Sunny Fall, Yet Out of Sorts

The weather has been amazing this Sept.  We have had mostly sunny beautiful days with cool evenings.  We even took our a/c unit out of our kitchen window early because even if it does get hot during the day it cools down at night plus we have fans that we can use.  As long as I know any heat won't last I'm good.

I've been feeling kinda lost and out of sorts these past few weeks.  I'm not sure what goals I should set for myself.  My energy has been so low lately I'm not sure what I can accomplish.  I love the weather and everything is good, I just can't seem to settle within myself.  I need a goal to strive for, something I think is important.  Problem is I don't think anything is that important right now.  Clean the house, naw it just gets dirty again.  Declutter, why bother no matter how hard I try this small place is always full.  I could get rid of everything and it would still seem cluttered.  The sad truth is the house is too small and poorly designed for four people of today.

I'd do some gardening and get a head start on next year but my back only lets me work in short spurts.  I think I may need a holiday from my life.  A bit of a break from the mundane chores and boring old stuff would do me a world of good but it's not going to happen.  So I'm going to read instead.  If I can't actually take a holiday I'll take one in my mind. 

So the quest is on for just the right book.  Post any titles of books you want to recommend.  I think I'll start with Ken Follett's  Fall of Giants.  I know it's book one of a trilogy so if I like it there are two more nice big juicy ones to read.


Erin said…
What kind of stuff do you like? I just finished a John Sanford series that was pretty good if you like crime/mystery stuff. Hope you are able to lose yourself for a bit in a good book, it always works for me but I ignore everything else when I'm in a book LOL

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