Stop Buying Bottled Water!

Do I really have to tell you why?  Okay, I will anyway.  Unless you don't have safe drinking water, and most people in North America do you have no need to buy bottled water.  It is probably dirtier than any tap water you will drink.  The plastic bottles are an environmental nightmare!

You need drinkable water?  Buy a refillable jug and dispenser.  At least the large jugs are refillable.  Do not buy water in plastic disposable water bottles unless not doing so will mean your death.

If we all stopped buying bottled water in plastic disposable bottles the world would be a better place.  You would help the environment and drink better water because we know that water in plastic bottles is worse than tap water.  We know this people!

And if you insist you need to have water with you at all times because you are one of those people who try to drink your body weight of water every day even though that's not good for your kidneys you can use a refillable bottle and just fill it up when necessary.  There are lots of taps full of fresh drinkable water where ever you go.  Imagine that? 

Now don't let me get out the wet noddle and have to whip you with it about this bottled water thing again.  It's bad, very bad, it's evil even like gluten and sugar and anything else we love.  Just don't buy them.


Birdie said…
Yes! I agree!

And don't get me started on Nestle. They are evil.

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