September is my favorite month and not just because my birthday is in September.  I love the end of summer.  The days are still nice and warm and the nights are cool so I sleep so much better.  This makes me much happier and easier to be around.  I also used to love going back to school when I was a kid.  I loved all that new paper, pens and books.  Now that I'm a mom I just love when the kids go back to school and for a few hours a day I don't have to worry about them.

Our weather has been still very hot in the daytime, like over 30C.  There is no rain or clouds in the 7 day forecast.  The fire season we missed in the summer is starting now because everything is so dry from the lack of rain all Aug.  So even though I love the fall sunny days I will hope for some rain to keep the fires away.

We have our new car and are attempting to sell the old one.  Not sure what it is worth but with 4 new winter tires we hope to get enough from it's sale for Christmas presents.  To have that money in the bank would make the Christmas season so much less stressful.  Kids get more expensive as they get older.  Babies don't need half the stuff people buy.  It's the older kids that are expensive.  They are no longer happy with some inexpensive toys or books.  Now they want expensive electronic gadgets and costly games for expensive game systems.  And the clothes!!  The clothes now cost the same as adult clothes cost but last only a season if you are lucky.  At least when the husband and I buy clothes we know they will last several years, not so with teens.  Styles change and they can't wear those type of clothes or those glasses or that hairstyle.  (sigh)

I am sighing with relief that the daughter says she doesn't want to take piano again this year.  Her teacher was not really meeting her needs and was just plodding along sticking to the books.  If you are teaching a teen you need to keep their interest and speed things up a bit.  My daughter was bored.  She was teaching herself songs from YouTube and having more fun doing that than going to lessons.  I think we will search and see if we can find a different teacher for her.  She does want to continue with lessons just not so much at the pace she was going and with her old teacher.

So for us that means a savings of $70 this month.  The son is continuing with his violin lessons but those won't start till later in the month so we have time to get the money saved for that.  These are the things I  think about in September.  The daughter had fun learning to ride a horse this summer and she may continue with lessons on Saturdays when she wants to go.  This means we can send her when the budget allows and not have to come up with a big wad of cash to hand over at the beginning of the month. (sigh of relief)

Our tomatoes are ripening at an alarming pace.  Instead of canning them we are going to remove the skins and seeds and just freeze them in bags.  The husband has no interest in canning his tomato sauce and it's his recipe so we'll just freeze the tomatoes to use in soups, stews and sauces.  I really wanted to make some salsa but I don't think that's going to happen this year because I don't have all the canning equipment and can't afford to buy it right now.  So the freezer it will have to be.  That's what we are going to do tomorrow after making a big batch of spaghetti sauce.  I may have the husband make some of his pizza sauce too and freeze it in small batches to use when he's not here.  I've tried making it myself from his instructions and it never turns out as good and the kids whine about it.

Tomorrow is the kid's first full day back at school.  I hope the daughter does okay because she has to change classes and she isn't used to doing that nor is she that familiar with the high school since it's her first year there.  She's been pretty nervous about finding her classrooms in time or ending up at the wrong class but I'm sure by the end of the week she'll be fine.

Lunches are made, backpacks are by the front door and I should grab my book and read for a bit before going to bed.  So good night.


Mama Pea said…
Just wanted you to know that I read and enjoy your posts. My brain is a little sloggy right now so often I can't come up with an intelligent comment, but please know that I look forward to your posts.

You're doing a great job of hanging in there despite a not-so-easy row to hoe and I admire you.
Erin said…
Yes, we definitely need those precious hours without kids in the house to stay sane! I know exactly what you mean about older kids, mine already are not so much into "toys", but the occasional video game, piano lessons, fiddle lessons, swimming lessons, swim team gets expensive! And we won't even talk about SHOES! LOL I guess I can consider myself lucky that Loch wants to do swim team, it's a relatively inexpensive sport - Lord help me if I stil lived in MN and had to be a hockey mom, buying that equipment would send me straight to a padded room! Hang in there, you are doing great even if nobody is noticing... that's how it is here, anyways! Good luck on that car sale.
Sparkless said…
Mama Pea all comments intelligent or otherwise are always appreciated.

Erin I was lucky my son or daughter weren't interested in hockey. My mom was a hockey mom and I don't think I could get up that early to take anyone to practice! The cost would have been another obstacle but sometimes you can get financial help for hockey. Not so much for other sports but living in Canada you can always play hockey. LOL!

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