I know most people in North America are experiencing a tough winter but for some reason in my area of BC we are having a pretty average winter.  Today it felt like spring.  It was sunny, warm and I can see most of my lawn.  There are a few small snow piles left and none on the roads.

We did have a bit of a hail storm but the hail was very small and kind of slushy.  It lasted for about 15 minutes and then the sun came out again.  That's what spring is like for us very unsettled.  We get sunny and rainy and the weather can change quickly making doing outside chores hit and miss.

Our neighbour was out raking her yard today and she has several big bags of yard waste by the curb.  I think she's a bit nuts but at least she takes care of her yard.  There was also this old man outside chopping away at a hard snow pile.  The old people like to get the snow piles to melt faster by hacking them to bits.  I've never understood this.   Only retired bored people do this though or people with more time than brains cause why bother making the snow melt faster?  It will melt soon enough without our help.

The daughter got her learners license.  The husband has taken her driving a few times.  I took her today but she is a very nervous driver which makes me nervous.  I think it would be best for her to take lessons even if they cost a fortune.  My nerves are shot already I don't need to make them any worse.  The son doesn't want to go driving.  We've told him his learners will expire in a year and he will have to write the test again and pay again.  He doesn't care.

I've started several posts but ended up not posting them or even finishing them.  I can't seem to write anything that makes me want to post.  So this is what you get.  The weather is good here, no complaints.  The daughter is doing well, the son isn't. The husband is the same as usual.  I'm hanging on like usual.  I could complain about stuff for hours but no one wants to read that and I don't want to type it all out.   It's too convoluted and messy.

So instead I'm going to concentrate on spring!  There was even fat robins in our ash tree eating the berries.  We've had the geese return too.  It's funny to hear them honking as they fly over.  Boy those birds are loud!

I have to go plan my gardens for next year cause I want to grow more food.  The husband has been deciding what to plant and then he is the only one who eats the stuff or it goes to waste.  So this year we will plant things we'll actually eat instead of just tomatoes and peppers.  I want to get some beans planted so we can freeze them to eat later.

Anyway I'll try to get a picture of the yard up to show you our wonderful spring like weather.  It will have to be tomorrow though because today it's after 10pm and almost my bed time.


Mama Pea said…
You are proof that there a few places in the U.S. of A. that did not have a rough winter. I say good for you and be glad of it. We sure never know what we're going to get from year to year, do we?

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