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Opportunity and a Kick in the Rear

We've been struggling to find activities for our two teenage kids to do.  Living in a small town of mostly retired people means there aren't many things for kids to do.  I did notice that there was a two evening film making workshop for kids 13-18 years old.  This was put on by a professional film company and the kids would get to work with professional equipment and editing software.  There are several competitions coming up and this workshop is to help kids get a start.  I thought the son may like to do this.  It's only two evenings of three hour classes so not a huge commitment.  Of course he wouldn't take it unless a friend was to.  He told his friends about it and one of them actually signed up!
So today I managed to get him in and he starts tomorrow.  It only cost $35 too.  There was only 8 spots in this class and sadly it wasn't full although this was good for the son because he could get in the class.  Hopefully it will give him another fun thing to spend t…

Equinox Birthday

Tomorrow is the first day of fall or the Fall equinox when day and night are equal lengths.  It just so happens that Fall falls on my birthday this year.  And being the lucky person that I am my kids have a day off school  too.  It's one of the teachers development days.  The kids have barely been in school and already they have a day off.  sheesh!  And on my birthday too!
At least they are old enough that I don't have to look after them.  I told them that they are not allowed friends over or to have a sleep over on my birthday.  They are welcome to go out to other people's houses but I don't want a bunch of people cluttering up my tiny house on my birthday.  My husband will be home and that's quite enough clutter for me.  He'll be making the cake and supper.  It will be an apple spice cake with cream cheese icing this year and sweet and sour chicken over rice for supper.  Both are super easy to make but he'll take hours and complain the entire time he'…

Carrot Fail

My carrots did not do well.  This was the first year we have planted carrots here because of the polluted soil.  We made raised beds and filled them in clean soil.  I planted a variety that wouldn't grow too long.  This variety was supposed to grow up to 5inches long.  Not even close.  As you can see by the one I have in my hand the average size is a couple of inches.  Plus these carrots were really hairy with roots.  I've never seen carrots with so many little root hairs.
I've planted carrots before so I know what I'm doing and these are a huge fail.  I'm not sure if it was the soil or the seed.  I thinned them properly and we watered them enough.
Here is my pitiful harvest today.  We've had a few bags like this.  Some were bigger but most of the carrots were this small.  We thought maybe they just needed to mature longer but it didn't help, they just didn't grow well for some reason.

I can't just toss them though so I spent a huge amount of time wa…


The husband has redeemed himself.  A few days ago he helped process about 25 lbs of tomatoes.  We filled a whole kitchen sink with tomatoes, blanched them, removed the skin and then cut them up and froze them in freezer bags.  Today we did another sink of tomatoes but he attempted to make a salsa.  It didn't turn out and him being him he tossed it out.  I thought he should have just thrown it in with the tomato sauce.  It would have been dilute enough not to have made too much of an impact.  With the rest of the tomatoes he made a meatless tomato sauce with spices.  We froze that in plastic containers.
Plus he made pizza from scratch.  Homemade crust, sauce, tomatoes, onions, red pepper, olives and pepperoni.  He didn't want to put any fresh basil on it cause he said he was too tired to go outside and pick some.   I picked some and he wouldn't use it so I think I'll harvest the rest of my basil and make some pesto to freeze.  I'm not sure if I'll have enough b…

Conversation of the Day

(please excuse all punctuation errors as my brain is mush today)

Me to husband "What are you baking?"

Husband  "Peanut butter chocolate chip squares."

Me "You know we don't have much money?  Why don't you make oatmeal chocolate chip bars or cookies.  At least it's semi healthy with the oats.  Plus you can eat the peanut butter on sandwiches when we are down to bare cupboards but no one will eat oats unless they are added to something else.  So this will save us some money and stretch the recipe to make more of whatever you make." 

Husband totally ignores me.

Me  "Did you hear me?  It makes more sense to use the oats and not the peanut butter."

Husband  "I feel like making peanut butter chocolate chip bars.  We need variety."

Me  "But we don't have much money right now for food and it would save us money....."

This is what I'm up against.  He's like his dad that when he gets something into his head n…


September is my favorite month and not just because my birthday is in September.  I love the end of summer.  The days are still nice and warm and the nights are cool so I sleep so much better.  This makes me much happier and easier to be around.  I also used to love going back to school when I was a kid.  I loved all that new paper, pens and books.  Now that I'm a mom I just love when the kids go back to school and for a few hours a day I don't have to worry about them.

Our weather has been still very hot in the daytime, like over 30C.  There is no rain or clouds in the 7 day forecast.  The fire season we missed in the summer is starting now because everything is so dry from the lack of rain all Aug.  So even though I love the fall sunny days I will hope for some rain to keep the fires away.

We have our new car and are attempting to sell the old one.  Not sure what it is worth but with 4 new winter tires we hope to get enough from it's sale for Christmas presents.  To have…