Bears are Everywhere!

The lady behind our house told us a bear had climbed over our fence and was in our yard the other night.  No worries cause our gardens are pitiful.  I looked all over and didn't see any damage.  He didn't even eat the blueberries that are left on the bush or eat the grapes that aren't ripe.  Maybe he's waiting for them to get ripe.  I'll be a little more cautious sitting outside at night.

Today we went to my nephews wedding.  They got married at a local park.  It was a perfect day for a wedding outside.  It was 1pm in the afternoon.  They had placed the front near the edge of the park.  As the minister was saying his stuff you could see this little bear creeping up behind them.  He was about 20 ft from the bride and groom.  People were laughing and taking pictures.  Finally the bride and groom figured out something was up and noticed the bear.  A man got up and chased the bear  away.

We are pretty used to bears here.  Most people aren't afraid of them and not one woman screamed when the bear was there.  Once the bear was gone the wedding continued on like he'd never been there.  From what I've heard this bear goes to all the weddings and like to get into people's pictures.  I only hope people don't feed him.  That will make for a bad bear who will get too close to people and end up getting himself shot.  That's not what we want for our wildlife.  We want to coexist with them in peace.  If they want to enjoy a wedding that's fine as long as they don't get too close or disrupt things. 

I always think it's a good omen when wild animals come to human events or show themselves to us.  It makes me feel like we can all live on the earth together without harming each other.


Mama Pea said…
I really like your way of thinking wild animals (peacefully) appearing at human events is a good omen.

We've seen quite a few piles of bear scat in our driveway this summer. Our nearest neighbors on the east have seen one in their yard and know of someone on the other side of them who has set up a bear baiting station. Bear season up here starts tomorrow, but I sure don't think shooting bears that come to the bait station is hunting.
Sparkless said…
You mean they set up bait and shoot them when they show up?!! Oh that is so sad. We just keep killing more animals and taking away their habitat. Pretty soon there won't be any wild animals except for in zoos.
Erin said…
Bear baiting is an awful practice, yes people do that down here :( The wedding description sounds hilarious! I bet he has had a few parties leave garbage behind that he roots through, he just needs to wait his turn LOL
Sparkless said…
Erin there are bear proof garbage cans at the parks here so the only garbage he'd get is the stuff piggy people drop on the ground. I bet people even feed him. Not good for the bear at all. Mostly likely he'll get too close and someone will insist he be killed because he's a dangerous bear. Sad but that's what happens here lots.

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