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Goodbye 2012

So Christmas is over.  It all went well here and everyone is happy.   We had Christmas and Boxing Day supper at my parents.  We even took leftover turkey home to eat.  I have to put the turkey in the freezer or it won't be good to eat.  I'll make some turkey soup or turkey buns with it for lunches.

I see many bloggers have given up blogging this past year.  Seems like the people who blog the most burn themselves out and then end up quitting.  I'm sad to see this happen because I enjoy reading about what everyone is up to.  But all things come to and end or at least change in some way.

As 2012 comes to an end I'm trying to figure out if I'm happy to see it go or not.  It really was a boring year for me.  I hope 2013 has some fantastic things in store for me and my family.  I hope the disasters are kept to a minimum and mostly wonderful good things come our way.  It's time for some good things.

I think 2013 should be the year of "Good Things".  All goo…

Save Money, Make Handmade Gifts

Now in theory making gifts is supposed to save money.  It takes more time but it's not supposed to cost you an arm and a leg.  Well let me tell you people there is a craft industry out there who wants you to buy craft supplies.  They don't sell small bags or amounts of stuff.  You need 4 beads for a project you have to buy a big bag.  Then you are left with all those beads.

I am constantly reading about people saving money by making things and then they post pictures of beautiful things that they made.  I look at these things and then think how I'd make them.  I'd have to spend money to make them and when I price the items out well lets just say I'm not going to save any money making crafts unless I have all the craft supplies given to me free or they are made of things that are pretty much free.

Yes, handmade gifts are wonderful.  That extra time and effort spent making them is worth it but not cost wise so lets be truthful.  There is a craft supply industry and t…


I see all my wonderful blogs are back on my reading list.  It took a long time and I was getting anxious to read how everyone was doing.

In the last couple of days we have gone from having just a bit of snow to having a couple of feet of snow.  Unfortunately it is warm today and it's all melting fast.  Rain is predicted for the next few days and through Christmas.  I always feel sad when it's not a wonderful snowy Christmas.  I have a feeling I'm going to have to get used to that due to climate change.

I had a disaster today.  I had ordered a food gift basket for a Christmas gift for my parents.  The guy who delivered it dropped it and a jar of salsa broke inside.  He took everything out of the bag and put it in a returnable plastic tub.  He told us we could take it or send it back.  I took it thinking I could just wipe the bit of salsa off the fruit and packages but some of the packages were pretty damaged.  There were squashed kiwi too.  I can't give food with stains…

Blogger Has Lost You!

My list of blogs I follow is gone.  When this happens it usually comes back at some point.  I noticed it was gone yesterday and today it's still missing.  Hopefully my list will come back soon but until then I can't read your blogs.  I'm missing you all!

Ho! Ho! Ho! Dang Sink! Merry... Oh Forget It!

This is what it looks like under our sink right now.  Love the old plaster lath in the back that is all soft and moldy.  Not to mention that our cupboards are homemade wood, very poorly homemade too I might add.  No, we didn't make them we are actually the idiots that bought the house even after seeing the crappy cupboards.

Here's the sink troll trying to attach the new water connections for the new tap.  Not an easy task when your water pipes are old galvanized ones.  They need to be replaced and that is on our list for the summer along with gutting and redoing the bathroom. 

As you can tell the drain is not attached because he had to replace all the pipe that attaches to the sink and then goes into the black drain pipe.  I'm not sure if the troll knows what he's doing.  He has the ability to read so that should help.  He's having trouble reaching stuff and getting things to go together.  I don't dare ask what the problem is or I'll have my head bit off.  I…

Where is Everyone?

All my favorite bloggers must be busy to blog.  I know the season is a busy one but I miss you guys.  We still have no snow so I'm getting depressed.  The days are so grey with rain and cloud.  Nothing worse than a brown Christmas.

