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I'm Melting

We are having another lovely heat wave.  Guess what the temperature is in my town in Southern BC.  You would never guess in a million years because everyone thinks Canada is cold.  There are areas that are roasting hot, hotter than Texas I've been told by a friend from there.

So today it was 41C (105.8 F for all your Americans).  The news said our town was 38C which was the hot spot in BC today.  It wasn't 38C though it was 41C and I know this because I have a thermometer that I checked several times.  It's supposed to be even hotter tomorrow.  We may have to move North just to get out of this.  I'd say our average summer temperature is 35C (95F).

Tonight it is too hot to sleep.  We don't run our window a/c units at night because they are too loud and it's usually cool enough at night but not tonight.  Some hazy clouds decided to roll in and make it hot and muggy.  We have no breezes which is usual for here at night.  The air is hot and not moving at all.  You …

People Aren't All Bad

Tonight the daughter and I went off to the evil Walmart to pick up a few things.  She didn't want to come with me but she wanted me to pick her up some things.  I told her she had to come or I wouldn't get the things she wanted.  I'm not her personal slave.

She says she'll come and off we go.  We only had a few things to get so it didn't take long.  One of the daughter's friends was working the check out so we chatted with her for a few minutes and then left.  When we got home I asked the daughter to hand me my purse.  She looked down and said it wasn't there.  She checked the hatch and it wasn't there either.

Now I have had nightmares about losing my purse, lots of nightmares.  I have never once in my entire life lost or misplaced my purse.  But tonight I left it in the shopping cart in the Walmart parking lot.  I even returned the cart to the cart return area so how I didn't manage to see that purse sitting right there in the top of the card, I ha…

Stop Buying Bottled Water!

Do I really have to tell you why?  Okay, I will anyway.  Unless you don't have safe drinking water, and most people in North America do you have no need to buy bottled water.  It is probably dirtier than any tap water you will drink.  The plastic bottles are an environmental nightmare!

You need drinkable water?  Buy a refillable jug and dispenser.  At least the large jugs are refillable.  Do not buy water in plastic disposable water bottles unless not doing so will mean your death.

If we all stopped buying bottled water in plastic disposable bottles the world would be a better place.  You would help the environment and drink better water because we know that water in plastic bottles is worse than tap water.  We know this people!

And if you insist you need to have water with you at all times because you are one of those people who try to drink your body weight of water every day even though that's not good for your kidneys you can use a refillable bottle and just fill it up whe…

Down, Down, Down...

I was reading an article about how some people have summer depression.  We all know about SAD and that people become depressed in winter but no one really believes there are people who become depressed in the summer.  Well I read it on the internet so it has to be true but even better than that is that I pretty much suffer from it.

The article said they put cooling blankets on the people at night and they slept better.  They also said these people were better if they had air-conditioning.  They weren't sure what causes it but I guess they were looking at temperature as being a factor.  All I know is that I don't sleep when the room is too hot and that's pretty much all summer because we get temps every day of 35C or higher.  And we don't have any breezes to speak of at night so opening a window does little.

Maybe I'll make some kind of a hat where you deposit ice and wear it on your head all day.  Even if it doesn't cure your summer depression it would make oth…

Craving Strawberries

I wish local strawberries were ready.  Some are but it's not peak season yet here and for some reason I have a hankering to buy a bunch and freeze them for eating later.  Oh, and eat a bunch fresh right now.  I'll have to wait though because I'm not buying those non-organic imports which cost a fortune and taste like nothing.  I want the organic local ones.

I keep seeing people's posts about their gardens and it seems like everyone I read is harvesting now when we are still getting our plants to grow.  I guess lettuce and radishes would be ready but we didn't plant any.  The husband didn't like the lettuce I planted a couple of years ago and refuses to plant any more.  I told him not only did he wait too long to pick the lettuce leaves so they were bitter but it may have been the variety that he didn't like.  Now he's convinced that all lettuce will taste like crap from our garden but he continues to plant carrots that never grow for three years in a ro…

It's Going to Be a Hot Weekend

I wish I meant that I was going to have a great time and not that our weather is going to most likely give us record high temperatures after a week of rain and cool temps.  How is my body ever supposed to adjust to this type of bipolar weather?

Our car a/c works but the fan doesn't work properly and you can only use the first or second fan setting.  So when you get into a hot car it's going to take ages to get it cooled down.  And with our temps of +40C and our car being parked on the street in the sun you an imagine how hot it gets inside it.  Maybe I should start using the inside of our car to cook our meals.  That would save us money and wouldn't heat up the house but alas would stink up the inside of our car and I never eat food in our car.

I have finally recovered from the endless cold.  I still have a bit of a cough but mostly I am better.  I really have nothing new or exciting to write about but I'm sure I'll be complaining about the incessant heat soon enou…