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Here I sit when I have about 4 other things I should be doing. Is that procrastination or what? Why are all the things we "have" to do not things we enjoy? Why can't all those chores be fun things instead of mind numbing, boredom inducing, acts of sheer hell?!
What? Did you say attitude? You mean if I change my attitude it will change how boring those chores are? Ya right! You can't fool me no matter how many books you've sold or how many people endorse your program. I know what I know and chores are boring, nothing can change that.
But chores can be shared with others like those kids who are mine and my husband's and live in my house. They help make the mess and they should help clean it up. Plus learning to do chores and clean, cook and do laundry is all necessary for them to learn. It's my job as a parent to teach my kids to be self sufficient and I'd be deficient in my duty as a parent if I didn't teach them these things. My kids do …

Long Time No Post

So it's been a few months since I blogged anything. It's not for lack of having anything to say either. It's just, that sometimes it feels more like work than joy and I have so much work and so little joy in my life at the moment that I'll skip the work when I can.

Everything seems to be in need of repair lately. After 18 years of marriage things are just lots of hard work. Even though I know that this is just one of the lows it's still no fun. My daughter has decided that grade four is too stressful for her and has taken to not being able to fall asleep at night. Not only that but she has taken to waking me up to tell me she can't sleep. sigh

My teeth hurt and I have a cold. Not sure if the teeth is because of my sinuses or I need a dentist but since it's likely I need some expensive dental work I'll call the dentist first. I'm betting the expensive dental work mainly because we have no money to pay for it and that's the way things have …