Add to that my older sister going on and on about going to Spokane in January.  I've told her a couple of times that we won't be going.  Not only are we broke but my daughter has a January birthday and then my son has his birthday in Feb and my husband is having a big birthday, 50th, early March.  So you can see any little bit of extra money we can squeeze out of the husband's pay checks will be going to those things and not some trip to Spokane.  Sure I'd love to go, who wouldn't.  It's only a short 2 hour drive and lots of good shopping with great deals.  But the little thing of lack of money keeps us from going.  She just doesn't seem to get it.  Oh well.

I just have to wait for the next pay day before Christmas so I can f…

Where's Winter?

It's December so of course we have no snow.  We did have a couple of early snow days but that snow all melted pretty fast.  Now our forecast just calls for wet snow and rain which means it could be a no snow Christmas.

The mountains around us have snow but in our valley the smelter or the valley itself makes a micro-climate and we are always warmer than everywhere around us.  So it's another rainy dreary day.  It's so dark outside.  Snow makes it look so much brighter because it reflects the light.  Rain, on the other hand, is just depressing.

So this year all I want for Christmas is a big snow.  I want snowbanks as high as my head.  I want to wear my snow boots and mitts.  I want to put on my gloves and scrape the car window.  I want to dig my car out of the snow before I go anywhere.  Yes, I do love snow.  It's one of the best parts of living in a place where the seasons change.  And the really great part is that about the time I'm getting sick of snow it melts …


I think I'm back.  I know it wasn't much of a break but it did me good anyway.  This post is just my annual Christmas time post moaning over how poor we are.  This year I've really noticed it's worse than usual though.  The husband is getting two short paydays in Dec.  When he gets these short pays we barely have enough money to pay the bills and feed ourselves.  Can you imagine getting two paychecks like that in Dec?  Yup, that is what we are dealing with this year.

I don't have anywhere to borrow money to tide us over.  Usually I can take some money out of the kid's accounts and then pay it back later but they don't have any money in their accounts.  The son bought a computer and the daughter used her money to pay for her cell phone.  And we only give them each $10 every two weeks for a whooping $5/week allowance.  So it takes ages for them to save any money.  The son, who's 16 really should get a job but he's so shy he just can't get the cour…

It's Not What I Wanted to Say

I just can't seem to get a thought down without getting annoyed with it and then deleting it.  I have lots to say and then I spend all the time typing it out only to realize that's not what I wanted to say at all. 

I think I need to take an internet break and clear my mind.  I keep thinking I need to reply to things I read online.  I don't.  I'm not going to make any difference to anyone or change any one's minds.  People will continue to do and say stupid things no matter how many vents I post or how well written a post is.

I need to take a break from it and think about why I feel the need to set people straight when they are doing or saying something I think is plain wrong.  So, sorry I haven't posted for awhile.  It sure isn't from lack of trying.  I have almost 10 posts that won't get posted because they aren't what I wanted to say.

I'll be back soon but I'm not going to promise I won't post vents ever again.  I will be reading every…

The Dark Underside of Blogging

Okay well not exactly dark or underside but I have been noticing something lately.  Lots of bloggers do contests on their blogs to get more readers.  But sometimes I wonder if the contests are done fairly. 

I've also had a personal experience with a very big name blogger who will remain unnamed.  She had promised to send me a prize for something I emailed her about.  I waited and waited and nothing.  I waited for two months so I know that the object should have arrived.  I was wondering if I should email and let her know that I had never received the item.  Finally I figured what the heck if this woman is legitimate then she would want to know, right?  I know I would want to know.

The weird part to this story was several years ago when I first stumbled onto her blog I won a prize from her which I also never received.  I never bothered to email and let her know about it because it was an inexpensive thing and I just couldn't be bothered.  But what bothered me was the idea that…

A Pill To Make You Small

Don't you just hate it when people lose weight and than can't stop talking about it?  They keep going on about how much better they feel and look.  Weekly they take pictures off their facebook page because they can't stand to look at how fat they used to be.  Okay, we get it you feel good and you look better but that doesn't give you a license to be an A-hole.

