Tap, tap, tap

The husband's Dr. is away and he won't get to see him until next week sometime.  So we won't know if any of his test results are important or not.  Plus there were several other tests the Dr wanted to schedule but hasn't yet so we wait anxiously tapping our toes.

The weather decided to turn cold and wintery just in case we were getting too happy with the early spring we'd been having.  A light dusting of snow covered everything again and now I think it's turned to slush.  I  hope it doesn't freeze.  Snow I don't mind but freezing rain isn't fun.  Lucky we rarely get freezing rain.

My kids are home for spring break and I'm already bored and so are they.  The daughter has read all the books she had and is looking for more books.  Our local library doesn't have a great selection of newer titles so she has a few inter-library loans filled out but we have no idea when those will produce a book.

My parents are away on a trip to Australia so we went up to their house to play on their XBox 360.  They also have the Kinect for it so we bought a dancing game.  They had a couple of other games too that we played.  At least it got us up off the couch and they have the XBox in the basement so you are jumping around on a firm floor.  At our house when we try to use the dance game on the Wii things on the shelves fall off and the entire house shakes so bad we only move our arms now and don't bother moving our legs at all for fear of collapsing the house in on us.

Plus at my parents house they have a treadmill and exercise ball.  Their entire finished basement is bigger than our house so it's fun to go there and enjoy the big screen tv and all that space!  I like the comfy chairs and couches they have.  Plus upstairs there are large windows out onto their deck where you can watch the birds at the feeders.  It's so relaxing and bright.  Our house is like a tomb with hardly any natural light.

The only problem is we have to turn the heat up when we are there and remember to turn it down when we leave.  They have also turned their hot water tank way down so there isn't any hot water to wash your hands.  Makes for a fast wash after using the toilet.  Not much point turning the hot water up just for a couple of house so we can wash our hands in warm water.  The daughter didn`t want to leave.  She loves that house and all those empty rooms.  I remind her that when I was growing up there it didn`t seem very big because there were four kids and two adults living there.  I remember thinking it was too crowded! 

Not much to write about other than the weather and kids.  I have been stagnating and really need to get going soon.  You only get one life so why waste it sitting around doing nothing.


judy said…
funny how we remember thing as a kid-I had to share a bed with my sister till I was about 11-who can fit enough beds in a house for 14 kids--jk there were 14 kids ,but by the time I was born, a lot had married and moved on,hence I have nieces and nephew
s older than me
Mama Pea said…
I say take advantage of your folks' empty house and use it while they're gone. Consider it a mini vacation! You could even take a picnic lunch over there to eat at noon while you watch their birds.
Sparkless said…
Judy, 14 kids!!! Wow you are from a large family. My kids used to share a room until my oldest was about 11 years old. We made them change in the bathroom cause they are male and female. I always felt bad about it but now they both have their own rooms even if they are small and they can barely stand up in them because of the attic ceiling.

Mama Pea I fully intend on taking advantage of having my parents house empty. It's only a 10 min drive from my house to theirs so I can go there anytime and enjoy the quiet space. We did take snacks there when we went to play games on their XBox. How many 70 year olds do you know who have an XBox? They got it free with installation of their satellite system. I guess they are keeping it so the grands have something to use when they visit.
Erin said…
I'm with Mama Pea, enjoy the place while you have it! What kinds of books does your daughter like?
Sparkless said…
Erin, will do. The daughter likes books like the "Hunger Games". She's reading those for the second time. She's not very fond of those vampire love stories and those seem to be the only ones out there for teen girls right now.

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