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Almost New Year!

Christmas came and went.  It was quiet and it was just one of those years when no one wanted anything special and I didn't have any inspired ideas for gifts.  Not that we care about gifts that much but it is part of the whole thing.  Personally I love buying or making gifts for people.  That to me is the best part of Christmas or doing things for people who don't expect it, like leaving a plate of goodies on a neighbour's step or leaving a nice tip for your mail carrier. 

I cringe when I hear those perfect people who think Christmas must be simple.  That everyone that isn't them is not enjoying themselves because they buy gifts and do lots of things.  Sure that can be a good time too but it's not the only way to do a Christmas up right.  If you don't buy gifts or don't focus on them that's fine, if other people do that's fine too.  And if you are like the majority of people and are somewhere in between that's all good too.  You do Christmas any …


Finally we are getting a bit of snow.  It isn't much but at least it's covering the ground.  Now if we could just keep the rain away and the freezing temps until Christmas we could have a white Christmas.  Most of my childhood memories of Christmas are of going sledding with our friends after lunch.  There was always plenty of snow to get outside and play in.  I feel sad for kids now cause it's no fun to go outside in the cold rain.

I will be finishing up my Christmas wrapping today.  I may get a chance to bake something too.  I just haven't had any energy at all lately.  I can fall asleep sitting up now and that means I'm exhausted though from what I'm not sure.  Hopefully tomorrow I'll have a bit more energy.  Right now all I want for Christmas is some energy to enjoy it.  I'm just not feeling any Christmas spirit this year.  I'm not grumpy but this total lack of energy is making it hard to enjoy anything.

The buying, the wrapping, the decorating …

Social Media Black Out

Have you ever noticed you get tense or upset or angry reading social media?  I found I was feeling that way and wanting to reply to so many things with common sense but knew in my head and heart that it wouldn't be heard and wasn't necessary.  Those headlines are all for views and the more inflammatory they are the more views they get.

So I did a social media black out for a week.  I did read blogs because the blogs I read are ones I actually enjoy and I don't follow that many.  I can say the experiment was a success.  My stress went down and I didn't miss any of it except for the social contact part.  I missed the contact, pictures, info and chatting with my friends.  I didn't miss the media crap, headlines, political, loud rude opinions, religious nut case posts, or pretty much any of the news media stuff.

So now I am working on shutting down those areas so I don't have to see or read that crap anymore.  I'm not online as much and I can say I'm happie…

Racing the Calendar

The countdown is on till Christmas.  Every time I turn around I have to get another gift or attend another event or make another food item.  It's exhausting!  I just want to curl up with a good book and a cup of herbal tea or hot chocolate and relax while I put my fake fire on my computer screen.  There is something so soothing about a fire even if it is just one on my computer screen.

So it's looking like another slim snow year for us.  We have a bit of snow but it's melting fast.  We probably got an inch of slushy snow and now all that's left are the piles after we shoveled.  If we moved higher up the mountains there would be a bit more snow and it wouldn't melt as quickly but still we aren't getting much snow, just rain.  Bah humbug!

We have three family birthdays in December, no actually 5.  I think birthdays in December should be banned entirely and maybe even those in November and January too.  Too much shopping and trying to figure out something the peop…