I've seen this so many times.  Woman goes on a diet/health kick/exercise kick/gets bariatric surgery, loses weight and then won't stop pointing it out to everyone like we care.  I don't care what you look like I only care how you behave and right now you are behaving like someone who's a jerk.

Look around you, there are many people who are overweight/fat/round or whatever you want to call it.  Your constant yammering about your weight is saying to them that the only value you have as a person is how you look/your size/weight.  When you say that to your heavy friends you make them feel like crap.  …

I'm Still Here

I've started several posts but never get around to finishing them for one reason or another.  Then when I come back to them I've lost the plot and no longer wish to finish that particular post.  So I'm going to post this even if it's short and uninteresting.

It's snowing tonight.  Just light dusting snow.  Nothing major and it's supposed to turn to rain later in the week.  I'd love to get a big dump of snow but it doesn't look like our weather is going to give me that wish anytime soon.

The kids are off school tomorrow due to Remembrance Day falling on a Sunday.  The daughter is at a friend's house with a bunch of her friends for a sleep over.  They'll have fun.  The husband is in bed sleeping because he has to work early tomorrow.  He's also coming down with a cold.  The funny thing is the last cold we had everyone got sick but him.  Now he's getting a cold and I can only hope he's the only one that gets it.  He usually gets well qu…

Vote and Shut Up About It!

I am sick to death of all the ads and crap people have been saying about this  US election.  You can't even go on Facebook without someone posting something so nasty and in your face about it.  Do these people really think their post is going to change any one's mind?  What they are really doing is shoving their political opinion in all their friend's faces.  Some of these friends may not agree with them and they are making it very hard for this one friend not to reply.

You don't know how many times I've typed up replies to posts and then deleted them.  Somehow it feels good to type them and say what I want to but not to insult or upset anyone by posting them.  I like to have friends and will keep my opinions to myself mostly because I'm not an American and will not be voting.  It's not my election but I can barely wait for a Canadian election so I can shove my political opinion onto those people who decided Facebook was a good place to piss off their frien…

The Hunt Begins!

It's the countdown to Christmas!  I guess if you live in the US you still have Thanksgiving to get through but here in Canada we don't have any major holidays until Christmas.  Our weather has been rainy and very cloudy.  Not only is it dark longer the days are so dreary right now I feel sorry for the people who suffer from SAD.

I don't mind the dark rainy days though.  I'd rather have snow but rain is fine as long as it isn't pelting down with driving winds.  I feel like snuggling up on the couch and reading or doing crafts.  I wish we had a real wood fireplace because I'd build a fire everyday and enjoy it's crackling warmth.  Instead I make do with a couple of candles and a blanket.

Halloween came and went with a fizzle.  We only got about 8 trick or treaters all night.  We did drive all the way out to this place that was putting on a Haunted House.  It was well done but kind of a quick one and then we drove all the way home.  I think it was too far to g…

Haircut Madness

When did getting a simple hair cut become so expensive?  I mean really, when it only takes a person 30 mins to cut your hair do they really need to make $50?  Most people I know don't make $100 an hour so why should people who cut hair make that.  It's not like they go to school for extended periods of time to learn their craft.  Not saying it's an easy job or doesn't deserve a proper wage just not $100/hour.  And yes I do know they have other things that come out of that money like the salon takes a cut and they have to pay for their own equipment and maybe even for the products they use on your hair but a couple pennies worth of shampoo, a dimes worth of electricity and a spritz of hairspray still doesn't equal $100/hour.

Now for me this is a non issue because I don't get haircuts anymore.  I have long straight hair with a bang.  I have my husband cut my hair and I trim my own bangs.  I used to spend a fortune on getting my hair done but now we can't affo…

Preparing for the Storm

No, I'm not in the path of Sandy but I was thinking about what I would need should we ever have to prepare for a storm or emergency.  We never have those kind of storms here and I can't remember anytime in my lifetime other than some minor floods that I'd have needed emergency preparation supplies.

