Earth Hour, I Like It

So many people are going on and on about how Earth Hour doesn't really do anything or help anything but I think they have completely missed the point.  Earth Hour itself isn't going to heal the planet it how we are changed by it that will make a difference. 

And speaking of change have you ever read about society changing suddenly unless it had to?  Unless there is a major disaster people or slow to change their thinking and way of life.  Earth Hour starts us to think about our power usage.  Just going around trying to get all those little lights off is enough to make me wonder how much all those lights and clocks are actually using.  Sure one or two of them won't us much power but with the sheer number we have on in our homes now it has to make a large difference.  Everything has a light on it that has a remote.  The microwave has a clock, the stove has a digital clock, the cordless phone has to be powered to work, the power bars all have lights on them.  On and on it goes. 

So on Earth Hour we turn off every one of those little energy drain lights.  We marvel at how many there are now and we wonder which ones we can get rid of.  Can we really do without the small hand vac that sit in a charger with a small red light telling us it's on and ready to go?  Why does the modem have to be on all night?

We sat around in the dark with candles and flashlights.  We could use our ipods and phones but only because Earth Hour is only an hour long and we can recharge them later.  If the power goes out so does the heat because it used electricity for the ignition and fan.  We do have a gas fireplace for heat and it has a manual start to it so we can use that in a pinch.  We can cook on our camp stove or gas barbecue.  I wonder how long we could last.

We go camping in a tent in pretty rustic campsites but having those conditions full time in winter would be a challenge especially when it gets dark so early.  How would we amuse ourselves in the dark with limited lights?  I do know that we'd be going to bed a lot earlier.

So Earth Hour may not save the planet itself but it may help people, especially kids to change their thinking about how much power they use and what they use it for.  That's the first step to change.  So when people say Earth Hour is useless they totally miss the point.


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