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I Hate Hoodies

I know hate is a strong word but it's true. I really do hate those things. They even have hoods on shirts now and everyone is wearing them. Do they ever really put those hoods on their heads? Nope, not that I've seen. This wad of fabric sits on the back of your neck getting in the way and pulling your shirt down so you have to keep adjusting it or be choked. What moron thought the hoodie was a great fashion idea? I mean really who needs a hood unless it's on a jacket to keep the rain or snow off your head?

I think the hoodie is a symptom of our wasteful society and should be banned in environmental interest. Ban hoodies, save the environment from wads of wasted useless fabric!!!

Spinning My Wheels

Did you ever feel like you're spinning your wheels but not getting anywhere? I've been feeling that way lately. I can't seem to get a handle on things. Everything is going too fast and I'm too slow to catch on. It's like thinking you got on the bus but finding yourself still sitting at the bus stop. ACK!

There are so many things I should be doing but for some reason I can't get going. Every attempt is thwarted by inertia. How does one break the hold of inertia? I tried the usual things, getting more sleep, getting less sleep, eating light, eating hearty, going out, staying in, meditation, exercise (well okay I just took a walk one day but it didn't help), coffee, no coffee, and lastly I tried having a few drinks. It's still there.

This lack of momentum is bugging me. It's nearly spring and the weather is perking up. The sun is shining more and longer so why am I still bogged down and not perking up myself? I've got stuff to do, a life …