Even in winter the schools have never once needed to shut down.  We have the equipment to deal with whatever the winter hands us.  Plus living in a small town you learn to rely on yourself and family.  For example in our car we have a winter emergency kit.  It has flares, candles, matches, blanket, crank flashlight, extra gloves, scarf and hat.  I added a few energy bars.  I can't put water in the car or it would freeze and explode in winter.  I bring water during summer trips.

We don't have an emergency kit for the house.  I'm not sure how these kits would be useful if your house is flooded or in another disaster where your house is destroyed.  Plus if you aren'…

So Early!

Yesterday there was a snowfall warning of 5-10mm.  I read it and scoffed.  It's way too early for us to get snow.  We rarely get snow even on Halloween so a week before that would be even rarer still.

I kept looking outside and checking the temperature all evening.  I was up late reading a book till 1am.  Reading keeps me awake.  When I went to bed it was 3C and a steady drizzle was coming down.  "Snow for the higher elevations, maybe, but not down here in our valley."  And with that thought I went to bed.

I woke up to a white covered land!  Oh wow!  It was just enough to cover the ground, bit slushy and was totally melted by noon.  Usually our first snow is just a few flakes falling but never enough to actually cover the ground.  I heard that up in the mountain there was almost 3 inches of wet snow!  A town just up the mountain from us was planning to have a reopening for their downtown area because they had suffered through almost a year of road work.  They wanted to …

Blessings And Burdens

My mother has no family.  She had a father, mother and brother but they have all passed.  I sometimes wonder what that would feel like, to have your parents and your brother all gone.  There is no one who grew up with you and knew you intimately.  No one to tell those family stories with like the time you jumped off the step and broke your ankle or the time the bird got loose and got tangled in your hair flying around the house.

My mom does have four kids and a husband still and I'm sure that is a blessing.  We try to be a blessing for her although sometimes I fear we are more of a burden.  But that's a family for you.  A family is a combination of both blessings and burdens and so much more.

My oldest sister has never been married although she is living with a man.  She has one child, a daughter, my niece who has gone to University now.  My sister is experiencing empty next syndrome.  Her daughter was more like a companion for my sister than a child.  I can't imagine how …

Dead Beasties

I was just reading about Dooce's bird drama.  How a small bird was by her house and then died.  She was all worried that her daughter may have touched the bird.  I wonder if she knows you can wash your hands.  Anyway, I was going to post a picture of our dead animal only to find out that the husband had taken away the carcass.  Shoot!

And to think that Dooce wouldn't post a picture of the poor dead bird out of some kind of respect.  I thought I'd post the slobbered on and squished body of a mouse I was greeted with this morning.  Oh well I guess you guys will have to wait until next time to view the grizzly scene.   Thanks go to our cat Frodo for leaving us the tasty treat.

Is This the Life?

Do you ever have one of those days when you wonder what the heck happened to your life?  You know, where you take a look at your life and don't even recognize yourself in it.  Some days I feel like a ghost of my old self just hovering around but unable to connect to anyone or anything, helpless to make changes.

I look at my body and I don't even recognize myself and it's not all aging.  I look at my house and can't believe I live here like this.  Some days I forget though.  I forget that I'm not who I want to be and attempt to live my life the way I want to but it's not long before I hit a wall and am brought up short.

My walls are financial, physical and emotional.  Pretty powerful walls.  They keep me here and won't let me out.  I've lost the hope I used to have for my future.  I used to feel powerful and able to make a life that I wanted.  I felt I could do the things I wanted to do.  But now I don't.

One of the things I learned is that you can o…

Thanksgiving and Almost Set For the Snow

It's Thanksgiving weekend here.  We will be driving to the in-laws house for Sunday Thanksgiving meal and then up at my parents house on Monday for our second Thanksgiving meal.  And you know what?  I still won't be sick of turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, yams, beans, or pumpkin pie.  We may just have to buy a Turkey roll to eat at home later.

