the need to shut their child up at all costs even if it means filling them up with food they don't really need and making huge messes in the car.

We have a rule in our car and it's no eating in the car. If you need to eat or drink something other than water stop the car and get out. This means our car is cleaner than most. We also avoid taking long car rides with the kids and rarely drive so our car is so clean it's the envy of everyone else.

Oh and I can't say enough about Gravol. Not only does it stop your kids from barfing and really messing up your car but it puts them to sleep and thus you don't need all those snacks and drinks and you avoid the whining entirely. Now I'm not advocating you drug your kids on car trips but since mine both …

Two More Weeks!

It's just two more weeks before my kids go back to school. I love my kids, I really do but there is such a thing as too much of a good thing. They are sick of me and I'm sick of them. They sat around most of the weekend because their friends are all away on holidays or busy. Makes me wonder why we aren't busy. Oh, now I remember, cause we have no money.

I love to watch my kids grow up. My son who is 13 is now 6 ft tall and has the longest legs you've ever seen! He's all bones and angles with a slight dusting of hair on his upper lip now. Sure I'd love to turn back the clock for a day and cuddle that sweet round baby body again but I love seeing what he's growing into just as much as I did watching him as a baby.

My 11 year old daughter amazes me daily with her energy and enthusiasm for life. I was a shy quiet child and unlike her in temperament. You can see her womanly curves starting too and even though she is still all angles and elbows she is st…

Feeling My Age

Today I woke up and felt terribly old. I'm pretty old as it is and no I'm not telling you my age, I already know how old I am. My husband is at work all weekend and it's just me and the kids. If I had the slightest bit of energy or money I'd take them out on an adventure. Instead my son went off to have an adventure at his friend's house and my daughter spent most of her time reading a book in her room.

Not only am I old I'm boring!! I've never been the life of the party but sheesh when even my sister got off the phone quickly I'm beginning to take it all personally. Yes, it's most likely that she has a life and things to do where as I don't. But I bet she doesn't have a blog! A blog that no one reads. LOL!

I was thinking today about some of the green things we do and I've started a list so that I can pat myself on the back. Here's some of the things on the list:
1. hang laundry to dry
2. have only one car, don't drive to …

Saving The Environment in Three Simple Steps

Being environmentally friendly is really very easy especially if you are economically challenged. For example buying new things is out of the question and you have to pretty much use all your stuff until it becomes impossible to use anymore. Fixing stuff is a matter of course because you can't afford to pay someone else to do it or buy new.

We live in a small house because we can't afford a bigger one but this lowers our footprint and is a good thing for the environment. I hang dry my clothes even though I have a dryer because in summer the dryer heats up the house and I'm always trying to save a dollar here and there. In winter I rarely use the clothes line because I've found that the clothes won't dry out there. I know some people say they do but ours don't. Plus the dryer helps to heat up the house so the heat energy is used to dry the clothes and to warm the house. And no I don't vent the dryer into the house, a stupid idea unless you want to have…

Enviromentally Friendly? Yes Please!

I'm a bit of an environmentalist. I hang my laundry to dry, rarely drive if I can walk, and many other things. So I've been reading a book called "Sleeping Naked Is Green" by Vanessa Farquharson. She wrote a blog about doing something small each day for the environment. Each chapter starts with a list for the month about what she will attempt each day. I'm thinking as I read this that there are 365 days in the year how will she ever remember all those things and keep doing them? Or is she only going to do each thing for one day and then go back to her old ways? I think not. So even though I'm not far into the book I'm thinking it's kind of a silly idea. Not the doing good for the environment part but the doing something each day part. Maybe once a week or once a month would have made more sense and then they could be something bigger than buying recycled paper towels or not buying bottled water. I rarely buy bottled water and buy paper towe…

My Heart Would Stop

If I ever found a comment in the comment section I think my heart would stop. I'd think "Oh, someone is actually reading my brain dribble. Oh crap! Now I better write something extra witty and good." Funny thing about that is I can never think of anything either witty or good.

So I'll just tell you that today was a very hot day. The heat has returned and both a/c units are going full speed all day and into part of the night just to keep it marginally cool inside. I think insulation would be a great thing right now. In winter when it's cold you can put on layers of clothing to keep warm but in summer you can only be so naked and you are still roasting hot so I much prefer winter cold over summer heat if I have to choose.

