I'm Still Here

I've started several posts but never get around to finishing them for one reason or another.  Then when I come back to them I've lost the plot and no longer wish to finish that particular post.  So I'm going to post this even if it's short and uninteresting.

It's snowing tonight.  Just light dusting snow.  Nothing major and it's supposed to turn to rain later in the week.  I'd love to get a big dump of snow but it doesn't look like our weather is going to give me that wish anytime soon.

The kids are off school tomorrow due to Remembrance Day falling on a Sunday.  The daughter is at a friend's house with a bunch of her friends for a sleep over.  They'll have fun.  The husband is in bed sleeping because he has to work early tomorrow.  He's also coming down with a cold.  The funny thing is the last cold we had everyone got sick but him.  Now he's getting a cold and I can only hope he's the only one that gets it.  He usually gets well quickly.  Depending on how he's feeling he may take Tuesday off.  You shouldn't go to work sick when you work with the elderly.  Lucky for him he'll be paid as they get 2 days a month for sick time and you can bank it.  He never even gets close to using it all up.

We managed to buy the daughter's Christmas gift and it will arrive next week some time.  She'll be thrilled.  She asked for it so she better be.  We have the son's gift to get as soon as money allows.  I always like to get the kids their gifts early because things sell out so quickly.  Better safe than sorry.  Once those two gifts are bought I can relax.

I had the best evening tonight.  Want to know why?  I was digging in a cupboard and found a dark ginger chocolate bar that I'd stashed there last year!  No one but me really likes dark chocolate and this one has ginger bits in it.  I got it in a gift basket someone gave us for Christmas.  Lucky for me chocolate doesn't go bad.

I've got to get to the store tomorrow to pick up some stuff to attempt to make chicken soup again.  I'll buy some chicken parts to boil.  I know it's not an exact recipe most people just toss stuff in but every time I've done that or even followed a recipe it just doesn't turn out very good.  This time we are going to eat it anyway.  With the husband getting a cold I'm sure the rest of us may be sick soon so it will be good to have some homemade chicken soup.  Wish me luck.


Erin said…
Hope no one else gets sick! I'm getting over a cold and haven't had one in a very long time, I'd forgotten how awful and energy sapping they are. Congrats on getting your daughter's gift, I like to do mine early too, much easier to space them out, but harder to keep them hidden so long!
Good luck with your chicken soup! If all else fails, isn't chocolate the perfect cure for a cold or whatever else ails you? I think it is!
Sparkless said…
Erin, I hope you are feeling better soon. Colds are energy drains for sure.

Debra, you are totally right, chocolate is perfect for what ails you!

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