Canadian Thanksgiving is a bit more laid back than the US one.  It's more about the Harvest than about Pilgrims and shopping for Christmas.  It's a quiet meal with family.  We don't decorate or do anything special other than get together and eat the traditional turkey meal.  So I'm really looking forward to doing just that.

The fall weather has been spectacular here.  It's been sunny for weeks on end.  It's still a bit chilly but that's fall weather and totally normal.  We haven't had a hard frost yet either.  So I still have time to work on my gardens if it weren't for these stupid little fruit fli…

Peach Cobbler

We were given a big bucket of peaches that were very ripe.  Had to do something with them right away so we took off the skin and took out the pits and froze a bunch in bags.  We left a few out to eat in the next couple of days and the husband baked a peach cobbler.  Well I'm not sure if it's a true cobbler because he put oats in it.  He found a recipe on the internet as a guide and then just threw it together without bothering about measurements.  That's just the kind of cook he is.

The finished product didn't look very pretty but I can tell you warm peach cobbler with a scoop of ice cream is to die for!

The color is off in this picture a bit because I had to use my phone to take the picture.  When I went to use my camera I found that someone had left it on and the battery was dead so I couldn't use the good camera.  So it doesn't look nearly as yummy as it tasted and I'm  not a big fan of peach cobbler so it must of been good.

Dang Internet!

Lately my internet connection has been spotty at best.  We've been told by our provider to turn the router on and off again or unplug it.  This makes me feel like I'm in an episode of  The IT Crowd and I'm waiting for them to ask me if I've checked to see if it's plugged in.  LOL!   It does seem to work but only for a short period of time then we have to do it all over again.  We don't need to do this all the time just sometimes and it's real annoying.  I usually give up in disgust after a few times and just go do something else.  I'm thinking it's time to phone the internet provider and do a bit of talking.  I'm just hoping I get someone who speaks English as a first language on the phone because I have difficulty understanding when a person's accent is so thick you can cut it with a knife.

My cold is feeling better today so I've turned the corner.  I was starting to think that someone should just bury me already.  Now that makes me sou…

First Cold of the Fall

Well our little typhoid Mary brought home the first cold of the Fall.  That girl catches everything going and then is so nice to pass it on to her family.  Sometimes I get sick and other times not.  This is one of those times I got sick.  This cold is killing me.  I had chills earlier and now I am sweating hot.  My sinuses are plugged, my chest is tight and I'm coughing.  So far the nose isn't running too much but I know when the tap turns on I'll be blowing and coughing.  That is always the most exhausting part of a cold for me.  All the coughing hurts my back and then I tense up even more which makes more pain, well you get the idea.

The daughter is feeling better but the son has it too now.  So far the husband hasn't succumbed and we hope he doesn't get sick because if he does he has to stay home.  He can't infect the elderly people he works with.

Tonight we stocked up on orange juice, tissues, yogurt, and some soup.  I'd make soup but I'm too sick a…


Remember the neighbour I told you all about who we figured was a drug dealer?  Well today there was an article in the paper that said he was caught with cocaine and has been found guilty of trafficking.  He will spend 15 months in jail!!!!!!  Is it wrong to be excited that this guy is off the streets?  Other than being a drug dealer he seemed to be a nice guy. 

Now we just need to get rid of the people who live next door to us.  They were friends with this guy and I think they are also doing a bit of dealing on the side now.  Both the man and his wife don't have jobs.  The man has MS and his wife has who knows what.  They may actually be ill and not able to work but they sure can smoke pot and make a huge mess of their yard.  They also have people popping by all the time who don't get out of their cars and they are forever driving somewhere that only takes a few minutes.  They do this lots at night.  Who makes 10 or more trips of less than 10 minutes in their car at night unl…

Sunny Fall, Yet Out of Sorts

The weather has been amazing this Sept.  We have had mostly sunny beautiful days with cool evenings.  We even took our a/c unit out of our kitchen window early because even if it does get hot during the day it cools down at night plus we have fans that we can use.  As long as I know any heat won't last I'm good.

