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Spring break is almost over.  My kids go back to school Monday.  Now I can stop feeling guilty cause they were bored the entire time.  If teens can't find something to occupy their time than that's their fault, right?  Don't answer that question.

It was another glorious spring day with some sunny weather.  I really need to get outside and take some pictures of what is growing in the gardens cause you all want to see what greenery there is.  I'll try to remember to do that tomorrow.

I've almost finished our income tax return and we'll be getting a hefty return as usual but we'll be putting most of that into the kids' education account.  The rest will go to pay the water/sewer/garbage bill.  It's not very exciting to get an refund anymore because we always have way too many things to put that money towards.  We really should reduce the husbands deductions so the gov't isn't holding our money all year collecting interest on it.  We could have t…

Spring Snow

Spring has come early to many places this year including here.  Well mostly it has come early.  Today we had every type of weather.  It started out cloudy, rained a little bit, then snowed really hard for a bit and then rained again and finally just before supper the sun came out.  It was a glorious spring day.

That's how spring is unpredictable.  It can do anything at anytime so you have to watch out.  Don't dare take your winter tires off just yet or put away your winter clothing.  Winter will lash out a few more times and may even hit us hard yet.

I've been feeling like spring myself.  I'm hot and then cold, sunny and then showers and pretty much everywhere else in between.  I seem to want to sleep way too much.  I mean really who needs over 12 hours of sleep a night unless they are ill?  I just don't have any zing.  I even tried bribing myself with a new book if I got up early.  Didn't work.  I woke up to the alarm and then didn't get up because I could…

Tap, tap, tap

The husband's Dr. is away and he won't get to see him until next week sometime.  So we won't know if any of his test results are important or not.  Plus there were several other tests the Dr wanted to schedule but hasn't yet so we wait anxiously tapping our toes.

The weather decided to turn cold and wintery just in case we were getting too happy with the early spring we'd been having.  A light dusting of snow covered everything again and now I think it's turned to slush.  I  hope it doesn't freeze.  Snow I don't mind but freezing rain isn't fun.  Lucky we rarely get freezing rain.

My kids are home for spring break and I'm already bored and so are they.  The daughter has read all the books she had and is looking for more books.  Our local library doesn't have a great selection of newer titles so she has a few inter-library loans filled out but we have no idea when those will produce a book.

My parents are away on a trip to Australia so we wen…

Tick Tock

We are still waiting to hear anything about the husband's test results and he still has a couple of more tests to have done.  I told the husband to give the Dr a call and see when he's going to be scheduled for those tests and when he needs to come in to discuss his other results.  Of course he didn't do it.  big sigh

The Mother-in-law we talked to tonight and she's just insane or a drug addict.  I'm not sure which one at this point.  She goes to the oncologist about pain in her shoulder and talks to him about her sinuses.  She doesn't have cancer she just likes to go to Dr's.  Really she is a nut bar or is drug seeking.  Since her second hip replacement last Sept she's off all her pain meds so maybe she's kind of addicted and is looking for some more?  The vague and never ending symptoms confuse her Dr's and they end of pawning her off on another Dr. because they can't find anything wrong with her.  Her mother was a hypochondriac too so at …