I managed to spend $80 today. Bought two pair of runners, two pairs of jeans and a leotard for my daughter. I thought I was doing great until I saw the total. But in my defense she needs two new pairs of runners for school. The jeans wer…

Nothing to Say

I don't really have anything to say I just thought I'd make a post. I'm bored. I could be doing a zillion things or should I say I should be doing a zillion chores but there are too many people in my house to make a start. So I was checking the other blogs that I like to read and notice they all have lives and haven't written anything new since the last time I checked.

Oh, I do have a story about the neighbours. There was a police car outside their house today. In the year and a half since they have lived next door they have had the police at their house numerous times and an ambulance at least three times. So there is always something going on there but not in a good way.

My husband was outside and thought something was said about the dogs so it may be about one of their big dogs. Let me tell you a bit about these people. They bought the run down house next door that had been a rental since we moved here almost 14 years ago. The last renters were a older mental…

Men's Shrinking Brains

I am convinced that men have brains that shrink rapidly after birth. My husband is a grand example of the great shrinking brain hypothesis. Our sink is still not fixed, mostly because he can't get the cheap caulking to dry like it should. It's been 72 hours and instead of turning the clean color that it should it's still white. And no, he didn't buy white caulking I checked the tube myself to make sure. Some of the caulk is now clear but the stuff in the back won't dry. Plus I noticed a part where as it dried it fell in and made a hole. In other words the caulk was not pushed into the gap properly and there was a hole under the caulking. Of course DH claims we need to let it dry longer. It's been two weeks now without a bathroom sink people. How much dang longer do I have to wait?!!

And have I told you about the side mirror on the car? The little adjuster button is broken somehow and now you can't rotate the side mirror properly to see behind you.…

It's Sooooo Quiet

All I can hear is the neighbours clomping around and slamming doors, the usual smelter noises, traffic and nothing else. Even when everyone but me is here it's still pretty noisy. I'd love to live where traffic, smelter and neighbour noises didn't exist. So I bought my lottery ticket and now wait.

What would I do if I won 16 million in the lottery? Well I'd pay off my debts first and there are many of them including to family members. Then I'd make sure to set up a retirement account and education accounts for the kids. After that I'd search for a piece of property and a house. The house would most likely be temporary as I'd really love to build a house that was environmentally friendly and off the grid.

Can you imagine being able to max your RRSP's every year! I'd like to have enough money just to have an RRSP. LOL!

I'd also donate money to my favorite charities and groups like the Gymnastics Club, SPCA, Hospital Foundation, etc. There …

I Feel So Bad, Not Really

I've not been feeling that well the last couple of days. I can't quite put my finger on it but I have no energy. Even lifting my arms above my head to get dressed is more than I want to do. Plus my back and neck is hurting but only on the right side. This has led to my right arm being numb and swollen. Plus I have a headache up the right side of my head.

Today we were supposed to go to the in-law's house to visit with my sister-in-law, husband and two of their kids. I would have gone if my back and neck were feeling okay but I can't imagine sitting in the car for three hours! I tried everything to get the pain and numbness to go away. Motrin, heat, cold, gentle stretching, massage, and even a progressive relaxation meditation but it's not budging. So I begged off going for the visit. Off went my husband and the kids for two days.

Funny thing was the minute they were out the door and I sat down I started to feel much better! So now I'm wondering if I ne…

Those Other Blogs

I've been reading a lot of mommy blogs lately and have noticed a definite trend. Most of them take great glee in telling everyone about everything they do wrong. It's not that I expect every mom to be perfect cause I don't. It's not that I don't think they should blog about their imperfections it's the attitude they havewhile telling everyone. It's that, aren't I so witty, attitude. I don't know why anyone would think it was funny that sometimes mom's make mistakes or take the easy way to parent. Sure we all do it sometimes but we don't brag about it on a blog. Can you imagine your child coming to you when they are an adult with rotten teeth and asking you why you had to give them a bottle to go to sleep? "Well" you say "I really needed you to go to sleep fast cause I couldn't stand to listen to you cry for a few minutes while you learned how to go to sleep on your own." I don't know about you but if I w…

Bathroom Sink Saga

The taps in our bathroom had been dripping for months. My husband attempted to change the washers but found that the metal had corroded so new washers didn't help. He switched something so that only the cold water tap dripped. That went on for months until he finally decided to buy new taps.