I've been feeling kinda lost and out of sorts these past few weeks.  I'm not sure what goals I should set for myself.  My energy has been so low lately I'm not sure what I can accomplish.  I love the weather and everything is good, I just can't seem to settle within myself.  I need a goal to strive for, something I think is important.  Problem is I don't think anything is that important right now.  Clean the house, naw it just gets dirty again.  Declutter, why bother no matter how hard I try this small place is always full.  I could get rid of everything and it would still seem cluttered.  The sad truth is the house is too small and poorly designed …

Score One For Intuition

I just heard something tonight that made me thankful I listen to my intuition.  If you remember me talking about being on the board of the club my daughter was in.  The main coach used to own this club but was getting on in years and wanted to just do coaching so he had parents set up a non-profit board and this board bought the club from him through grants and donations.  They continued to employ him as a coach though.

Lets just say this guy is a total nut job.  He's good with the kids most of the time and can really charm people when he wants to.  We got to see what he's really like and it wasn't pretty.  I'd always suspected he was most likely stealing from the club.  Since he owned it for so long everyone still thought he owned it and no matter how many times I suggested they put an ad in the paper telling people he was no longer the owner the board never would.

I haven't heard the details yet but sounds like several board members are resigning.  I'm not su…

Wild Weather

The thing about living in the mountains is you can't really see the weather coming until it's almost on top of you.  Yesterday it was sunny all morning and then I noticed it was getting dark outside.  I looked out the window to the East and the sky was clear but look to the West and this is what you saw.

The other thing about living in the mountains is that no matter how bad it looks it never lasts that long.  I think it took only 15-30mins for this storm to blow itself out.  We had a few flashes of lightening and it rained so hard I thought it was hailing.  It didn't last long though and after 30mins the sun was back out.

It did the same thing today.  There are some white fluffy clouds in the sky but the sun is out again.  The cats don't like the thunder and they are both still hiding so I'll have to entice them out with some cat treats.  I hope this helps the fires in the US and Peachland that has been sending smoke this way.

The weather has been totally unpredic…

Neighbours From Hell

Yup, we are lucky enough to have neighbours from hell.  This past Thursday when the kids came home from school the people a couple of houses down from us were having a screaming match.  Every second word was a curse.  I don't know how people can yell at each other that long and that loud without going hoarse.  Finally the screaming stopped but it started up again around 9pm.  They were outside, of course, because that's where you should always have your yelling fights so the neighbours can hear and judge you.

From what I could make out a guy was yelling at a girl over something or other.  She of course was yelling right back.  There were other people there too shouting and trying to get the two apart.  They were out on the street near my car walking around.  It was when the beer bottle was smashed in front of my car that I'd had enough and phoned the police.  Of course by the time the police came they had left or gone inside.

Now I don't care if people want to scream a…

Last Weekend of Summer Holidays

My kids go back to school on Tuesday.  I am thrilled!  No more mean mom having to make them do chores or get off the computer and go outside (which they never do by the way).  No more feeling guilty because I can't take them on a real holiday or even little mini ones cause we are too broke to do anything.  And no, there isn't much to do when you live in a small town.  We've done all the fun things many times when they were younger and there is no way in heck that they will be entertained doing the mine tour for the seventh time now that they are teens.

The daughter seems more able to entertain herself and keep busy.  She's been teaching herself piano and going out with her friends.  The son has been playing video games, and playing video games and playing more video games.   I'm glad to get him back to school so he can socialize and get out of the house.

Tonight is the Blue Moon which is the second full moon in a month.  I love it when the moon is full and it's…

Bears are Everywhere!

