Opportunity and a Kick in the Rear

We've been struggling to find activities for our two teenage kids to do.  Living in a small town of mostly retired people means there aren't many things for kids to do.  I did notice that there was a two evening film making workshop for kids 13-18 years old.  This was put on by a professional film company and the kids would get to work with professional equipment and editing software.  There are several competitions coming up and this workshop is to help kids get a start.  I thought the son may like to do this.  It's only two evenings of three hour classes so not a huge commitment.  Of course he wouldn't take it unless a friend was to.  He told his friends about it and one of them actually signed up!
So today I managed to get him in and he starts tomorrow.  It only cost $35 too.  There was only 8 spots in this class and sadly it wasn't full although this was good for the son because he could get in the class.  Hopefully it will give him another fun thing to spend time on other than video games.
Now we just have to find an activity for the daughter.  She isn't taking piano because her teacher really wasn't meeting her needs and just kept strictly to the boring books when a 13 year old wants to learn faster and newer songs.  At least the teacher could have added a bit of fun into the lesson to make them interesting but didn't.  So we are on the search for another teacher.  Most teachers are full though and some won't take a student that can't practice on a real piano.  Since we only have an electric piano that rules a couple of teachers out for her.  She also didn't want to be on any of the sports teams that the school has.  I was kind of shocked because I had hoped she would do at least one sport but she says she doesn't like basketball, volleyball, field hockey and that's all the teams they have other than hockey.  If you signed up to play hockey we would have had to pay $600 extra for that so that one was out of the question even if she had wanted to play.
I looked through the Parks and Recreation book and we went through the entire thing and there was nothing she wanted to join or take.  I'm getting frustrated because now I have two teens that pretty much sit around home all the time doing nothing!  I remember being a teen and all I wanted to do was get away from my house and parents so if I had a chance to get out of the house I did.  We didn't stay home, we went out and did things.  We had jobs and friends. 
Plus I've been sick since my birthday and I'm still not feeling 100%.  I don't know what it is with my birthday the last 5 years or so but I'm always sick on it.  I'm getting a paranoid about my birthday and not about getting older but about what new illness I'll have on my next birthday.  LOL!
I turned on the furnace to take the chill off and make sure it was working this morning.  Seems a bit early in the season to do this but the weather does what the weather does and we all just have to deal with it.  At least the horrible hot weather is over now.
I better finish up this post and go help the daughter with her math.  Lord give me strength!


Erin said…
I was thinking the same thing - Parks & Rec but you already checked - bummer! They usually have photography, sewing and other random stuff, I hope your daughter finds something, it helps so much with self-worth and frame of mind to have a hobby that is really enjoyed and you are good at. Keep us updated as to what she does! Sorry you are feeling sick, I hate this time of year for that, seems like as soon as school starts the school germs start coming into the house.
Sparkless said…
It's really difficult to find activities for teens here. I guess I'll have to check out adult classes and talk to the teachers to see if they will let a 13 year old in. But first I have to find something she wants to do and that is the difficult part.
Mama Pea said…
We had a fire in the wood stove first thing this morning and now again tonight for the first time. Feels kinda good. I'm all over having too hot weather after this summer!

Well, not many teenagers are happy being at home with mom and dad. I guess you can be glad yours aren't running around wild with who-knows-what-kind of other kids. At least you know where they are and what they're doing!

Does your daughter have any interest in any kind of hand work?
Sparkless said…
Mama Pea I once tried to teach my daughter how to knit. We tried for hours and hours and she finally gave up in frustration. I told her once she knew how to manipulate the wool it's all pretty simple. She loves to read and does that but I'd really love her to get more active. Since she's not in gymnastics anymore she needs to find a sport or activity. I think it's even more important for girls than boys.

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