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I'm having a, go back to bed day.  I'd tell you all about it but I am trying not to write about negative stuff so better left unsaid.  I hope you all are having a wonderful weekend.

The Big Dig

Well the water main was replaced last week.  The machine they used barely fit in our yard.  When they started to dig our whole house was shaking so I decided my nerves would be better if I took off shopping and then went up to my parents house.  Plus the water was off at our house and although we had saved plenty of water to drink and flush the toilet the noise and shaking was making me anxious.

I took this picture of the digger starting to dig from the back security camera.  It barely fits in the yard.  The husband had taken out the sod so we could put it back in but so much of the grass was dug up or damaged because of the huge machine that we have a big bare patched now.

From what the husband tells me the dig did not go smoothly.  The plumber hit the sewer line and had to repair it.  Our brand new sewer line too!  When he got to the city shut off he noticed that the city line was leaking so he called them and left the hole open in the alley.  The city had to send an employee out to …

Not Spring Yet

Unfortunately for a large number of you it is not spring yet.  But here, it is so spring that I'm almost afraid to tell you.  The amount of grumbling that I'm reading about people wanting winter to be over is making me feel guilty that we are having an early spring. May I just remind everyone that no matter how much snow you do or do not have it's not spring yet so stop complaining!  You're welcome