The lady behind our house told us a bear had climbed over our fence and was in our yard the other night.  No worries cause our gardens are pitiful.  I looked all over and didn't see any damage.  He didn't even eat the blueberries that are left on the bush or eat the grapes that aren't ripe.  Maybe he's waiting for them to get ripe.  I'll be a little more cautious sitting outside at night.

Today we went to my nephews wedding.  They got married at a local park.  It was a perfect day for a wedding outside.  It was 1pm in the afternoon.  They had placed the front near the edge of the park.  As the minister was saying his stuff you could see this little bear creeping up behind them.  He was about 20 ft from the bride and groom.  People were laughing and taking pictures.  Finally the bride and groom figured out something was up and noticed the bear.  A man got up and chased the bear  away.

We are pretty used to bears here.  Most people aren't afraid of them and not …

Milestone Birthdays

My birthday is in late September.  I'll be 49 which led me to start thinking about turning 50 in a little over a year.  I would love to do something fun, something different, something amazing mostly.  My husband turns 50 next March so we could do a joint thing together.

The trouble with that is what would he like to do that I'd also like to do.  We could take a trip together but how to save enough money.  We could have a family bash and really do things up which would be fun but you know we kind of do that already, just a little less done up.

I'm still dreaming of that cabin on the lake.  I'd love to go to a lake cabin for about a week and just enjoy life with a canoe and some good hiking boots.  But if I want to do this I need to plan to save enough money and get myself in shape.  I'm horribly out of shape, now that's not right, I've got entirely too much shape.  I need less shape and more muscles.

I should talk to the husband to see what he thinks.  He m…

Terrible Tomato

What is it with tomatoes?  Does every recipe for summer or healthy eating have to have tomatoes in them?  I mean really some of us can't eat them.  I can eat them when they are cooked down into a sauce but I can't eat them raw.  Most summer recipes include tomatoes and leaving them out when they are the main part of the recipe just doesn't work.

Someone told me to substitute with red peppers but unless you grow red peppers those things are expensive!  Like $5/lb expensive.  So I won't be using red peppers.

Even when they are cooked I have to be careful how much I eat or I'll suffer later.  I'd love to be able to eat tomatoes but I can't and there just don't seem to be many recipes that don't have tomatoes in them.  I think cooks like to use them because they add color to their recipes and look good.  I know they taste good and are good for you too but it seems like tomatoes are a staple and no one knows what to do if they don't have any.  What e…


I am both sad and happy that it is raining tonight.  I'm happy because it has been so hot and dry and everything needs a good drink.  I'm sad because this is the last night the kids and husband are camping.  I just hope they know enough to put things away at night and cover their picnic table with a tarp.  They don't have a cover to go over the table so if it rains they are pretty much stuck in the tent with no cover from the rain other than the truck.  They borrowed my dad's truck because it would have taken two trips for them to get all the gear to the camp site.

When we camped as kids we always set up a tarp over the table so if it rained you could still sit and play cards or read.  Plus you could still cook and eat.  Lucky for the kids the husband brought muffins for a couple of breakfasts.  They are only gone for three nights.  I hope the thunder and lightening makes the camping more fun since they are leaving tomorrow morning before 11am. 

It sounds like the stor…


I bought 20lbs of organic blueberries and boy are they nice and sweet.  Most of them I'm freezing but I need to make a couple of Mama Pea's Blueberry Buckles, one for us and one for my parents.  We'll keep some fresh for eating in our yogurt and putting on our pancakes.  I need to get most of them frozen cause our house is so hot inside and there's not much room in the fridge for them.

And I know how much you all love pictures so here are pictures of my blueberries.

I wrote this post last Thursday but haven't been able to get it to post.  My computer needs a reformat or it could be the internet/router.  I hope when all the kids go back to school the problem resolves because I dread having to do a reformat.  It just takes so looooooooooong!

Self Loathing Can Take a Hike

It has been cooling down at night here.  This is rare in August and I am loving it.  I can sleep at night and I can even sleep with a cover on.  I'm not all sprawled out half clothed on the bed sweating all night and wishing a bucket of ice water would fall on my head.  It's still plenty hot during the day but at night it's cooling down.  I can handle a summer like that.