There is only one type of taps that will fit on our sink so buying a replacement was a no-brainer. He got them home and after 4 hours and several costly new tools he had to buy he still hadn't got them fixed. They leaked underneath the sink now.

I phoned my dad to come help because my dad is an engineer and can fix anything. Plus he has tools to fix everything so my husband could just borrow the correct tool. I tell my husband that my dad is coming and he phones him and tells him not to bother cause he's fixed it now. Was this the truth? Nope.

We have only one bathroom so when the sink is out of commission we all have to use the only other sink in the kitchen. Not very convenie…

I Blew It!

I went shopping today. I was only going to get some liquid hand soap, unlined paper and a birthday card for my sister. I ended up getting a bit more. I know I can print a card from my computer for less money so that wasn't the best frugal shopping. I have found that when I use liquid hand soap with one of those hand pumps that uses less soap we use way less soap so that was a cost savings. Although I bought a more expensive brand of soap because they didn't have the cheaper stuff and I didn't want to go to another store to get the cheap stuff. So I guess that wasn't a very frugal buy either. I couldn't find unlined paper anywhere else so it didn't matter the cost my son needs it for school and it was the last package too so I'm glad we got it.

I also bought a cute binder for my daughter that she didn't really need but I always think it's fun to start the school year out with some fun school supplies.

So I totally failed today at frugal shopping…

Shoes and feet

I hate to admit this cause it sounds so gross but I have bunions. My right foot is way worse than my left foot. My feet are also freakishly wide. This makes buying any kind of footwear next to impossible. Just so you know that any shoe sizes in the Sears catalogue that says Extra Wide well, aren't. I've tried them and they don't fit and I know for a fact my feet are just wide not extra wide and even if they were extra wide then the shoes would fit, which they don't.

I bought a pair of running shoes to wear. They seemed to fit okay, just one small area that hurt a bit and I thought I could adjust the laces and over time they would be okay. NOT! I wore them today to the mall and now I want to amputate my foot cause my bunion is hurting even with the shoes off. I don't ever want to put those shoes on my poor feet again but then I'll have to wear my old runners with holes in them. This means I'm on the hunt again for a pair of running shoes that will f…


I don't understand it. How can women who have had babies, maybe several babies and are in their late 30's or 40's think they need to wear a bikini? I'm tired of seeing all those flabby bellies, all those stretch marks and scars. Just because something is in style for the younger kids doesn't mean everyone has to wear it.

And why do women have to be perpetually young? What's up with that? We all get old so what could possibly be wrong with getting older? Sure your body doesn't look like a 20 year old's does but that doesn't mean you have to be unhappy. Gone are my days of trying to look like a sex Goddess. I don't need every man to jump to attention just because I stroll by in a bikini.

If I'm attractive to my man now it's because he loves me and appreciates what I have. After all his stuff is in it's 40's too so why should he expect my stuff to look young. Add a couple of kids into the equation and lets just say the belly…

Frugal Fantasies

Well I'm pretty tired of being dirt poor. I'm the only person I know who owns only two bras and hand washes one out each night to dry. I mend my underwear for goodness sakes! Those two things are actually not because I'm frugal but because I can't find sizes that fit properly. If I find a good bra I usually buy a couple and the same for underwear. I'll keep my eye out for properly fitting ones but they are hard to find in this small town. And because we live so far from any larger towns where shopping would be better we can't afford to travel there to go shopping.

The internet should have something but I've found that anything one buys online is more expensive and possibly will not fit properly so I'll leave clothing shopping off my online shopping do's.

Right now I am on a quest for new bras. I think I may have found some in the Sears catalogue but I'll order one to make sure and hope that if it fits they will still be instock when I try t…

Still Sparkless

I still haven't found that spark, the thing that makes you happy to get up in the morning. Ever since I had my kids I've kind of lost myself. I'm not blaming it on the kids because it isn't their fault it's mine. I've let the taking care of them take over and forgot to take care of me. This has left me unhappy and unhealthy.

With my energy level so low it's impossible to get going. I want to do stuff, really I do but when it comes down to it I just don't have the get up and go to do anything. I was hanging laundry up on the clothes line and my arms started aching so much I had to rest them. Sheesh!

I'd exercise but it just makes me more tired and then I have to have a nap. I should see a Dr. but I've never found any Dr. who truly listens to you if you are overweight. They will attribute all your health concerns to needing to lose weight and think you a stupid cow on top of that! My Dr. right now is a young girl who doesn't seem to h…