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Happy 2009!

Geez I hope it's a more fun, interesting and prosperous year than 2008 was. I can't think of a single interesting thing I did all last year. That's pretty sad really.

The New Year was rung in on my own as the rest of the family was in bed asleep. My husband had to work early so he had to get to bed, the kids I sent to bed at 10pm cause they don't know how to sleep in and I didn't want to be stuck all New Years day alone with two tired cranky kids.

We haven't done our yearly review yet but the kids and I will do it tonight. Then we will write out New Years wishes and burn them to send them out to the universe. We'll probably drink some hot chocolate after we shovel the snow again. It snowed a ton today and is threatening to snow again. I don't mind the snow too much but the ice on the roof has me a bit worried.

So what exciting, thrilling and downright spectacular thing am I planning to do for 2009 you ask? Um... well I haven't figured it out ye…