I have so many chores to do and I'm not making any headway on my list.  This happens to me all the time.  I start to make a list and it gets too big and overwhelming so I kind of give up.  That means little gets done.  You'd think by my advanced age I'd have figured out how to get on with things but nope, I'm still struggling along like a baby.

Sometimes I wonder if I'll ever feel happy with all that I get done in a day or will I forever only see all the things I didn't get done and need doing?  That's no way to live.  Oh I can feel myself working up to a big old slump.  If I ca…

How Summer Should Be

It is hot, hot and more hot.  Last night was a nightmare of trying to sleep when my skin felt like it was on fire.  I kept getting up having drinks of cold water and splashing my body with water trying to cool down.  Zero sleep last night.  I feel like I'm suffocating in the heat.

I know there are places suffering worse heat and even drought.  We had a storm last night with a bit of rain but it didn't cool anything down.  I'm frustrated with my house and the total lack of windows to open to let in any of the cooler night air.  Sleeping with fans on all night dries my nose out so bad that I can't breath and it doesn't seem to cool anything down.We don't have the a/c on at night because it is too noisy and we usually don't need it.

My body betrays me when I try to get anything done.  I feel woozy sick.  I sit and wipe my face with a cool washcloth but it doesn't last.  I drink ice water but it doesn't help.  I'm tired, hot and cranky.  This isn…

Knitting Now

I've been talking about doing it for a long time.  I've thought about it lots.  I know it's easy to do.  But I finally got the things I needed and sat down with YouTube to find out how to knit my own dishcloths.  I also found out I knit weird.  Continental style knitting looks way faster than what I do so I'll be attempting to learn that next.

And since you all love pictures so much here are a couple.

It was so easy and we needed some new dishcloths.  I may just make everyone some for Christmas if my hands hold out.  I kept having to stop and stretch my hands because they would start cramping after knitting for awhile.  This should go away soon though.  Plus if I learn the Continental style of knitting I'll get faster.  Right now I take my entire right hand off the needle to drape the wool over the left needle to knit. I guess I English knit but I don't use my index finger the correct way.  Sometimes the needle slips cause I'm not holding it but I learned t…

Multiplicity of Chores on Lists

I have a list of chores to get done as long as my arm but here I sit messing around on the computer.  I have half a mind to ban myself from the computer until my chores are done.  But then I'd never get to use the computer again because my chores are never done.  As soon as I complete one chore three more pop up that need doing.

I mean really!  It's not like I do nothing all day long so why does it always feel that way?  I start to make a list of things I know I'll get done and then add a few things I hope to get done and then somehow things get added that shouldn't be on that list like renovate the house, fix the garage roof.  You know all the things you "wish" to get done but either don't have the money or the time to do them.

Then my list becomes an insurmountable mountain of tasks that there is no way in hell I'm gonna get done.  Once I recognize this fact the list becomes recycling fodder.  And guess what I do then?  Yup, I start a new list.  LOL…

Raspberry Madness

My husband thinks I've lost my mind and maybe he has a point.  I found myself last night attempting to make bags of frozen raspberries look good sitting on our kitchen table.  The stupid plastic bags kept frosting over so you couldn't see what was in them and I really wanted to take a picture that looked good for you all.  I wanted a picture of my 8 pints of lovely raspberries all frozen.

Dang it how do those food bloggers take such pretty pictures?  Must be all in the editing and I don't have any editing programs to make my pictures all pretty.  You will just have to make do with these.  Since Mama Pea likes pictures of preserved things here it is.  Voila!

Next it's blueberries.  I'll buy a big case of them and freeze them.  I buy the organic ones and even though it seems expensive I figured out that it's less expensive than buying them frozen.  Plus we eat some fresh for a few days too.

I don't have one of those vacuum seal machines but I try to get as mu…