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Just after I posted the last message I noticed a car pull up next door.  Out jumps this guy who then stands on the sidewalk right in front of our house and takes a pee.  He wasn't even trying to hide at all just right in front of our big living room window taking a pee on the sidwalk!  I wasn't sure at first what he was doing so told my husband to take a look.  The husband went to the window and banged on it to alert the guy that he'd been seen.  The guy says sorry and jumps back in his car telling his friend that "that guy is mad".  Well, duh!  You just peed in public in front of our house!  No we like people using our yard as a toilet.

I can't believe anyone would do that.  Oh and he tossed a can of some sort out onto the grass in front of the neighbours house.  I can still see the wet mark on the sidewalk where he peed.

I told people that stuff went on out there that they wouldn't believe and now I have proof!  People peeing.  I should put him on YouT…

Earth Hour, I Like It

So many people are going on and on about how Earth Hour doesn't really do anything or help anything but I think they have completely missed the point.  Earth Hour itself isn't going to heal the planet it how we are changed by it that will make a difference. 

And speaking of change have you ever read about society changing suddenly unless it had to?  Unless there is a major disaster people or slow to change their thinking and way of life.  Earth Hour starts us to think about our power usage.  Just going around trying to get all those little lights off is enough to make me wonder how much all those lights and clocks are actually using.  Sure one or two of them won't us much power but with the sheer number we have on in our homes now it has to make a large difference.  Everything has a light on it that has a remote.  The microwave has a clock, the stove has a digital clock, the cordless phone has to be powered to work, the power bars all have lights on them.  On and on it go…


I promised a picture so here it is.  Proof that we are having spring weather.  This is my backyard today.  That little tree in the middle is our old Christmas tree that my husband forgot to put out for pickup.  He'll now have to haul it to the garden waste area of the dump.


I know most people in North America are experiencing a tough winter but for some reason in my area of BC we are having a pretty average winter.  Today it felt like spring.  It was sunny, warm and I can see most of my lawn.  There are a few small snow piles left and none on the roads.

We did have a bit of a hail storm but the hail was very small and kind of slushy.  It lasted for about 15 minutes and then the sun came out again.  That's what spring is like for us very unsettled.  We get sunny and rainy and the weather can change quickly making doing outside chores hit and miss.

Our neighbour was out raking her yard today and she has several big bags of yard waste by the curb.  I think she's a bit nuts but at least she takes care of her yard.  There was also this old man outside chopping away at a hard snow pile.  The old people like to get the snow piles to melt faster by hacking them to bits.  I've never understood this.   Only retired bored people do this though or people…