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Good Bye 2011

The year is almost over and I'm kinda glad to see the back end of it.  It's not like anything major bad happened but nothing really good did either.  It was a hum drum year and I'd like a bit of zing please.

It looks like the son and I will be the only two home unless he decides to go to a friends house.  I don't want anyone over here cause I'm tired and want to lounge in my jammies eating junk food all night and watching movies.  Heck if I have to spend New Year's eve alone I'm doing it my way.

Hopefully the son and I can do our year in review where we write down everything we can remember that happened in 2011.  We'll use the old calendar to jog our memories too.  It's fun to see what things stuck in each person's mind.  Everyone remembers different things. 

I'll try to post something New Years Day or even on New Years Eve but in case I don't get around to it I want to wish everyone a very Happy New Year.  May 2012 be a very happy pros…

Christmas Wrap-up

I've been reading about every one's Christmas but I haven't written about ours.  Here's how our day went.  The husband got up at 5:30am because he had to work Christmas day.  The rest of us got up at 6am so we could all open presents before he had to go to work.  I kept telling the kids they could go back to bed or take a nap afterwards.  They both declined the nap.  I on the other hand went back to bed at 8am and tried to sleep.  The phone rang several times and I had to talk to people.  Finally gave up getting much sleep around 11am.  The kids were playing games and doing whatever it is that teens do.  I had a shower and ate lunch.  The kids had already eaten.

There were a few games that my daughter needed help setting up so I did that.  Then we got busy cleaning up all the boxes and bags and bows.  I made them fold the tissue paper this year.  We washed all the new bowls and cups we got and had hot chocolate.  Sat around some more and played on the Wii with the kids…

Passport Saga Continues

Can you believe that out of four passports only one was good to go?  The lady rejected my picture so I had to go back to WalMart and have it retaken.  Not my fault.  On the kid's passports I am the person actually getting the passport and my sister wrote how long she'd know the kids and not me so that had to come home to be corrected.  Totally not my fault.  I did get mine and the husband's sent off after I had my pics redone. 
Nothing like driving 45min on winter roads to get to the gov't office only to have to bring two of the forms back to be corrected.  I still haven't gone back to send the kids' in.  I could mail them but I think I'll just wait until next week and take them.  Then I can take advantage of some Boxing Week sales.  Okay I'm fantasizing now cause I have no money so even if stuff is on sale for an awesome price I can't afford it.

This year has been an especially tough year for money.  I know there are many of you having the same tro…

We Have Snow

It decided to snow today, not a lot but enough to cover the ground.  Now I love snow and don't even mind driving in it, I live in BC, you know the place with mountains, big mountains.  So of course I had to drive up a huge mountain to take my son to his violin recital.  As we drove up the road the snow was coming down and there was fog so you couldn't see very far in front of your car or even tell where on the road your car was.  I kept wondering if I was on my side of the road which worried the son.  He kept telling me I was in the middle of the road to which I replied  "better that than in the ditch!"  LOL!  I guess I should keep those thoughts to myself when I'm driving with the kids. 

Lucky for us the snow stopped fairly soon and by the time we had to go home it had stopped completely.  So now we have this lovely white layer of clean snow.  It's supposed to snow a bit for the next few days so it looks like we'll have a white Christmas after all.  Not …

Feeling Kind of Out of It

That's how I'm feeling lately.  It's like I've missed the bus and am left standing there with no idea how I'm going to get to where I want to go.  I've done all of my Christmas shopping, we have our tree up, we have some baking done and everything is fine.  I'm just not feeling it this year.  I'm not grumpy just this absence of any feeling really.

I love sitting curled up on the couch while it snows.  I love looking at our Christmas tree and wrapping presents.  I usually love all that Christmas stuff but this year it's taking me longer to get off the ground.  I've done all the right things so whats the problem?  Is it that I'm old and Christmas isn't a big deal anymore?  Is it because the kids are teens and don't believe in Santa anymore?  Is it because the husband and I aren't getting each other gifts?  Is it the lack of snow?  I have no idea but maybe it's a combination of all of those things.

So tonight when everyone else …

The Shame

Canada is the first country to drop out of the Kyoto Accord.  It's not like most countries were doing much about cleaning up their acts and Canada is one of the worst offenders but do we have to be first to jump ship?  I am very ashamed of my country and our lack of environmental protection.  For goodness sakes politicians the Earth is our home and if we don't take care of it it won't last for our children or their progeny.

Yes, I jumped on the letter writing bandwagon for all the good it will do.  I voted too for all the good it did.  I am doing my part so why the heck aren't our government leaders doing anything?  Why are the oil sands still expanding, why is an oil pipeline being negotiated?  Oil is a product of the past people, lets stop with the oil and get moving finding more sustainable, nonpolluting fuels or ways to power our world.  Oh, and also why they heck does Canada still mine and sell asbestos?  Banned in Canada but we can sell it to other counties to ki…