I see all my wonderful blogs are back on my reading list.  It took a long time and I was getting anxious to read how everyone was doing.

In the last couple of days we have gone from having just a bit of snow to having a couple of feet of snow.  Unfortunately it is warm today and it's all melting fast.  Rain is predicted for the next few days and through Christmas.  I always feel sad when it's not a wonderful snowy Christmas.  I have a feeling I'm going to have to get used to that due to climate change.

I had a disaster today.  I had ordered a food gift basket for a Christmas gift for my parents.  The guy who delivered it dropped it and a jar of salsa broke inside.  He took everything out of the bag and put it in a returnable plastic tub.  He told us we could take it or send it back.  I took it thinking I could just wipe the bit of salsa off the fruit and packages but some of the packages were pretty damaged.  There were squashed kiwi too.  I can't give food with stains on it to my parents for Christmas so now I'm a gift down.  An important gift too. 

Until today all my shopping was done and now I have to find something else for them.  The reason I can't just reorder the basket is because it comes from a business that only delivers once a week and they are closed next week.  No basket before Christmas.  It's too bad too because this place is the one that has all the organic local produce and snacks.

I'm left thinking I will now have to scavenge for things to add to a basket for them, things they won't normally buy for themselves but will still like.  What do you get for people who can afford to buy whatever they want?  We've already baked cookies and candy to give to them.  My mom bakes a bunch of things herself so we stick to things she doesn't make.   I guess I'll do a coffee, tea, wine and cheese basket which means I have to run around to a bunch of stores just when the stores are packed and the roads are a mess.  BLAH!!!!

The daughter is sick with a cold/flu thing.  She says her throat is really sore and she thought she had a temperature today cause she was all shivery and hot.  She said she was all achy too so it sounds like flu to me.  Perfect timing for Christmas.  That means the rest of us should come down with it just in time for Christmas.  We won't be going for supper at my parents place if that happens.  Don't want to make people sick especially my dad who has a lung condition. 

Our sink got fixed finally!  Then a day after that water was shooting out our toilet.  There was one of those vacuum trucks outside working on the drains so the husband ran out to find out what the heck they were doing and to stop!  The woman behind us had a blocked sewer and they were flushing water down there to help unblock it.  Shouldn't they have been doing that from her house and not forcing water up everyone's toilets and drains?  They did say they were sorry but it happened a few more times which meant several clean-ups.  We only have the one bathroom so we can't just leave it.

Then as if that wasn't enough excitement my hand blender died and the electric kettle started to smell like burning plastic, never a good sign.  We'll need to replace both of those soon but right now we are so broke I'm not sure how we'll pay the bills and feed ourselves in January as the husband has his second short check.  It's going to be a very tight winter for us with the daughter's birthday at the end of January, the son's birthday at the end of February and the husband's 50th birthday early March.  Guess I'm not getting a haircut or any new underwear any time soon. 

I have a beef about underwear too.  I buy inexpensive cotton underwear but do you think I can find any in my size here?  Nope.  The ones I used to buy at Walmart they changed the size because when I bought a package they didn't fit.  You can't return underwear so I'm stuck with these things.  I check my old undies and they say they are the same size but when I compare the two the new undies are a good inch or more smaller around the waist.  And no, the old undies are not all stretched out of shape.  

So now I'm stuck wearing undies that are too tight and uncomfortable.  My hair is way too long and is graying fast.  I really wish I could get a good cut and color.  I could use the lift that a new outfit and hair do would give me but it's not to be.  Instead I'll have to be content with my old stained and torn clothes, unkempt hair, and too tight undies.  I'll have to lose a few pounds so my undies fit but it's Christmas so that's not gonna happen.  I may have to resort to sewing my own undies just so I can get the fit I like.  LOL!

Anyway, those are all the exciting things that have been going on here.  I have a picture of our snow but I took it with my phone and it's so bad it's not worth posting.  I'll try to take another one before all the snow is gone.  I hope everyone is having a wonderful time with family and friends this weekend and a very Happy Holidays/Merry Christmas/or whatever you celebrate.


Erin said…
I wouldn't worry too much about your parent's gift... I'm sure they will just be happy to see you all! I'm glad your sink is working again, I know that must be so nerve wracking. Boo on the flu though, hope your daughter is feeling better!

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