The husband has redeemed himself.  A few days ago he helped process about 25 lbs of tomatoes.  We filled a whole kitchen sink with tomatoes, blanched them, removed the skin and then cut them up and froze them in freezer bags.  Today we did another sink of tomatoes but he attempted to make a salsa.  It didn't turn out and him being him he tossed it out.  I thought he should have just thrown it in with the tomato sauce.  It would have been dilute enough not to have made too much of an impact.  With the rest of the tomatoes he made a meatless tomato sauce with spices.  We froze that in plastic containers.
Plus he made pizza from scratch.  Homemade crust, sauce, tomatoes, onions, red pepper, olives and pepperoni.  He didn't want to put any fresh basil on it cause he said he was too tired to go outside and pick some.   I picked some and he wouldn't use it so I think I'll harvest the rest of my basil and make some pesto to freeze.  I'm not sure if I'll have enough basil to make much so I may go buy a bit more.  Wish I knew someone who had an overabundance of basil.
We are almost done tomatoes.  I think next year we will attempt canning the sauce.  And I want to find a good salsa recipe.  The one my husband used was not good at all.
The daughter is off at a local lake with some friends for the weekend.  Tomorrow night the son is having three friends sleep over.  Yikes!  Four 15 year old boys are going to be at my house.  We are going to set up the tent and maybe they'll sleep outside because there is not enough room in the son's bedroom and if they sleep inside they will make noise that will keep the husband awake and he has to work Sunday.  So wish us luck.  They are good kids and won't make any trouble I'm sure but boys are a handful and I'm grateful the the husband will be home to keep them in line. 
I started this post hours ago and just now got to come and finish it up.  I should have taken some pictures but I always forget.  I should leave the camera out as a reminder to take pics to post so you can see.  I know how much I enjoy seeing pics on other blogs. 
It's late and I need to get to bed.  Have a wonderful weekend.


Mama Pea said…
If you have someone to work with in the kitchen when it comes to preserving it goes SO much faster. Glad to hear you got some good tomato-y foods put by. Your post made me hungry for homemade pizza. Just a few minutes ago my husband said he's had a taste for my Spinach Lasagna. We must be in an Italian cuisine mood!

P.S. You'd better start remembering to take those pictures or we'll all have to come beat you up. ;o]
Sparkless said…
Mama Pea, it's hot food time again. Lasagna sounds wonderful. I don't think I'll need a beating just yet. LOL!
Erin said…
Calmly, step. away. from. the. recipe.....! LOL, seriously, I've never used one, just add whatever you have/want and taste until you like it! Good thing hubby redeemed himself, just in time, right? LOL...
Sparkless said…
Erin I've tried to wing recipes in the past and the results are not good. When I first make something I like to have a recipe to start with and once I get familiar with it I can change it. The husband pretty much looked at a recipe and then just used it as a basis for the salsa he made. Turned out inedible. Hopefully we can figure out why and try to make some more another time.

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