The Hunt Begins!

It's the countdown to Christmas!  I guess if you live in the US you still have Thanksgiving to get through but here in Canada we don't have any major holidays until Christmas.  Our weather has been rainy and very cloudy.  Not only is it dark longer the days are so dreary right now I feel sorry for the people who suffer from SAD.

I don't mind the dark rainy days though.  I'd rather have snow but rain is fine as long as it isn't pelting down with driving winds.  I feel like snuggling up on the couch and reading or doing crafts.  I wish we had a real wood fireplace because I'd build a fire everyday and enjoy it's crackling warmth.  Instead I make do with a couple of candles and a blanket.

Halloween came and went with a fizzle.  We only got about 8 trick or treaters all night.  We did drive all the way out to this place that was putting on a Haunted House.  It was well done but kind of a quick one and then we drove all the way home.  I think it was too far to go to for just for a few minutes of fun.  The daughter and her friend liked it though.

The daughter had her hair done last night.  Not only did it take hours to do it cost a small fortune.  All she had done was to have a side bang cut in her long straight hair and a bit of a trim.  Then she wanted a red streak on each side of her face.  She had this done in Sept but the girl who did it put it under a layer of hair so you could never see the red.  This time the daughter wanted it on the top so it would be visible.  The girl dyed it blond first and then red which the they didn't do the first time so I don't think she needed to do that extra step.  The daughter's hair is a light brown and took the red dye very well the first time.

It looks really cute and not too weird and wild for a 14 year old.  And that is it for all our money.  We have just enough for food and everything but no early Christmas shopping.  I am chomping at the bit to get my kids their Christmas gift.  If we have to leave it too long everything is sold out or the color they want is gone.  I always try to get the one thing they really want early so they won't be disappointed.  I'm not always successful but so far I've managed to pull something out of my hat to make up for any discrepancies.  It's so hard to please teens.  Most of the things they really want we can't afford so they always have to try to think of something that we can afford and that isn't always easy for them. 

It was so must more fun when they were little and any fun toy was a thrill for them.  I didn't have to spend a fortune for them to have "the best Christmas ever!"  Now I'm just going for getting them something they want or need and not going into debt any more.  Not easy to do when you don't even have more than $100 extra each pay day.  I haven't failed yet and I don't give up easy when it comes to getting gifts for people I am the master!

I find things that they would have never thought to ask for or don't even know exist.  That gift ends up being the perfect thing for that person.  I love when I can find or make the perfect thing for someone and it doesn't even have to cost much.  All you need to do is know what that person's interests and likes are.  Pay attention when you shop with that person to see what they are drawn to and like. 

A favorite family joke gift I gave was what we call the zapper.  I can't remember what it's really called but it was a silly game where you held this handle and when the buzzer sounded you took your hand off.  The last person to take their hand off their handle got a shock.  Teenage boys loved this thing.  I actually gave it to the husband as a joke but it was quickly taken by a mob of teen nephews who took great pleasure in seeing who could get zapped the longest.  LOL!

Another family fave is these little metal puzzles.  You have to take them apart and they have many different levels of puzzle to buy.  The kids have been enjoying getting one in their sock for the last couple of years.  I only hope I can find them some again this year.  We always take them to our family Christmas supper and everyone has a go on them.

I think this year the kids are asking for mostly gift cards and money which I hate to buy.  I enjoy the thrill of the hunt for the perfect gift.  So begins the hunt this year.  I wonder what I'll find.


Mama Pea said…
That's a real talent (and I'm sure an appreciated one!) to be able to find just the right gift for someone. My daughter is like that and finds or makes the coolest gifts whether it be for birthdays, Christmas, baby showers or whatever. (She did not get that talent from me!) I don't like to give gift certificates much either . . . but at least they're easy to wrap! Happy gift hunting to you.
There is nothing so thoughtful as someone who takes the time and makes the effort to find a perfect gift to suit you! And of course, there's the thrill of the hunt!
Erin said…
My kids are getting upset probably, because I am making all my gifts LOL... lots of sugar scrubs, candles, maybe a scarf... they are probably getting nervous! Every time they ask for something I tell them "okay, but you have to call grandma and tell her why we can't afford to come home for Christmas", that usually puts them in their place hahahaha!
Sparkless said…
Mama Pea, I love the hunt and the more difficult the quest the better!

Debra, I agree that it isn't the cost of a gift that makes it special but the time and effort put in to either pick it out or make it. Since we can't afford expensive gifts I just hope other people get that too.

Erin, my kids don't even ask for expensive stuff anymore. They know they won't be getting it. What are your boys wishing for this year that is way out of price?

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