Haircut Madness

When did getting a simple hair cut become so expensive?  I mean really, when it only takes a person 30 mins to cut your hair do they really need to make $50?  Most people I know don't make $100 an hour so why should people who cut hair make that.  It's not like they go to school for extended periods of time to learn their craft.  Not saying it's an easy job or doesn't deserve a proper wage just not $100/hour.  And yes I do know they have other things that come out of that money like the salon takes a cut and they have to pay for their own equipment and maybe even for the products they use on your hair but a couple pennies worth of shampoo, a dimes worth of electricity and a spritz of hairspray still doesn't equal $100/hour.

Now for me this is a non issue because I don't get haircuts anymore.  I have long straight hair with a bang.  I have my husband cut my hair and I trim my own bangs.  I used to spend a fortune on getting my hair done but now we can't afford it so I do without.  I do still have to pay for my kids to get their haircut as they won't let me or their dad cut their hair and I don't blame them.  I can trim a mean bang but not do a complete cut very well especially on a boys hair style.

So the daughter wants to get her hair cut and I'll be out a huge sum of money plus tip.  That's another thing.  Why do people who are bringing in $100/hour need to get a tip?  They make more than my husband does and I have to tip them?  I thought tips were meant for low paid jobs where an employee went beyond the call of duty or did a really good job and you gave them a tip to show your appreciation.  Now a tip is expected no matter how bad the service or how high the person is paid.   

The world is crazy now when a hairdresser makes more than a daycare provider.  We must value our hair more than our kids.  And a mechanic makes more than Social Worker.  We must value our cars way more than our mental health and the mental health of our loved ones.  Seems  kind of messed up to me and not in a good way.


Mama Pea said…
Agreed, agreed, agreed! Payment for so many things in our society today seems so out of whack. How can people complain about the price of groceries and yet go out for a "special" dinner and pay $200? (For ONE dinner!) Why are starting teachers' salaries near poverty level? Do we not value educating our children? Isn't that a worthwhile occupation? It's been reported that top lawyers get $1,000 PER HOUR for defending clients they KNOW are guilty of committing heinous crimes. What's wrong with that picture? Yep, $50 seems way out of line to me for a haircut that takes 30 minutes. The hairdresser probably isn't getting the whole $50. But somebody is getting share of it for nothing!
Are there any Supercuts, Magicuts, Great Clips etc. where you live? No way you'd pay $100 at these discount haircutters! If there's a beauty school where you live, they're even cheaper because students cut your hair. But they take a loooooong time to do it because the teacher has to come around and grade their work i.e. your head, LOL!
Sparkless said…
Mama Pea I shake my head most days at what things cost. I guess I'm showing my age again by doing that. LOL!

Debra, I live in a very small town so we don't have any of those cheaper places to get our hair cut nor any schools. Pretty soon we'll only have a WalMart because our Zellers store wasn't picked up by Target. That means we'll only have one large department store to shop in soon.
Erin said…
I do my boys' haircuts, and get mine done at Super Cuts, I've even been to a Wal Mart salon but only once LOL. Prices are crazy for "real salons", and my hair looks the same :)

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