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April Wine a No Show in Castlegar

Well it was a rather uneventful night last night. I had been looking forward to seeing an old Canadian band April Wine. I bought the tickets, got a babysitter, filled the car with gas and drove all the way to Castlegar to Club Element to see them play only to be told the band had cancelled the show cause they said the stage was too small. What crappy management they must have to not have checked the place beforehand. There were over 400 tickets sold to this concert. I can't quite believe they left their fans in the lurch like that, how very unprofessional. Maybe they don't think we are a big enough town and the fans aren't important enough for them to worry about insulting. How sad for them. It's not like they are big time anymore. They used to be a great band over 20 years ago. It would have been nice to hear their music again but I guess egos and management wouldn't let that happen.

So I'm out the cost of the babysitter, gas money and my time. I'll get my …


I just finished reading an article about Stonehenge. What a facinating history it has. But when I see how Stonehenge was supposed to look and how it looks now it kind of makes me sad. It would be wonderful to restore this monument and experience it how it was meant to be used and seen.

I know some people would think this sacrilege but why? It was a monument meant to be used and experienced. The shape it's in now is nothing of how it should be seen.

I remember watching another show where some scientists recreated stonehenge with foam blocks. They did it to scale and positioned it just in the same manner that stonehenge is positioned. They said the accousitics would have been very interesting inside. Sadly we'll never experience that now the way it is.

Why do people want to keep history in plastic? Hands off, no touching! Heavens forbid anyone wants to actually use one of these things. Museums make me feel the same way. I want to touch these things. Walking around loo…